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Photo: MP Zaheer Jhanda Net Worth: Salary, Multi-million Gold Businesses . SRC: @Zaheerjhanda

Zaheer Jhanda Net Worth: Salary, Multi-million Gold Businesses, Cars, & List of Investments

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Inside the flashy lifestyle of Hon Zaheer Jhanda is a multi-billion empire financed by a chain of local and international businesses. He is a deep pocket man turned Nyaribari Chache Member of Parliament. We take a closer look at Zaheer Jhanda net worth and main sources of income.

The controversial Jhanda of Indian-Asian origin rose to prominence a few years ago because of alleged involvement in fake gold scams. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations would flag him among other suspects of a money swindling scheme gone wrong.

Zaheer Jhanda net worth

Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda Salary
Photo:Nyaribari Chache MP Zaheer Jhanda Salary . SRC: @Zaheerjhanda

Close sources estimate the net worth of Zaheer Jhanda at Ksh. 30 billion, a significant amount accumulating from multi-million gold deals with Dubai-based Royal Families. On top of that, a monthly salary of Ksh. 500,000 as MP.

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The youthful MP earns some more from his business Altana Corporation Ltd. The company is on record for participating in a mega land compensation scandal. Also mentioned in the case were big names such as ex-chairman Mohammed Swazuri, who reportedly lost Ksh. 140 million while closing the forbidden deal.

Zaheer was later mentioned in a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) land compensation deal. Initial reports show that EACC blocked the National Lands Commission from paying Ksh. 787 million to an Ongata Rongai church on learning that Zaheer was a mastermind.

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Further sources say he was a likely beneficial of up to Ksh. 200,000. The legislature quickly denied involvement but somehow admitted giving consultancy services to the said church.

Zaheer Jhanda fake gold scandal

Faking as a personal assistant to Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi ended with Zaheer banking Ksh. 400 million from a United Arab Emirates Dubai Royal Family.

Zaheer would bash the claims saying that his firm was only offering consultancy services to the Dubai-based Zlivia gold trading company. It is however unclear how Zlivia lost Ksh. 400 million in its business dealings with Zaheer.

Several cars linked to the proceeds of the fake gold deal were later recovered from Zaheer’s stately Kilimani home.

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Besides, he owns a fleet of cool cars including Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota V8.

So, how did Zaheer make his wealth? In an interview with Standard Media, Zaheer confirmed owning two choppers which he leases at a six-figure income alongside profitable businesses.

Zaheer Jhanda net worth has left a section of people regarding him as a legitimate businessman and the rest as a fraudster. After all, he is now a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly.

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