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Photo: Jeff Koinange family photos and ancestry . SRC: @shailakoinange

Jeff Koinange Family [Photos] Wife Shaila, son Jamal, girlfriend, wedding, and first wife Sonia

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Jeff Mwaura Koinange is a well-travelled Kenyan journalist and the most experienced in that case. He is everything from a radio star to a newscaster and a celebrated show host. A renewed interest in the Jeff Koinange family is unceasing.

JKL Show host commands a huge following; thanks to his naturally dragging accent and authoritative personality. Even better, he is a proud family man with the spirit of youth.

Jeff Koinange family photos and profile

Jeff Koinange wife Shaila and son Jamal
Photo: Jeff Koinange wife Shaila and son Jamal . SRC: @shailakoinange

Does Jeff Koinange have a family? Yes, Jeff Mwaura Koinange is legally married to a beautiful wife Shaila with whom he has a teenage son called Jamal.

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Shaila and Jeff who exchanged vows in 1998 struggled to conceive a child for 10 years. Luckily, they sired a firstborn son Jamal in 2007 after travelling the world in desperate need of proper medical intervention.

Who was Jeff Koinange first wife? Jeff was initially married to a Panamanian queen-lady called Sonia.

Jeff Koinange wedded Sonia in 1988 but unfortunately divorced her in 1994. He would meet Shaila four years later.

Jeff Koinange spouse Shaila

Mrs Shaila and Jeff first met in 1986 at Safari Park in Nairobi where they had both turned up for Pan Am World Airways job interview.

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Their friend zone chemistry grew over the years following a successful recruitment exercise. They eventually agreed to start a family in 1998.

Journalist Koinange son Jamal

Jamal Koinange is a charming teenage boy with a deep love for his father Jeff and mother Shaila Koinange.

Jamal is 15 years old considering he was born in 2007, about the same time Jeff was sacked from CNN over a set-up rape allegation.

In other news, Jeff’s childhood girlfriend Yoko Seki was of a Japanese origin.

The journalist recently joked about falling in love with the gorgeous Seki at only 6 years of age.

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The relationship between Jeff and his first sweetheart Seki survived several years but suddenly disappeared with her relocation from the country.

And now, Jeff is in a happy romantic relationship with his Kenyan based Asian partner, Shaila.

Jeff Koinange family of one wife Shaila and one child Jamal is thriving. The latest photos display nothing less than fun and gratitude.

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