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Don Bosco Gichana biography facts, age, wife, family, Wiki, released, forex business, net worth

Ooga Don Bosco Gichana biography, age, wife, family, Wikipedia

Don Bosco Gichana is a prominent Kenyan politician and business tycoon from Kisii County. The young leader remains an influential figure after years of unrest in a foreign jail. Don Bosco Gichana biography gives us a better hint about his age, life story, businesses, wealth, and latest political moves.

Life may have slapped Don Bosco at one time, but he seems to have outgrown the pain. He is finally a free man reuniting with his people on the streets. The vocal politician can now afford a smile after a warm homecoming reception.

Don Bosco Gichana profiles summary

  • Real name: Don Bosco Ooga Gichana
  • Popularly: Don Bosco
  • Date of birth: August 24, 1979
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • Place of birth: Nyakoe, Kisii
  • Don Bosco Gichana age: 41 years
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Don Bosco Gichana Instagram: #donboscogichana
  • Ooga Don Bosco Gichana Facebook: #donboscogichana
  • Don Bosco Gichana Twitter: #donboscogichana
  • Occupation:  Businessperson, Politician
  • Don Bosco Gichana wife: Fash Oaga
  • Don Bosco Gichana children: under review
  • Years active: 2007 to present
  • Religion: Christian (Catholic)
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Married

Don Bosco Ooga Gichana is famous for buying Raila Odinga, a red expensive Hummer car and serving five years behind bars in Kisongo Prisons, Arusha, Tanzania.

Don Bosco Gichana biography with pictures 

Photo: Don Bosco Gichana profiles . SRC: @donboscogichana

The outspoken Don Bosco is a Kisii celebrity now rolling big in both business and Kenyan politics.

His childhood and early life experiences would mould him to become a trusted leader.

How old is Don Bosco Gichana?

Don Bosco Gichana age is 41 years. The celebrated his 41st birthday on August 24, 2020, with an outpouring of love and well wishes.

The tycoon politician could not hold back his gratitude to those who coloured his day with positive vibes.

Don Bosco Gichana education summary

Gichana is yet to confirm details about his primary, secondary, and college-level qualifications.

We are confident that he is a highly learned politician judging from his speeches and social media posts.

Don Bosco Gichana family background

The parents of Don Bosco Gichana are John Gichana and the late Celine Nyaboke.

Don Bosco Gichana father, John Gichana

Mzee Gichana was formerly a KNUT Treasurer official. He is a happy man, having raised successful children, among them Don Bosco Ooga Gichana.

Don Bosco Gichana mother, Celine Nyaboke

Photo: PresidentUhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, and Don Bosco at his mother’s memorial service . SRC: @donboscogichana

Mrs Celine Nyaboke is the mother of Don Bosco. Unfortunately, she died when her son was serving a jail term of 5 years in Tanzania.

Celine Nyaboke Gichana profile indicates she died at the age of 74 years. Born in 1942, Celine died on May 2, 2016.

Gichana siblings, brothers and sisters

The respected Don Bosco comes from a family of 7 siblings, among them 3 brothers and 4 sisters. These are;

  • Elias Mayaka Gichana of Atlanta USA
  • Celestine Davidson of Sweden
  • Lillian Kwamboka Gichana of Kisii University
  • Veronica Mogaka of Atlanta U.S.A
  • Pascal Maina Gichana, a businessman in Eldoret
  • Don Bosco Ooga Gichana, a businessman in Nairobi
  • Gladys Moraa Gichana of Huawei Nairobi

The seven brothers and sisters are now taking care of their elderly father.

Don Bosco Gichana wife, Fash Oaga

Gichana is married to the beautiful Fash Oaga with whom he is raising a young family.

The couple is a perfect blend and a source of admiration among supporters.

Don Bosco Ooga Gichana political history

Sections of Don Bosco Gichana biography shows that he contested for Kitutu Chache South constituency parliamentary seat in 2013.

He lost to Hon Richard Momoima Onyonka, now a lawmaker at the National Assembly of Kenya.

Highlights from Don Bosco Gichana Wikipedia are yet to hint at his next political move.

Hummer vehicle for Raila Odinga

Photo: Don Bosco gifted Raila Odinga with an expensive SUV Hummer . SRC: @donboscogichana

Gichana shocked netizens when he gifted ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga with a multi-million red Hummer in 2007.

The costly cruise brought his name to the limelight and has since remained relevant at the national level.

Some sources also indicate that he financed the ODM campaigns in 2007.

Detained in Kisongo prison Tanzania

Don Bosco pleaded guilty to the Tanzanian courts of money laundering charges in February 2013. As a result, he stayed in jail for five years.

The one-time aspirant lawmaker faced charges alongside five other suspects, including lawyer Median Boastice Mwale.

Why Don Bosco Gichana detained in Tanzania

The Tanzanian courts accused the controversial Don Bosco.

