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Presenter Ali Biography: Age, Girlfriend Medina Children, CV-Profile, YouTube Earnings & Wealth

Presenter Ali is a successful Kenyan Youtuber, television host, radio voice, and brand ambassador. The young hunk is a favourite media personality for his musical Swahili accent. Every bit of Presenter Ali biography spells a colourful life story.

Top the long list of fast-rising YouTube tycoons is Presenter Ali with a microphone and charming inborn vibes. Watching him in front of the cameras is not only relaxing but also inspiring. He does them all from ghetto stories to celebrity interviews.   

12 Untold facts in Presenter Ali biography

Youthful looks do not say much about the wealth of experience that Presenter Ali has gained over the years.

He is now limitless with rare abilities on mainstream media.

1. Presenter Ali real names are Muslim Ali

Muslim Ali prefers the stage name Presenter Ali having worked as a TV host for several years.

His nickname The Entertainment P.A is also common among supporters and fellow Youtubers.

In addition, Presenter Ali age is 24 years as of 2021 considering he was born on April 4, 1997.

Close friends and fans never fail to flower him with happy birthday wishes on the eve day.

2. Muslim Ali ancestral home is in Mombasa County

The vocal Presenter Ali was born in Mombasa County at the old Makadara Hospital but is a long time resident of Nairobi City County.

He is the third born in a family of six members among them father, mother, 2 sisters, and an elder brother.

Presenter Ali has revealed that his school-going lastborn sister, Zena, is a favourite sibling.

Also, cousins and uncles, Ayub and Rabiz, have continually played a key role in his life.

Presenter Ali recalls having a quiet, less playful, and shy childhood filled with love.

Fluent English, Arabic, and Swahili accents further suggest that Ali is from a Kenyan tribe in the coastal region.

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3. Presenter Ali is a graduate of Nairobi University

YouTuber Ali education history shows that he schooled at Ofafa Jericho High School in Makadara Constituency between 2008 and 2012.

In 2013, he proceeded to the University of Nairobi, Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Presenter Ali graduated from UoN with degree qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning.

Besides, he has been serving as a peer educator in Hope World Wide Kenya since 2007.

4. Ali is an experienced journalist in leading Kenyan media houses

Muslim Ali career record shows that he is a respected television personality with a huge following and influence.

In 2015, Ali who was a student at UoN joined Starlit Media as an E-Show presenter. He also took over as a Swahili News Anchor for MTV Kenya.

Presenter Ali eventually dumped his profession as an urban and regional planner within days of leaving college.

In April 2017 came an opportunity to present news on Y254 Channel. Ali worked at the station until August 2018.

5. Presenter Ali became a presenter on Switch TV in 2018

The lucky Presenter Ali joined Switch TV Kenya within days of quitting the Y254 Channel. He is still an active journalist at the famed station.

Muslim Ali is a Monday to Friday host the East Africa Base Show which airs on Switch TV starting 5 pm.

6. Muslim Ali mentored Youtubers Trevor and girlfriend Mungai Eve

Presenter Ali and Director Trevor are close friends from at least 3 years ago.

Reliable sources have revealed that it is Ali who introduced Trevor to the idea of starting and running a YouTube channel.

Trevor being a graduate journalist embraced the idea even as Presenter Ali was busy producing content for his EAB Show on Switch TV.

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Away from that, Presenter Ali Mungai Eve work-based relationship sparked in the wake of 2021.

7. Ali and Mungai Eve shared YouTube content until recently

The awakening success of Mungai Eve and boyfriend Trevor may have pressured Muslim Ali into recalling his YouTube Channel.

At first, the dual uploaded similar content before splitting to become independent brands.

Close friends who advised Ali to balance between YouTube and his new job at Switch TV include Trevor and Insta Fame icon Madubi Duplix.

8. Presenter Ali started in 2018 without a sense of direction

Working on radio and television exposed Presenter Ali to YouTube ahead of the rest.

Sadly, he lacked a sense of direction in his online craft. However, he was generous to share the skills with Mungai Eve director Trevor.

Ali flew back in July 2021, having made up his mind to create purpose-driven content.

He has confirmed drawing inspiration from veteran radio voice Shaffie Weru. Other figure fathers are David Mbatia and Tanzania’s Millard Ayo.

9. An interview with Diamond Platinumz and Ringtone gave Ali a breakthrough

The heated exchange between gospel singer Ringtone Apoko and renowned blogger Robert Alai gave Presenter Ali a breakthrough on his YouTube Channel.

A close-up conversation with Ringtone enabled Ali to double his subscribers from 50k to at least 100k.

Elsewhere, Presenter Ali earned a rare chance of interviewing Diamond Platinumz upon arrival in Nairobi for a show in June 2019.

10. Presenter Ali biography shows he is single and not dating

Muslim Ali prefers keeping information about his girlfriend away from the limelight.

Even so, he is a lady’s magnet with a cool personality and light skin touch to his advantage.

Ali has indeed been killing ladies softly with swag, trendy fashion, and modelling appeal.

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The now-defunct rumour mill hinted that Presenter Ali was dating Mungai Eve. The lie has since been washed away.

11. Ali is accused closet gay for his slay queen make up from 2020

Makeup artist Creative Phill leaked photos of Presenter Ali in a slay queen makeup on May 28, 2020.

Gay allegations followed with some netizens pointing that Ali was a new member of the LGBTQ community.

Femme eyelashes swept the internet attracting more accusations from female and male supporters alike.

He was looking all feminine except for a noticeable beard on the face.

It later turned out that the strange makeup appearance was a result of a failed truth or dare challenge with best friends.

12. Ali is a high net worth Kenyan with a big name on social media

Muslim Ali commands more than 140k subscribers on YouTube, 22k followers on Facebook, and 30k followers on Instagram.

From his hard work, Presenter Ali earns a lump sum monthly six-figure salary from Switch TV.

He banks some more from his YouTube Channel, brand endorsements, events, and other online gigs.

Overall, Presenter Ali net worth is in the tune of millions including properties.

Presenter Ali phone number and addresses

InstagramPresenter Ali
Phone number+254725295337

You can also DM Muslim Ali on Instagram for bookings and personalized help at @Presenter_ali.

Presenter Ali biography shares an amazing intro about his exclusive profile. It explains why he is a role model to several upcoming stars on YouTube, radio, and television.

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