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Photo: Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi biography facts, age, family background, tribe, and latest news . SRC: @CisNyakundi

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Biography [Photos] Age, Tribe, Family, Twitter, Contacts, & Net Worth

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Cyprian Nyakundi is a Kenyan investigative blogger with a reputation of exposing corrupt politician and impunity driven parastatal bosses. The boy child president is also outspoken for locking horns with feminists on matters gender equality. A summary of Cyprian Nyakundi biography confirms him an out of the ordinary sensation.

The list of best bloggers in Kenya is not complete without Cyprian Nyakundi and the controversial Robert Alai at the top. The two are particularly on the spot for picking high profile disputes without fear. Various profile facts about Nyakundi Cyprian will grab you.  

Cyprian Nyakundi profiles summary

  • Real name: Cyprian Nyakundi
  • Nickname: boy child president
  • Date of birth: January 1, 1991
  • Place of birth: Keroka, Kisii
  • Cyprian Nyakundi age: 32 years
  • Ethnicity: Kisii tribe
  • County: Kisii County
  • Occupation: Blogger, activist
  • Roles: CEO at
  • Years active: 2012 to date
  • Relationship status: Possibly married

Cyprian Nyakundi is famous for staging himself as a boy child president, fighting corrupt politicians, and exposing corporate fraud.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi biography with pictures 

Cyprian Nyakundi Twitter account, income, net worth, and updates
Photo: Cyprian Nyakundi Twitter account, income, net worth, and updates . SRC: @CisNyakundi

Who is Cyprian Nyakundi? The vocal blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is founder and CEO of and Onward Africa.

We have been following his story and it is all a daring journey for the chosen few.

How old is Cyprian Nyakundi?

Born in 1991, Cyprian Nyakundi age is 32 years as of 2023.

Blogger Nyakundi celebrates his birthday on January 1st, even as the rest of us are busy welcoming a New Year.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi tribe, ethnicity, nationality

Cyprian Nyakundi is of the Kisii tribe which occupy the western parts of Kenya, near Lake Victoria.

He was born and raised in Keroka area within the larger Gusii land. Nyakundi would later move to Meru County before settling in Nairobi City County.

Cyprian is yet to open up about his childhood and early life experiences.

Biography of Cyprian Nyakundi family tree

The parents, brothers, sisters, and wife of Cyprian Nyakundi remains a top secret in his profile.

 Similarly, he has not shared any information about girlfriend and close family relatives.  

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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is a mystery, choosing not keep intimate details private.

Cyprian Nyakundi education background, CV, qualifications

Nyakundi Cyprian joined St Marys School Yala in 2006 after excelling in his primary education.

In 2010, Nyakundi Cyprian took up a Bachelor of Science course in Actuarial Science at the Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST).

In 2012, he received a suspension of one academic year for exposing the institution on social media.

Nyakundi remained unapologetic and was eventually suspended from Meru University in 2014.

Some sources allege that he proceeded with his higher learning at JKUAT.

Suspended and later expelled from Meru University

Firstly, Cyprian Is Nyakundi received a one academic year suspension from Meru University in 2012.

Administrators accused him of taking to social media to complain about inadequate facilities at the school.

Cyprian Is Nyakundi was particularly unhappy with a lack of enough chairs, messy student cafeteria, and outdated learning materials in the varsity library.

He resumed classes in May 2013 after serving his disciplinary term at home.

Secondly, blogger Nyakundi received an expulsion for persisting to tarnish the University image on social media.

A formal letter signed by Meru University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof Gitonga Mburugu, confirmed Cyprian Nyakundi’s expulsion on April 1, 2014.

The fateful letter advised him to appeal the expulsion to the university vice chancellor within a couple of weeks, 14 days.

The desperate Nyakundi had no choice but to quit altogether.

A helping hand from Dennis Itumbi

Dennis Itumbi, the Director of Digital Innovation and Diaspora in the Office of the President, came to Nyakundi’s aide following a suspension of 2012.

The well-respected Itumbi has confirmed not being in a position to overturn the final decision of the Meru University Disciplinary Committee, Senate. blogger defending himself

Nyakundi remains a strong believer in freedom of speech as a tool of pursuing justice for the oppressed.

