Most influential Kisii youth leaders

30 Most influential Kisii youth leaders in politics and business, list of promising Gusii icons

Kenya is a youthful country with a greater percentage of the population aged below 35 years. This realization is attracting more young people into the political class. Among these are influential Kisii youth leaders with a promising future in governance.

Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his rival Dr William Ruto are in the process of grooming young leaders in Gusii. They are not only mentoring but also equipping them with power and fame.

30 Most influential Kisii youth leaders

The most promising Kisii youth leaders are those occupying positions of power in political, economic, and social orders.

These young people command a huge following within the Gusii region and beyond. It is only a matter of time before these 30 youths make a difference.

1. Hon Paul Simba Arati, politician

Kisii County governor Simba Arati was formerly a parliamentarian of Dagoretti Constituency.

Arati is a business management graduate from a Chinese University. He is also an alumna of Kenya Polytechnic now called the Technical University of Kenya.

Simba Arati born November 28, 1981, at Gucha in Kisii County is 43 years as of 2024. He is surely a brave leader to watch closely.

2. Don Bosco Ooga Gichana, influential Kisii youth leaders

Kisii business tycoon Don Bosco is a promising politician formerly aspirant MP of Kitutu Chache South Constituency.

Bosco has grown deep pockets from 51 Capital Forex trading which emerged second best in Africa 2019.  

Don Bosco born on August 24, 1979, is 44 years as of 2024.

3. Silvanus Osoro Onyiego, politician and businessman

Businessman Silvanus Osoro is a Member of Parliament and managing director of Pitch Face Group Limited.

The famed Osoro from the South Mugirango Constituency was born in 1987 making him 37 years as of 2024.

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MP Osoro is a Bachelor of Law graduate from Mount Kenya University. In addition, he is an alumna of Strathmore University with CPA qualifications.

4. Joel Okeng’o Nyambane, influential Kisii youth leaders in business

Recent aspiring senator Okeng’o Nyambane is a businessman with deep interests in politics.

Apart from philanthropic involvements, Okeng’o is an executive at Lozado East Africa.

Born on December 31, 1992, Okeng’o Nyambane is 32 years old as of 2024. Besides, he is a graduate of the Kenya School of Law.

5. Duke Mainga Echate, politician and musician

Former Kisii County CEC Duke Mainga Ondiba is a famous Gusii politician and musician under the Echate Generation label.

Echate from Riribe village in Kenyenya Sub County was born August 10, 1991, making him 33 years old as of 2024.

He was formerly an aspirant parliamentarian of the Bomachoge Borabu Constituency before landing a ministerial role in the county.

He is an alumna of Moi University and Kisii University with a Bachelor of Law and English literature.

Echate is also an alumna of UoN with a Masters’ Degree in International Relations.

6. Moffat Teya, influential Kisii youth leaders in parliament

Heritage Insurance Company manager Moffat Teya is an ex-speaker within the Nyamira County assembly.

He was formerly a branch manager at UAP Insurance and a compliance officer at Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Speaker Moffat Teya is an alumna of Nairobi University where he majored in Bachelors of Commerce. He is also a CPA K graduate.

7. Silas Nyanchwani, Journalist

Renowned Daily Nation and Standard Newspaper columnist Silas Nyanchwani is a bright mind in literary work.

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He is a Masters’s graduate from Columbia University, school of journalism.

Nyanchwani’s love for writing started while he was studying BSc. Literature and Communication at UoN.

Accomplished author Silas Nyanchwani’s age is about 38 years as of 2024.

8. Anthony Kibagendi, a government official

Kibagendi, in his late 30s, from Maseno University is the owner of Texas Rangers Security Company.

He was director of operations at Westwood Security Services Ltd before joining the office of Deputy President as a Secretary of Youth Affairs.

Kibagendi is the incumbent parliamentarian in Kitutu South Constituency. He originates from Mosocho in Kisii County.

9. Makori Ongechi, media personality

Makori Ongechi is a former student of Kanga High School. He graduated from Moi University in 2016 with a degree in Communication and Media Studies.

Reporter Makori Ongechi is yet to comment on an untimely exit from Royal Media Services Limited.

10. Cyprian Nyakundi, influential Kisii youth leaders on the internet

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi from St Mary’s Yala is corruption and corporate fraud fighter.

He was an Actuarial Science student at Meru University before expulsion. He has since cleared studies at JKUAT.

Born on January 1, 1991, Cyprian Nyakundi is 33 years as of 2024. Nyakundi is the owner of Onward Africa Company and blog website.

11. Timothy Obare Rioba, blogger and politician blog owner Timothy Obare is an aspiring politician in Nyamira County.

The ambitious Obare of about 40 years is likely to contest in the parliamentary seat.

12. Joshua Nyabayo, politician

Flamboyant Kisii youth leader Joshua Nyabayo is a member of the National Reconstruction Alliance, NRA.

He is a strong believer in the youth agenda after years of failed promises from the older generation.  

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All powerful Kisii youth leaders in Kenya

The number of young people looking up leadership is increasing steadily. We can only feature the most noticeable at the community level.

  1. Charles Chweya –aspiring governor Kisii County
  2. Samwel Okemwa – Online influencer and aspiring senator
  3. Nyambega Gisesa –investigative journalist Standard Media Group
  4. Lawyer James Mamboleo –senior partner at Nyamweya Mamboleo advocates
  5. Naftali Nyabuto –the owner of Tally International IT firm
  6. Journalist Albert Amenya –political strategist and banana peddler show host
  7. Nancy Nana Ediva –Egesa FM head of radio at RMS
  8. Joshua Bosire –a founding executive at JayB Events
  9. Dr Joshua Bosire –former health CEC Nyamira County
  10. James Arasa Oyagi –Aspiring governor Kisii County
  11. Irene Nyakerario Mayaka – banker and ODM influencer
  12. Eric Janganya –nominated MCA
  13. Tony Moturi Orwochi – lawyer and ODM kingpin
  14. Rapper Nyashinski – Kenyan hip hop artist
  15. Ringtone Apoko –Kenyan gospel singer
  16. Carol Mogere – nominated MCA and aspiring women rep
  17. Geoffrey Nyamboga –political strategist
  18. Douglas Ogari –Jubilee party activist

Enlisted are highly hard-working youths from Kisii and Nyamira counties. All said, their presence in positions of power shines a bright future for the larger Gusii community.

The future leadership of Gusiiland belongs to the most influential Kisii youth leaders. One cannot stop admiring how much they are already excelling in various careers including business and politics.

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