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Petronila Getena biography, age, real name, wife, comedy, Egesa FM presenter John Ongeri profile

John Ongeri Getena biography, age, Egesa FM presenter top profile facts

Petronila Getena Moka Nyamaruru, Esimba Enkungu, is a long time Kisii comedian and radio presenter on Egesa FM. The magical tone of a grandmother is why many are still warming to his radio podcasts and movie productions. Petronila Getena biography shares more intimate details on gender and life story.

Getena is a trendsetter on the fact that – what a woman can do, a man can do better. His smooth granny accent says no less. As a result, heated arguments around Getena’s gender are unending. The presenter is now at the heights of his career with several admirers and a broad base of supporters worth bragging.

Petronila Getena profiles summary

  • Real name: John Ongeri
  • Popularly: Getena
  • Date of birth: under review
  • Birth sign: under review
  • Place of birth: Nyatieko Ward
  • Petronila Getena age: under review
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • Constituency: Kitutu Chache South
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Petronila Getena Instagram: @petronilagetena
  • Egesa FM Getena Facebook: @omonginagetena
  • Petronila Getena Twitter: #petronilagetena
  • Occupation:  Radio presenter, comedian
  • John Ongeri Getena wife: under review
  • Petronila Getena children: under review
  • John Ongeri Getena daughter: under review
  • Years active: under review
  • Religion: under review
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Married

John Ongeri Getena is famous for presenting on Egesa FM as Petronila Getena and starring in Kisii movies as a grand mum.

John Ongeri Petronila Getena biography with pictures 

Photo: Kisii Comedian Petronila Getena Egesa FM real names John Ongeri . SRC: @omonginagetena

Petronila Getena describes himself, Engotu ya Gusii, owing to his unbelievable skill as an old mama.

Reliable sources allege that Getena family background is at Nyatieko Ward within Kitutu Chache South, Kisii County.

How old is Petronila Getena?

John Ongeri Petronila Getena is about 40 years of age. He is yet to release further information about birthday, born year, and all the special dates on his calendar.

John Ongeri parents, father

The radio presenter posted a photo of his aging father in 2017 and captioned it “Tata Ogotire.”

Supporters engaged him with personal messages; many alleging the old man strong.

John Ongeri Getena Egesa FM career

Petronila Getena is host of a breakfast show on Egesa FM. He is unmistaken for his wise sayings and logical appeals.

Do you remember Bokaboka na Sorobi Moturi na Omongina Getena Esimba?

Well, the show is still memorable having been a hub of information on current affairs, politics, and latest Kisii classic hits.

John Ongeri Getena is by far among the best Ekegusii presenters you will ever meet.

Petronila Getena football Cup

The multi-talented Getena is founder of the outspoken Getena football Cup. The club is one of his initiatives targeting young people with a love for sporting activities.

Aspiring Nyatieko Ward MCA Getena biography

Locals have been urging Getena to contest for member of County Assembly seat.

Most importantly, Getena is a potential leader for the people of Nyatieko ward, where he has been actively rolling out humanitarian projects.

Petronila Getena phone number contacts

  • Phone: +254728661104
  • Email:

Call Petronila Getena today for booking or related consultations.

Top cream highlights from Petronila Getena biography reveals that the comedian is a middle aged man and not a woman as many have been assuming. A rare and original imitation skill is taking him to places within the creative economy.