Lulu Hassan Children

Lulu Hassan Children [Photos] Rashid Abdalla sons and daughter, wedding, marriage, and family

Television presenters Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are a power couple on our screens. We love them for their matching outfits and seemingly perfect romantic relationship. Equally adorable are Lulu Hassan children.

When did Lulu Hassan get married? Rashid Abdalla and wife Lulu Hassan met in 2007 at Radio Salaam, Mombasa. They initially engaged for six years before exchanging vows in a colourful wedding of July 31st, 2013. Lulu and Rashid have since sired look-alike children.

Rashid Abdalla Lulu Hassan Children names

Newscaster Rashid Abdalla and spouse Lulu Hassan are proud parents of two sons and a daughter.

Their first born son Jibran is a fresh teenage in town. The second born son Irfan is nearly 10 years old.

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What is the name of Lulu Hassan daughter? Lulu Hassan’s daughter Kiran is about four years old with inherent beauty.

Princess Kiran is the only daughter and therefore the most loved in the family of five.

Rashid Abdalla Lulu Hassan marriage

Lulu Hassan revealed to The Star that she is a satisfied mother with no plans of conceiving another child.

She is clearly having marital bliss with citizen television co-host husband Rashid Abdalla.

As a result, the lovebirds have stuck for at least 13 years and are counting some more.

How Rashid Abdalla met Lulu

At first, Rashid heard Lulu’s angelic voice on Radio Salaam and developed a strong desire to meet her in person.

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He eventually met Lulu about the same time she lost her mother in 2007. He offered her a shoulder to mourn the unfortunate loss.

The broke Rashid with a salary of Ksh. 5,000 gave a prayer mat and Quran for dowry. Luckily, both families approved of their relationship.

And now, they say the secret to a healthy relationship is solving all misunderstandings before going to bed.

Apart from starring on television, Rashid and partner Lulu Hassan prefer spending quality time with each other and their lovely kids.

Lulu describes him as a rainbow after a season of storms.

Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan children are certainly receiving the best. Family photos on social media display nothing less of a happy family.

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