He faced charges for electronically filing manipulated tax returns to the Department of Treasury in the US State Internal Revenue Service.

Tanzanian courts summoned Don Bosco, who had allegedly filed false tax returns between 2008 and 2011.

The youthful politician Don Bosco suffered an arrest on March 29, 2013; about the same time, he had travelled to Tanzania to meet a long-time friend Mr Mwale.

It turns out that Lawyer friend was still a man of interest in the money laundering business. Sources have revealed that Mr Mwale had been thrown into detention much earlier in August 2011.

Don Bosco Gichana released from Kisongo Prisons

Don Bosco paid a fine of Ksh. 15 million (Tsh. 300 million) upon completing a five-year jail term at Kisongo Prisons in Arusha.

The flashy politician received his freedom the Tuesday, September 18, 2018.

Among those who happily welcomed him back to the country are DP William Ruto, Moses Wetangula, and Mike Sonko.

Full video: The home coming of Don Bosco Gichana

Don Bosco Gichana received a warm reception in the country, more so in Kisii Town.

The homecoming celebration went down at the Magonga village in Kisii. He later addressed numbers of jubilant youths at Gusii Stadium.

Among high profile dignitaries who attended is Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi and former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka.

These officials landed at Magonga playground in Don Bosco’s company, after which they proceeded to the graveyard of his late mother with flowers.

Homecoming speech of freedom

Don Bosco’s speech recognised everyone who fought for his release.

He particularly mentioned the former PM Raila Odinga, DP William Ruto, Mike Sonko, and Kalonzo Musyoka.

Don Bosco recounted his jail term as a life lesson. It indeed gave him enough time to reflect on life with a new perspective.

Furthermore, he vowed to unleash his political aspirations soon after.

Don Bosco Gichana injured

Photo: Don Bosco Gichana injured at the home of brother In-Law Oscar Sudi . SRC: @donboscogichana

A police commotion at Oscar Sudi’s home ended with Don Bosco Gichana nursing injuries.

The fateful incident of September 2020 came within two years of breaking free from the Tanzanian justice system.

The surprise police raid ended with Don Bosco in the ICU, and Oscar Sudi’s watchman shot and rushed to the hospital.

In a separate incident, Don Bosco’s home in Mwembe Kisii was raided in 2019. Luckily, his sickly father was not at home during the incident.

Don Bosco Gichana businesses

Gichana Bosco is a flamboyant Kenyan entrepreneur and business personality. He streams most of his wealth from multi-million business deals.

Don Bosco Gichana Forex

The veteran businessman collaborated with Joe Kariuki to launch 51 Capital which deals with online currency trading.

Kariuki’s Forex Trading venture launched at a Nairobi based hotel in Westlands.

Talking about money, 51 Capital emerged as the Second Best Forex trader in Africa in 2019.

The trading brand managed to outsmart the most preferred forex entities across the Mediterranean and African space.

51 Capital executives include Don Bosco, COO Peter, and CEO Joe Kariuki.

Don Bosco speaks on 51 Capital

Bosco strongly believes that currency trading and cryptocurrency are the way to go at a time like now when the global economy is changing fast.

Besides, the passionate businessman is a cheerleader of forex trading as a backbone of all other online businesses.

Mr Kariuki’s firm, 51 Capital, offers exclusive training at $200 with a minimum free trading bonus of $450 for first-time traders.

Money laundering scandals

Don Bosco is a notorious name for all the good reasons. Looking beyond his success are the following controversies.

His name appeared in a couple of bank theft cases in which more than Ksh. 100 million was missing;

  • Eco Bank Towers
  • Fina Bank Ngong Road Branch

Other suspects in the cases mentioned above were Rioba, Moraa, and Obadia.

Don Bosco Gichana biography, thorny issues

The tycoon politician has previously talked about being a patron in Shabana FC. Don brags himself as the figurehead who revived the Kisii footballing club.

As a result, Shabana FC regained its glory at the provincial and national levels. He eventually stepped out because of heated campaigns from critics.  

Don Bosco Gichana net worth

Don Bosco Gichana is a wealthy personality with classy cars and a trendy night club business under his name.

Also, he has several unnamed businesses and properties under his label. These include 51 Capital, in which Gichana is a significant shareholder.

Don Bosco Gichana wealth is often under question among suspecting critics. Even so, he is on record for defending his wealth as being genuine and a result of hard work.

The former altar boy became a millionaire when he was only 20 years old.

Don Bosco Gichana contacts

Photo: Don Bosco Ooga Gichana contacts . SRC: @donboscogichana
  • Instagram: @donboscogichana
  • Facebook: @FreeDonBoscoGichana 

Contact Gichana for further enquiries and possible phone number appointments.

Don Bosco Gichana biography shares intimate details about a fearless Kisii leader sharpened by circumstances. Meanwhile, supporters are patiently counting down to the day when Don will open up about his next political step.