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Douglas Otiso biography, age, profile facts, story of a robber turned top Kisii gospel artiste

Ev Douglas Otiso biography facts

Evangelist Douglas Otiso is always on the spot for his unmatched legacy in the music industry. A longstanding career and lyrical songs are why the singer is rising higher on the praise and worship charts. Furthermore, Otiso is notable for his consistency in message and rhythm. We turn to Douglas Otiso biography to answer questions about his age, family, gospel music, and reformation from a notorious robber to an evangelist.

Humble beginnings and rocky childhood did not stop Otiso from responding to his gospel calling. What started as a personal ministry has grown to become a much-cherished source of inspiration to many. The Award-winning Kisii gospel artist has been blessing thousands for over a decade now.  

Douglas Otiso profile summary

  • Real name: Douglas Otiso Ombongi
  • Popularly: Douglas Otiso
  • Date of birth: 80s
  • Birth sign: under review
  • Place of birth:  Nyakoiba, Bomachoge Borabu
  • Douglas Otiso age: 40s
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Douglas Otiso father: Ombongi
  • Occupation:  Gospel musicians
  • Religion: Christian
  • Years active: 2001 to present
  • Relationship status: Married

Douglas Otiso is famous for his musical compositions, electric dance moves, and hooking beats. He is also one of the best seller Kisii musicians of our time.

Douglas Otiso biography

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Evangelist Otiso is chairman of Gusii artistes and vice-chair Gusii gospel artistes. He is a man who has gone through the worst of life to become a pure gospel talent.


The gospel singer was born in Nyakoiba, Kenyenya, Kisii County. At age one, he relocated to Chepilat alongside his mother.

The sudden move was a result of family wrangles that saw his parents divorcing. Otiso’s mother chose Chepilat to raise the young boy as a single mother.


While staying at Chepilat, Douglas Otiso’s mother remarried and gave birth to two more children. Unfortunately, she died in 2004.

The death of a stepfather left Otiso, an orphan, at only age 24. Otiso has since struggled to attract success for himself and the two younger siblings.

Otiso education

Sources have revealed that Otiso is a school dropout will minimal academic qualifications but exceeding inborn knowledge.

Even so, the singer went back to class for English lessons. An ability to communicate well with non-Kisii speakers motivated Otiso to enroll in these classes.

Career profile

Otiso was not formerly a lover of the gospel. He recalls listening to secular artists such as Ongengo and Bikundo.

In addition, the outspoken Otiso was formerly a robber before reforming his ways.

After surviving three mob justice beatings, an incident in which all colleagues were killed would become his turning point.

After suffering rejection from his mother and contemplating suicide, Otiso listened to a roadside pastor and turned his ways for good.

He decided to move away from high profile thuggery to become a devoted gospel singer the hard way.

Elsewhere, the singing career started when Otiso joined a Chebilat based worship centre, East Africa Pentecostal Church, in 2001.

Skilled keyboard player and choir member

In 2004, Otiso led the choir to record an album. He was then a good keyboard player with excellent drumming skills.

Otiso’s talent attracted attention and often earned him invitations to various events, including celebrations and funerals. He would go with the keyboard as an entertainer.

The post-election violence of 2007 forced Otiso to relocate from Chepilat to Ogembo. It is here that he released a debut album.

Samson Nyoma Seino and Ee Omoyo are among the earliest songs that sparked his fame in the Kisii region.

The Mashujaa Day Celebrations Abanyankongo hitmaker draws much inspiration from trending gospel artists such as Angela Chibalonza and Rose Muhando.

Douglas Otiso wife

The singer married during his time at Chepilat on October 20, 2007. Chaos ensued within a month of his wedding.

Douglas Otiso biography reveals that an elder brother helped him move back to Kisii amid the post-election violence.

The same downed him soon after because his wife was unwelcoming. The singer and his newly wedded Chepilat beauty found a helping hand from an Ogembo based pastor. sss

Douglas Otiso songs

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The singer has released tens of songs throughout his career. He is currently ongoing with volume 9. A few of his most loved releases are;

  • Okorire
  • Jerusalem
  • Ndindindi
  • Tekoira Geka
  • Tenga Bogeka

Catch up with the latest Douglas Otiso songs for an endless stream of blessings.

Other equally talented singers are Embarambamba, Fenny Kerubo, Mcubamba Robbah, and Divinah Nyamwaka.

Douglas Otiso contacts

  • Phone: 0729917396

Call to book Otiso for a show or support the artist in his rising ministry.

Douglas Otiso biography has it all from childhood to the recent changes in his career. It goes without mentioning that Otiso is the best Kisii gospel artist of all time. Besides singing, Otiso is a full-time minister and preacher.