Victoria Rubadiri Biography

Victoria Rubadiri Biography: Age, Tribe, CV, Husband Larry Madowo Wed, Wiki, Salary, Net Worth

Victoria Rubadiri is one of the most loved Kenyan media personalities. She is a famous news caster on Citizen Television and formerly NTV. The sassy looking Rubadiri commands several supporters, among them secret admirers. Victoria Rubadiri biography pours it all from her age, to marital status, tribe, career, salary, and wealth.

Who is Victoria Rubadiri? The illustrious Rubadiri is a Kenyan journalist, anchor, TV host, screen writer, and producer with a notable accent and a warm appeal. A broad smile and an easy going personality make Victoria Rubadiri a preferred Kenyan celebrity. Even better, she knows how to keep steamy social media scandals away.

News anchor Victoria Rubadiri profiles summary

  • Real name: Victoria Rubadiri
  • Popularly: Vicky Rubadiri
  • Date of birth: January 28, 1987
  • Birth sign: Aquarius
  • Place of birth: Kenya
  • Victoria Rubadiri age: 37 years old
  • Employer: Royal Media Services
  • Daughter: Neema Rubadiri
  • Years active: 207 to date
  • Occupation:  journalist, TV host, anchor, producer

Victoria Rubadiri is famous for presenting prime time news on Citizen Television alongside Jeff Koinange of JKL Live. Her alleged secret affair with Larry Madowo is also notable.

Journalist Victoria Rubadiri biography with pictures

Most Kenyans agree that Victoria is an eloquent television talent with credible vibes.

She is a typical example of successful and limitless women in the media space. The life story of Rubadiri will cheer you with an inspirational touch.

How old is Victoria Rubadiri?

Victoria Rubadiri age is 37 years as of 2024. She celebrates her birthdays on January 28th every year.

More so, Rubadiri is a confident woman who does not mind sharing her born day and birth year details.  

Early life and childhood experiences

Victoria was born in Kenya only to spend a better part of her ten years in the United States.

What started as a search for greener pastures almost ruined Victoria Rubadiri’s life.

The Rubadiri family first moved to the United States in the late 90s, when Victoria was 10 years old.

The upcoming family section has details on her life at the United States and why she finally returned to Kenya. 

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Victoria Rubadiri tribe, ethnicity, nationality

The gorgeous Victoria Rubadiri comes from a diverse racial and mixed ethnic background.

Firstly, Victoria’s mother is of the Maasai and Kalenjin origin while the father is of a Malawian origin.

Secondly, Rubadiri’s grandfather is of the Kalenjin and Scottish mixed family.

Thirdly, Rubadiri’s grandmother is a product of the Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychellois ethnic groups.

Above all, the tribe of Victoria Rubadiri is a little bit of everything from Maasai to Kalenjin, Kikuyu, Scottish, Malawian, and Seychellois.

Is Victoria Rubadiri Kenyan? Victoria Rubadiri nationality is Kenyan but she has travelled widely and lived in other parts of the world including the United Stated of America.

Anchor Victoria Rubadiri education history

Victoria Rubadiri started schooling Kenya; she left her primary education midway in exchange for the American dream.

In 1999, Victoria enrolled at the Atlantic City High School in Atlantic County, New Jersey, for her 9th grade studies, and completed the 12th grade in 2003.

In 2003, Rubadiri joined Temple University Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA, for her Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Victoria Rubadiri graduated in 2009 with a Broadcast Journalism degree. She has previously admitted that her college years are still memorable.

Senior news anchor Victoria Rubadiri career CV

The career history of Victoria Rubadiri started in 2007 while she was still ongoing with college education.

Victoria’s first job was an internship opportunity at WMGM-NBC 40 TV; working as an Assignment Desk Editor.

The young inexperienced Victoria wrote evening news programs texts and also reported news from the field.

Assistant to CEO Angela Crockett

In 2008, Victoria landed a personal assistant job at Angela Crockett Enterprise Inc.

She served her roles under the office of the company’s founding CEO, Angela Crockett.

