Pastor Mackenzie Net Worth

Pastor Mackenzie Net Worth: Multi-Million Properties, Sources of Income & Shakahola Genocide

Pastor Mackenzie net worth value is turning heads amid investigations in his alleged involvement in the Shakahola massacre. The world is silent struck by a long list of properties and investments under his name.

Televangelist Paul Mackenzie born into a poor family struggled his way into the circle of millionaires. He was once a taxi driver before gospel-bred riches came knocking.

Pastor Mackenzie net worth

Close friends and family members are yet to accept how the philanthropic Mackenzie would persuade staunch followers into the doctrine of ‘fasting to see Jesus.”

How would he accumulate a fortune from his faithful and yet inflict starvation genocides on them?

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A case in point of duped followers is the sassy-looking Beatrice Ajenta who abandoned her career as an air hostess in Qatar at the calling of Mackenzie.

Sources say she sold her properties worth Ksh. 7 million and gave it all to Mackenzie upon quitting her six-figure salary.

While a section of followers surrendered land and cars, others contributed a lump sum of money towards charitable donations and mega projects led by Mackenzie.

Families who lost their properties and loved ones in the hands of Pastor Mackenzie are crying foul.

Surprisingly, the mother of Mackenzie Anastasia Mwele (pictured above) and younger brother Robert Mackenzie believe that their kin is blameless.

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Even so, the 51 years old Paul Mackenzie Nthenge born in 1972 does not appear surprised at the tragic turn of events.

He has been dragged to the courts before!

Pastor Mackenzie net worth estimated at Ksh, 2 billion is mostly an accumulation of selfless church member contributions and donations from well-wishers.

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