Riakimai 91 Jazz Band Members

Riakimai 91 Jazz Band Members [List] Contacts, Best Songs, YouTube & Dispute with Samwel Okemwa

Riakimai 91 Jazz Band from the 80s and 90s is still alive today with at least 7 members. In the group are diverse talents with a common goal of taking original Kisii music to the world.

YouTube may have crumbled Riakimai compact disk business but not any longer because reclaiming the lost glory is at last a priority.

Riakimai 91 Jazz Band 7 members

Riakimai Band comprises 7 members including a drummer, 1st rhythm, 2nd rhythm, solo artist, bass artist, and 2 singers.

Here is a breakdown of some members;

David OndichoRhythm50 years
Andrew MataraSinger60 years
Nelson Atuti AomaSolo guitarist50 years

For the record, melodist Andrew Matara Aganda is a biological elder brother to the king of rhythm David Ondicho alias Eguto. Even better, Nelson Atuti is a cousin to the duo.

The band leader Andrew Matara Omwana Bwaganda is coincidentally the pioneer. He admits inheriting a talent in music from his guitarist father and entertaining grandmother.

History of Riakimai 91 Jazz band

Riakimai 91 Jazz band leader Andrew Matara confirmed that the group started singing in the early 80s. In 1991, the band produced its debut song in the process of rebranding as Riakimai 91 Jazz.

The band’s name came in naturally because its founders originate in Riakimai Ward in West Mugirango, Nyamira County. It is located about 4 kilometres from Nyambaria Boys High School.

Nelson Atuti said they started the band with direct inspiration from renowned Kisii singer Arisi O Sababu and Vocalist Monyoncho from Kegogi.

Dispute with Hon Samwel Riose Okemwa

While on an interview with Nyamwembe Dennis, Riakimai Band members decried the lack of access to their music gear allegedly locked away by Hon Samwel Okemwa.

They accused the Canada-based former aspirant senator of mismanaging Riakimai Band. Andrew Matara went on to intimate how Mr Okemwa borrowed musical instruments never to return them several months later.

Members present during the close-talk interview also confirmed that philanthropist Samwel Okemwa has never sent them any proceedings from their fast-growing YouTube Channel.

It later turned out that Samwel had offered storage and acquired a vehicle to transport Riakimai members and their gadgets at no cost whenever the need arises.

Unhappy with the accusations, Okemwa has since returned the disputed accompaniment which includes; bass guitars, box speakers, a mixer, and a drum set.

Sadly, the band continues to struggle despite benefitting modern music instruments from a web of fans mobilized by Mtetezi wa Wanyonge, Hon Okemwa. Other well-wishers include Baba Jacky and Fred Amisi. A lack of management is particularly to blame.

List of best Riakimai 91 Jazz Band songs

  • Chibageke
  • Philip Matoke
  • Ekero Gwakure
  • Abategi Chinguko
  • Pole Zachary Ouru
  • Obuya Bwe Esikimu
  • Pole Omongina Martha
  • Ekieni Mbosa Omosubati
  • Ogosira Gwa David Okeri
  • Ogosira Gwa Paul Kemosi
  • Tiga Ebitina – Andrew Matara 
  • Mwanyabanto Ngaki Mwabeire
  • Obogima Obo Nigo Bonge Ebara
  • Ogosira Gwa James Ragira Equencha
  • Emechando Ya Abaremi Be Echae Gusii
  • Mbono Togocha , Siara Amache Ebuse Ngotoitere

There are even more songs on the ‘Riakimai 91 Jazz Band Official’ YouTube channel.

Riakimai Band phone contacts

Phone number0718878014
Email addressriakimai91@gmail.com

The group is seeking a trustworthy producer who cannot shortchange their earnings.

Riakimai 91 Jazz Band members are fresh in our memories for their timeless Kisii music and sensational beat play.

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