You are currently viewing Andrew Kibe Wife Photos: Wedding, Marriage Drama, Divorce, Daughter Miss Nduta, Sister & Mother
Photo: Andrew Kibe wife photos, marriage, family, sister & Mother . SRC: @andrewkibe

Andrew Kibe Wife Photos: Wedding, Marriage Drama, Divorce, Daughter Miss Nduta, Sister & Mother

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Andrew Kibe wife photos are making rounds on the internet amid his controversial videos describing marriage as a scam. One wonders why the former Kiss 100 radio presenter abandoned those sweet wedding vows.

A family man turned boy child defender has lived to tell his painful journey of a million lessons. On the other hand, critics feel that he is not only bitter but also problematic to an otherwise beautiful life. What really happened to Kibe after a short-lived honeymoon experience?

Andrew Kibe wife photos and wedding story

Andrew Kibe wedding wife before fateful divorce
Photo: Andrew Kibe wedding wife before fateful divorce . SRC: @andrewkibe

Kibe was once a staunch assistant pastor before his faith-driven attitude towards life started melting away.

Reliable sources say that the spiritually-devoted Kibe fasted for three days asking for a Godly wife.

Luckily, the prayers were answered with a beautiful queen from the same local church where Kibe was a spiritual father.

“The pastor was my buddy and knew my secrets. I told him I wasn’t ready and had no one in mind but he insisted. Another pastor in the church asked me to fast for three days and then he told me huyu ndio utammarry (this is the one you will marry),”

Andrew Kibe, Kiss 100 FM 2019.

Who is Andrew Kibe Wife? Kibe’s first wife was allegedly working at a casino. Reluctant to marry her on that basis, fellow pastors professed that God had specifically chosen her for his lifetime spouse. After all, she was singing in the choir.

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The notorious Kifee alias Mr Lambistic has previously accused senior church leaders of pressuring him into marrying the wrong partner.

Andrew Kibe mother and late sister in a broken relationship

In 2019, Kibe opened up to Kamene Goro about his twisted attachment to women.

To start with, Kibe did not shed a single tear following the demise of his biological sister; partly because they were not on good terms towards her sudden death.

Underway High Court family issues on money and land are mostly to blame.

“The day before yesterday was my late sister’s birthday and I just realized I have no feeling or emotion towards this. The day she died we were not in good terms. She passed on in 2012. I do not know why I never felt that heavy grief. I did not even cry.”

Andrew Kibe, KISS FM radio show 2019.

Also, he is completed separated from his mother: She nearly cancelled his wedding.

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The emotional Kibe ended up washing his dirty linen in public amid a heated conversation on “Mamas Boys.”

“So on the day of the wedding, my mum comes out of nowhere because we were not talking and she says I should not marry the lady. She wanted to stop the wedding. So it was either I marry this chic and piss everyone off or do not marry her and make everyone happy. Well, You know me, I married the babe and there is a five-year-old, miss Nduta who is my daughter. now tell me wasn’t that the best decision I made?”

Andrew Kibe, Kisii 100 Radio Host.

He has not met his daughter for at least seven years in a row.

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In addition, Kibe has nothing left to smile about his estranged wife.

“And that’s how I got into this thing called marriage. My wedding day was chaotic, madirisha zilivunjwa (window panes were broken).”

Andrew Kibe speaking to Kamene Goro.

The man of his words concluded with a promise of telling the whole wedding story someday.

Kibe’s theatrics with women is alarming for a man without the intention of marrying ever again.

Kibe who tied the knot in 2012 and divorced four years later has come to conclude that marriage is overrated. Meanwhile, Andrew Kibe wife photos are making headlines.

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