Shaila Koinange biography

Shaila Koinange biography: Jeff Koinange wife age, son, wedding, family, origin, Wiki, photos

Shaila Koinange is a Kenyan celebrity after the fame of her vocal husband, Jeff Koinange. The light skin beauty owns a perfect blend of coolness and simplicity. A scoop of Shaila Koinange biography spills even more intimate details about her personal life, family, son, career, and relationships.

Insider facts checks have confirmed that the wifely Shaila is an accomplished woman now driving attention for all the good reasons among them Jeff. Even better is how well she rolls in the privilege of fame without causing drama. Shaila Koinange may have tried to fence personal life against media intruders, but occasional info leaks are inevitable.

Shaila Koinange profiles summary

  • Real name: Shaila Koinange
  • Popularly: Jeff Koinange wife
  • Place of birth: India
  • Shaila Koinange age: 50s
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • County: Kiambu County (Current)
  • Nationality: Kenyan/Indian
  • Husband: Jeff Koinange
  • Shaila Koinange children: 1
  • Son: Jamal Mbiyu Koinange
  • Years active: 1986 to present
  • Religion: Christian
  • Occupation:  Former flight attendant

Shaila Koinange is famous for being the wife of Jeff Mwaura Koinange, whom she first met in 1986 during a Safari Park interview.

Shaila Koinange biography with pictures 

The gorgeous Shaila is a well-reserved woman with a stylish dress on and a constant supply of smiles.

It is clear enough that Shaila is having bliss in her marriage affair with Jeff. We have even more updates on their marital union.

How old is Shaila Koinange?

Shaila Koinange age is about 50 years. However, she has not opened up about her birthday and born year.

On the other hand, Jeff Koinange age is 57 years as of 2023. He was born on January 7, 1966.

Shaila Koinange family background

The ancestral home of Shaila is not yet public. On the other hand, she has not provided missing bio facts about her brothers and sisters.

Shaila Koinange parents

Jeff Koinange’s wife, Shaila, comes from a family of unnamed Asian parents. She is yet to feed mainstream media with facts about her Asian family.

Jeff Koinange wife origin

Shaila comes from Asia with no further information about her motherland country. We, however, know that she came to Kenya before the 90s.

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Jeff Koinange wife and family

Is Jeff Koinange married? Yes, Shaila Koinange is the rightful woman in Jeff Mwaura Koinange’s heart.

The two have been married for at least 22 years without fading their youthful love.

Jeff and Shaila have a son whom they are raising together with deep affections and care.

Being a wife to the highest paid journalist in Kenya is a big deal, but not for Jeff Koinange spouse, Shaila.

After all, she is not desperate to keep her relevance or prove a point.

Shaila Koinange wedding

Jeff Koinange and Shaila tied the knot in 1998 but did walk down the aisle in a colourful wedding as earlier planned.

Saturday, August 8, 1998, the material wedding day started with news of a deadly attack on the Nairobi-based US Embassy.

Shaila Koinange biography indicates that they agreed to marry without a wedding, after which they proceeded on their honeymoon in South Africa

Son Jamal Mbiyu Koinange

Does Jeff Koinange have a child? Yes, Shaila Koinange son Jamal Mbiyu is a daring hunk with fresh energy like his determined father.

He is the firstborn son of the veteran journalist Jeff Koinange and his lovely wife, Shaila.

How old is Jamal Mbiyu Koinange?

Jamal Mbiyu Koinange age is 15 years as of 2022. The teenager was born in 2007, about the same time that Jeff left his job at CNN.

Jeff Koinange wife and son are look-alikes, with a distant resemblance to Jeff. Jamal is by far the only one on the list of Jeff Koinange children.

Managing to keep the vibrant JKL boss grounded for years proves that Shaila is a woman of character, preferring silence and peace.

Shaila Koinange education and career

The Indian beauty queen previously worked as a flight attendant with Pan AM World Airways. No details are available about her education history and latest job.

