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Babu Gee Latest Song Pafekti Video, Lyrics, MP4, MP3 Download, Meaning, and YouTube Performance

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Babu Gee Omosayansi songs come in all flavours with a rare touch of musicality. The pop star musician is indeed ahead of the rest for dropping hits after another. Babu Gee latest song Pafekti is yet another example of a lyrical hit now trending on YouTube.

The song Pafekti came out recently only to become an instant hit. The track has not only updated playlists but also touched the game of Gusii entertainment. Even more so, an increased searching for Perfect song video and lyrics suggest that it will go a long way.

Babu Gee Omosayansi Pafekti lyrics, meaning, and mp3 download

The song Pafekti is a dedication to broken families requiring forgiveness for true healing and restoration of love to happen.

Babu Gee plays a stray man who intentionally abandons his wife Marisela and children with a hope of finding peace and rest away from home.

This reason, he flees to the city in search of happiness and prosperity.

Liquor and pretty women ends up becoming the desires of his heart. Falling in the circles of wrong friends adds to the urban hype.

On the contrary, Marisela and the children are suffering exceeding poverty back in the village.

The stray Babu Gee eventually returns to his senses upon realising how terrible his selfish plan had turned out.

Onde Taiyo Ore Pafekti meaning no one is perfect

The stray Babu Gee returns home only to find his wife Marisela and children are not at home.

The song Pafekti which translates to perfect emphasises the fact that no one is perfect.

The stray Omosayansi begs for the returns of his children and wife. He also calls for a forgiveness after realising his mistakes.

Furthermore, Babu Gee explains his vulnerability and how anyone else can find themselves trapped for making wrong choices in life.

Babu Gee Pafekti mp3 download and video streaming

Pafekti MP4 video is now available on major streaming sites such as and Viusasa.

Go ahead and download Pafekti Audio on for endless entertainment.

Babu Gee latest song Pafekti from Augusto Studios is highly educative on relationships. The lyrics confirms that we all make mistakes but apologies sanitizes them all.

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