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Phone: Thee Pluto Children Photos, Felicity Shiru pregnancy, Daughter, & baby mama name . SRC: @TheePluto

Thee Pluto Children Photos: Daughter, Son, Felicity Shiru Pregnancy, Wives, & Baby Mama Drama

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Kenya’s Royalty Test kingmaker Thee Pluto and his smoking gorgeous girlfriend are finally expecting their first child. The unmarried couple came public with expecting a baby following weeks of heated speculations. Initial plans to keep Felicity’s pregnancy private did not survive hawk-eyed followers. Equally turning eyes are Thee Pluto children photos and the little-known baby mama.

Thee Pluto and Felicity journeying to parenthood is a full-blown story in mainstream media. Meanwhile, Does Thee Pluto have a child? Yes, the self-proclaimed sanitizer is raising a firstborn daughter with a little-known baby mama from his campus years.

Thee Pluto Children Photos – Felicity’s pregnancy

Robert Ndegwa Thee Pluto girlfriend Felicity Shiru confirms pregnancy
Photo: Robert Ndegwa Thee Pluto girlfriend Felicity Shiru confirms pregnancy . SRC: @TheePluto

Robert Ndegwa Kamau famed Thee Pluto will soon become a father for the second time.

He broke the heart-balm news alongside his heavily pregnant spouse Felicity Shiru. Their pregnancy is no longer a secret.

“We had a house warming party and someone took a video of me and when the video was shared some fans spotted my tummy and that’s when the speculations began… We needed some privacy because the initial plan was that we don’t announce she was not expectant but Felicity pushed for the announcing to the public.”

Thee Pluto wife Felicity Shiru.

The online community including fanatics have since welcomed the unborn baby with an abundance of good wishes.

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It is only a few months since Thee Pluto and sweetheart Felicity recovered from a painful heartbreak – they are already blessed.

Thee Pluto daughter & baby mama

Does Thee Pluto have a daughter? Yes, Robert Ndegwa who doubles up as a Youtuber and businessman is a proud father of a 3-years-old look-alike beautiful daughter.

He sired the firstborn girl child with his infamous ex-girlfriend while a college student.

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Thee Pluto is on record for planning a mega birthday party for his daughter only to be frustrated by the baby mama’s family.

Elsewhere, a concerned fanatic is on record for posing a tough question.

“Why don’t you market your baby mama pia yeye apate jina ianze kumlea hii kanairo (She also builds her name and brand so that she can have something to help her survive in Nairobi)?

Instagram user.

Responding to the above question, Robert Ndegwa confirmed disinterest in his ex-lover.

“I have no (business) with my baby mama. Their family did me dirt. My (business) would only be the child.”

Thee Pluto.

For the record, Thee Pluto and his baby mama are no longer on good terms as far as love is concerned.

“Walinishow mi si babake! Sasa ukiambiwa hivo utashinda hapo? Si ni upige magoti umwombe mwenyezi motto mwingine.”

Thee Pluto.

In an earlier interview with Makena, the chief sanitizer had this to tell the world.

“It was for me to introduce my daughter to my friends, family. At 11 AM, the girl’s side backed off, I had to go there myself.”

Thee Pluto.

That said, the content creator has not seen his daughter for several months now. He decries being blocked from accessing and bonding with his biological daughter.

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Thee Pluto children photos are still trending since revealing the second born is underway. On the other hand, Felicity Shiru can’t wait to become a mother for the first time.

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