Shaila Koinange Wikipedia facts

Life has not always been smooth for Shaila and her worldwide famous husband. The couple has come a long way to embrace success in later years.

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Nine years of a childless marriage

Shaila Koinange and her hubby lived for 9 years before conceiving a child. Jeff has previously narrated how he struggled tirelessly to become a father.

The couple visited international hospitals with the hope of finding help. In the process, he tried different conception methods that all failed.

Invitro-fertilization (IVF) finally worked

It is at the point of almost giving up that Jimmy Monclus Maleketa suggested invitro-fertilization (IVF).

Shaila and Jeff reluctantly attended a fertility clinic in Barcelona, Spain, for the procedure. Soon after, Shaila received positive pregnancy results.

Jeff had met the lifesaver, half Congolese – half Spanish, friend Jimmy in Lagos a while before. Years later, their man-talk on marital issues benefitted Jeff a great deal.

Jeff Koinange relationship timeline

The handsomely looking Jeff is a ladies magnet, except that he is not available for them all. Shaila Koinange biography and Jeff’s love story tells us more.

1972: Childhood Japanese girlfriend Yoko Seki

Jeff Koinange met his first love, Yoko Seki, when he was only 6 years old. The charming little cutie was a school mate and of Japanese origin.

The two enjoyed good romantic chemistry and frequently exchanged heart-warming letters.

Jeff still has the sweet memories of Yoko’s letters, which often included a portion of chocolate. She often wrote him letters with help from her friends.

Changing schools disrupted the already deepened affection and crashed it for good.

1988: Jeff Koinange first wife Sonia

Sonia is Panamanian beauty who Jeff met, loved, and married in 1988. She was a workmate flight instructor.

Jeff Koinange and his first wife Sonia reportedly had a good marriage relationship until 1994, when they divorced.

Flight passengers and wife Sonia motivated Jeff to try his luck in journalism.

Some sources allege that Jeff left his first wife based on infidelity.

1998: Jeff Koinange second wife Shaila

Jeff married his second wife Shaila, in 1998 after 4 years of separating with the first wife Sonia.

Shaila and Jeff first met in 1986 at the Nairobi Safari Park, where they had both turned up to interview for the Pan AM World Airways job.

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Luckily, they both received a chance and became good friends in the process of working together.

Jeff Koinange’s book, Through My African Eyes, gives an even better glimpse of his wife.

Jeff Koinange scandals and controversies

A man of Jeff Koinange’s calibre is never without controversies, regardless of whether they are true or not.

2007: Sacked from CNN over a rape allegation

Marianne Briner, who was then 66 years old, accused CNN’s Africa Correspondent, Jeff Koinange, of attempting to rape her.

Her blog story went viral, resulting in Jeff’s sacking from the priceless CNN job.

The profound voiced journalist recently revealed on Hot 96 that the fateful incident was staged to ruin his career.

Jeff claimed that he never met his accuser, Marianne Briner, outside regular mail conversations.

Jeff Koinange Bob Collymore Wife

Stints linking Jeff Koinange to the pregnancy of Bob Collymore’s wife Wambui Kamiru are still flying high.

The respected Citizen Television journalist has consistently distanced himself from these unfounded claims.

Still of the pregnancy story,, Jeff Koinange gave a furious response, “KUMBAAAAAFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!” to an attention-seeking netizen whose Twitter account @BabuMmoja has since been suspended.

It turns out that Jeff Koinange impregnates Bob Collymore’s wife is another street rumour slowly losing its grip on his reputation.

Jeff Koinange wife photos

Shaila and her son Jamal often accompany Jeff on both local and international tours. The family of three shares a strong bond and the photos of Shaila Koinange are proof.

Shaila Koinange biography shares an insightful look into the widely admired family of Jeff Koinange. It wraps up everything you need to know about the JKL Show host, his wife, and son Jamal Mbiyu.

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