You are currently viewing Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography: Profile & Killer Fasting Cult at Shakahola Forest in Malindi
Photo: Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography & Profile Facts . SRC: #FontsMediaKe

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography: Profile & Killer Fasting Cult at Shakahola Forest in Malindi

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The world is shock-struck by a Kenyan prophet responsible for starving his followers to death in the name of fasting and prayer. It turns out the Killer clergy has been emaciating innocent believers for years now. Pastor Paul Mackenzie profile shares more horrific tales.

The Malindi-based Pastor Mackenzie has been living and preaching in Migingo Village and Shakahola Village for at least three decades. Neighbours say he started amassing a significant following in 2015.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie profile summary

Real namePaul Mackenzie Nthenge
AgeAbout 50 years
WifeJoyce Mwikamba
ResidenceMigingo Village, Malindi
Net worthMillionaire
DenominationGood News International Church

Mackenzie born in Machakos Kenya relocated to the coastal region in the early 90s to settle with his elder sister and her white husband.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie biography

Initially a taxi driver in Malindi, Mackenzie stumbled on faith in 1997 but struggled to find its meaning for the next 6 years.

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The controversial Mackenzie says he lived a preacher between 2003 and August 2019 when he closed down a vibrant ministry.

Rumour has it that the government closed down his Television Ministry but Mackenzie says otherwise.

“Ukweli wangu ni ya kwamba serikari haikunifungia ministry wala haikunifungia TV station, ok? Isipokuwa sauti ambayo niliiskia ya Yesu ikaniambia kazi ya kuhubiri ‘The End Time Message’ for 9 years imefika mwisho. Na u-alert watazamaji wa TV ya kuwa by December hivi nayo ita-shut down forever.”

Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

In his words, Mackenzie resumed farming on accomplishing the work of an end-time prophet.

He would soon start popularizing the idea that “Education is Evil.’ As a result, he was thrown into prison.

“Nikawaambia ya kwamba hii dunia, kwa sababu maovu yamepanda mpaka yamefika kiti cha enzi mbinguni, hii dunia, niliwaambia 2019 December, hii dunia itapigwa, na itasambaratishwa, na economy itakufa dunia mzima… imekufa ama haijakufa?”

Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Towards the end of 2019, Mackenzie was incarcerated for alleging that Huduma Number in Kenya is the Mark of the Beast ‘666’ depicted by the book of Revelation in the Hebrew Bible.

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Reliable sources say his questionable moves were first reported by Mayungu Children Rescue Centre in 2017.

93 children were rescued even as Mackenzie was dragged into the courts. In 2018, one of his churches was demolished by Magarini residents citing Satanism.

In a recent interview with Nation Media, Mackenzie said he is a true prophet sent to free a people bonded in a sinful world.

Further sources say that Pastor Mackenzie of Good News International Church is a gifted author with philanthropic tendencies.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie fasting cult

Pastor Mackenzie behind Killer Fasting Cult at Shakahola Forest in Malindi
Photo: Pastor Mackenzie behind Killer Fasting Cult at Shakahola Forest in Malindi . SRC: #FontsMediaKe

Why are people fasting to death in Shakahola? Followers of Pastor Mackenzie are starving themselves in order to “meet Jesus.”

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Speaking on Monday, President William Ruto said the cult leaders like Mackenzie belong in jail for undermining the constitution of Kenya.

“Mr Mackenzie, who acts as a pastor, is in fact a terrible criminal. Terrorists use religion to advance their heinous acts. People like Mackenzie are using religion to do exactly the same thing.” 

President William Ruto.

As we speak, about 100 officers among them Homicide Unit Director, specialized pathologist, DCI officers, forensic officials, and regular police officers are leading operations to rescue Shakahola victims.

Similarly, the elite team is ongoing with the exhumation of bodies allegedly buried after deaths caused by extreme starvation in the hands of Pastor Mackenzie.

Latest police reports dated April 24th 2023 indicate that at least 103 buried bodies in counting have been exhumed from land owned by Mackenzie in Shakahola Forest, Malindi.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie biography details the profile of a wanted man behind heinous acts against humanity.

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