Cyprian had this to say about his unwelcome expulsion from Meru University.

“I always like speaking out whenever there is a problem in society and this has not gone down very well especially with the authority of Meru University. I like using social media and whenever there is a problem, I usually raise it and hear people’s views. Sincerely speaking social media is a great avenue for raising issues and even getting solutions to our dynamically changing society”

Cyprian Nyakundi, founder

Cyprian Nyakundi remains steadfast and focused on his skill of fetching truths and exposing under-hand dealing.

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Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi career history

The publicity of Cyprian Nyakundi’s expulsion from Meru University earned exceeding following on social media, turning him into a freedom icon.

On his side were big names such as Denis Itumbi and mainstream media outlets.

After broken academic dreams came a successful blogging career.

Founding CEO and chief blogger at

Cyprian Nyakundi is owner and founder of, a blog website company he launched in 2013.

The site has since grown its readership base and is now an advocate of free speech regarding corruption, fraud, and breaking news.

 Freelancer Nyakundi remains a chief author, editor, and contributor on the famed blog.

Apart from Google AdSense, he banks a fortune from publishing human interest stories as well as exposing rogue brands and persons.

CEO at Onward Africa

Cyprian Nyakundi’s Onward Africa Company is all about marketing and advertising, with a focus on three main services;

  • Digital media
  • Crisis communication
  • New media consultancy

Nyakundi started Onward Africa in 2016 with a vision of turning it into a data mining, PR, internet research, and social media hub.

Cyprian Nyakundi blogging career controversies

A bottomless energy is what drives Cyprian Nyakundi into picking fights with influential persons regardless of position and power.

Cyprian Nyakundi Safaricom feud with Bob Collymore

The late Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore, was always at cross roads with Cyprian Nyakundi.

 The blogger often exposed the fallen British businessman, Bob Collymore, for even the slightest mistakes.

Cyprian Nyakundi vs Safaricom cases of corruption, cartel networks, and user privacy often escalated into defamation charges.

Exposed! Cyprian Nyakundi National Bank

Alleged National Bank irregularities attracted the attention of Cyprian Nyakundi in 2016.

National Bank of Kenya exposed story ended with three top NBK officials fired from their offices.

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Others who have previously dragged Cyprian Nyakundi articles include, Postal Corporation of Kenya, Qwetu Radio, ERC, Bidco, NHIF, Adelle Onyango, Akothee, Nita, DTB, and Karoney.

Cyprian Nyakundi biography on celebrities who have sued him

Top Kenyan celebrities who have challenged Cyprian Nyakundi for defamation include Larry Madowo and Bob Collymore.

In addition, Cyprian Nyakundi vs Caroline Mutoko exchanges are unending because the two stand on the extreme ends of heated gender debates.

Cyprian Nyakundi arrested and sentenced

The boy child president has in several occasions slept behind the bars for publishing sensitive content on his website.

Celebrities and top brands often drag him to court whenever they feel provoked, but does he stop?

After all, Cyprian Nyakundi enjoys exposing lawbreakers at the slightest mention.

Cyprian Nyakundi net worth and salary reportedly earns Nyakundi a salary of at least Ksh. 250,000 every month from website.

He pockets some more income from client-featured topics and exposes.

Cyprian Nyakundi missing info on cars, properties, and houses is under review.

The pay check and salary scale of blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has been growing steadily within the past decade.

For this reason, Cyprian Nyakundi wealth is now in the tune of millions.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi Telegram link

Supporters can now receive a live feed of Cyprian Nyakundi latest news through his Telegram Channel.

Besides, he encourages fans to share interesting stories on WhatsApp or email contacts.

Website, address, and phone contacts

  • Phone Number: 0710 280973
  • Website:
  • Email address:

Reach out to Cyprian Nyakundi to report cases of corruption and more. Also engage him for further inquiries.

 Cyprian Nyakundi biography is now a weapon of fighting wrong doings in the society. It is surely a tool of free speech and transparency for the voiceless in Kenya.

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