Working under Angela Crockett gave Victoria an opportunity to sharpen her press, proposal, and official letter writing skills.

Even so, these well-paying roles did not quench her passion of building a long term career on television.

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Business journalist and presenter at Capital FM

Victoria worked as a news presenter and business reporter on Capital TV Channel between April 2011 and December 2012.

She was among the pioneering Capital TV news presenters at the station.

Nation Media Group, NTV anchor and reporter

Rubadiri assumed the role of anchor and reporter of Nation Media Group in December 2012 and worked for 5 years until May 2018.

Victoria’s roles at NTV included editing scripts and broadcast stories.

She also produced and hosted the cerebrated “Victoria’s Lounge show,” on a weekly basis.

Senior news anchor Victoria Rubadiri Citizen TV, RMS

The Royal Media Services (RMS) accepted Victoria Rubadiri on May 2018 and has retained her for over three years now.

She now couples Jeff Koinange in airing Wednesday’s prime time news on Citizen TV.

Victoria Rubadiri family biography

Foreign looks often leave a section of Kenyan guessing her family background.

Victoria Rubadiri family photos are rare, but we have the following facts about her parents, siblings, and close relatives are mind blowing.

Who is Victoria Rubadiri father? Kwame Rubadiri

David Kwame Rubadiri is the father of Victoria Rubadiri; she takes much of her looks from the hunky looking dad.

Is Kwame Rubadiri related to Victoria Rubadiri? Yes, Victoria is daughter to Kwame Rubadiri from Malawi.

Notorious singer Reuben Kigame credits Mr. Rubadiri for supporting the recording of his first album (songs) “What A Mighty God We Have,” of 1987.

Victoria Rubadiri Mother and sister, Mabel Rubadiri 

News anchor Rubadiri shares a close resemblance to her mother and blood sister Mabel Rubadiri.

The smart and beautiful Mabel Rubadiri is an ongoing student at Oxford University.

Biography of Victoria Rubadiri daughter Neema Rubadiri

Victoria became pregnant for her boyfriend lover at the age of 18 years. Rejection from the baby daddy almost ended with an abortion.

Luckily, the two sweethearts negotiated their way into early parenthood, with daughter Neema Rubadiri, in mind.

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The strong hearted Victoria gave birth to Neema in 2005. She is now a teenage look alike to her mom.

Victoria Rubadiri baby daddy

Neema Rubadiri’s father is currently taking part in her welfare.

He is, however, separated from Victoria Rubadiri who is now living in Kenya miles from him.

Who is Victoria Rubadiri married to?

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo were allegedly in a romantic relationship. Some sources including are on record for hinting at an exchanging of vows in a private wedding ceremony.

For this reason, rumours surrounding Victoria Rubadiri weds Larry Madowo news are getting undivided attention.

2020 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award

Victoria Rubadiri emerged sixth winner of the famous Komla Dumor Award of 2020.

Her victorious win came after five pioneering winners;

  • Solomon Serwanjja
  • Waihiga Mwaura
  • Amina Yuguda
  • Didi Akinyelure
  • Nancy Kacungira

Victor emerged the first woman to claim the prize from East Africa, and certainly the second Kenyan journalist.

Apart from anchoring news, Victoria is a lover of art, photography, and cooking.

Victoria Rubadiri net worth and salary

What is Victoria Rubadiri salary? Senior news reporter Victoria Rubadiri earns a salary of about Ksh. 800, 000 from Citizen TV.

Besides, she pockets other tokens of allowances for her roles as a senior anchor at the RMS TV station.

Victoria Rubadiri biography Wikipedia facts indicates that she is wealthy with a net worth exceeding Ksh. 50 million.

Victoria Rubadiri contacts

  • Instagram: @victoria_rubadiri

Engage with Victoria Rubadiri for hot deals and inquiries about her journey in the media industry.

Victoria Rubadiri biography is a warming piece about a senior News Anchor at Citizen TV. A good pay and high ranking within RMS confirms that she is a coveted television trendsetter.

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