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Photo: Top facts about Onsongo Comedy Ke and Inajoma Comedy Entertainment actors . SRC: @NyamwembeTV

Onsongo Comedy Biography: 10 Profile Facts – age, Parents, Education, YouTube Videos, & Wealth

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Abraham Onsongo is the youngest Kisii comedian and Youtuber with several trendy clips on social media. His typical Kisii accent doubles up with a broken Swahili for our daily dose of laughter. Recent appearances on Citizen Television and Churchill Show exposed these 10 interesting profile facts in Onsongo Comedy biography.

Onsongo is an example of young and creative Youtubers with a dream of becoming successful in life. For this reason, his short clips are favourite on WhatsApp Status among several followers. Let’s meet Onsongo away from the cameras.

Top 10 profile facts in Onsongo Comedy biography

Abraham Onsongo biography, age, siblings, and management phone contacts
Photo: Abraham Onsongo biography, age, siblings, and management phone contacts . SRC: @onsongo_comedyke

The talented Onsongo has come a long way and is now making steady steps in the newly founded career as a YouTuber.

His promising skill in creative art will surely take him to places in days to come.

1. Who is Onsongo Comedy from Gachuba Ward in Nyamira County

Onsongo whose real names are Abraham Onsongo Nyakundi is from Rigoma village in Gachuba Ward, Masaba North sub-county, Nyamira County.

He brags the Kisii name Onsongo meaning a focused, influential, and go-getter person.

The ancestral home of Onsongo is about 25 kilometres from Kisii town via Keumbu Market.

2. Comedian Onsongo biography on supportive parents

Kisii comedian Onsongo parents, mother Hellen Kerubo, and father Alfayo Nyakundi
Photo: Comedian Onsongo parents, father Alfayo Nyakundi, and mother Hellen Kerubo . SRC: @onsongo_comedyke

Abraham Onsongo family comprises two supportive parents and three differently talented siblings.

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Onsongo father Alfayo Nyakundi is an electrician while his jovial mother Hellen Kerubo Nyakundi is a primary school teacher at Zana Junior Academy, where Onsongo is schooling.

On the other hand, his two siblings are are first born sister Lenza Moraa currently at Nyabururu TTC and Frank of bishop Mugendi Nyakegogi secondary school.

Onsongo’s elder brother Frank is a young scientist with mechanical hands after the skill of his father Alfayo.

3. Onsongo age is 12 years as of 2023

Abraham Onsongo age is 12 years as of 2023 considering he was born on June 24, 2011.

The charismatic minor prefers celebrating his birthdays with a huge cake in a circle of friends and close family members.

4. Onsongo is in grade 4 with a strong passion for football

Abraham Onsongo is a grade 4 student at Zana Junior Academy primary school located within the vicinity of his home.

Away from education, he is a chilled out creative and a lover of playing football with friends.

5. Onsongo receives mentorship from his uncle and Papa Antivirus

The funny bone Onsongo looks up to his outgoing uncle and cousins.

In addition, Papa Antivirus of Ndizi TV is a role model to Onsongo.

6. Onsongo Comedy biography on meeting Inajoma Comedy actors

Culture Six real names Duke Amos Ragira and Prince Davy of Inajoma Comedy spotted Onsongo in the process of shooting their videos at home.

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The two could not recruit Onsongo because Inajoma Comedy is signed to Telmo World Media of Baba Jackie.

Instead, they opened for him a channel “Onsongo Comedy Ke.”

7. Onsongo Manager Culture Six is also a cousin

Culture Six and Prince Davy are both close cousins to Onsongo.

They are from Rigoma Village which is highly accessible from Gachuba Shopping Centre.

8. Onsongo Comedy Ke YouTube Channel is above 100k subscribers

The passionate Onsongo has a huge followership on the internet where his stunts are welcome.

Despite his young age, Onsongo has managed to get more than 100k subscribers with thousands of views on his latest videos.

9. Onsongo commands top Kenyan celebrities

Apart from Culture Six, Onsongo is a partner with Mike Wako Comedy, Nyamwembe TV, and Nyakundi the Actor.

Those who have also featured Onsongo include Mungai Eve, Presenter Ali, and Swift media KE.

Mike Wako thinks that Abraham Onsongo is an Emmanuella of Kenya and the Churchill of Kisii.

10. Onsongo wants to become a professional comedian

Onsongo is lucky to have discovered his talent in the laugh industry at a young age.

He has confirmed dreaming to become a full-time professional comedian in later years.

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Latest facts in Onsongo Comedy biography

Heated exchanges between Manzi wa Nyeri and Onsongo have been trending lately.

The angered Onsongo has only responded “Wacha Umbwakini” to his way older secret admirer.

On top of that, Onsongo won the heart of Citizen TV presenter, Lulu Hassan, with a funny clip.

In return, the warm-hearted Lulu gifted Onsongo a canon camera, dera dress, Mabuyu, and coconut.

Onsongo salary and net worth from YouTube

Who is Onsongo Comedy? Jokester Onsongo from a humble background is a promising tycoon Youtuber and brand ambassador.

His five-figure salary and wealth are steadily ballooning and may soon exceed Ksh. 100,000.

Onsongo biography shows that he is currently under the management of Culture Six

Luckily, the group has expressed determination to continue nurturing Onsongo’s inborn talent.

Abraham Onsongo comedy contacts

  • Onsongo father phone number: +254729232930
  • Onsongo Comedy management contact: +254759816409

Contact Onsongo for support and further inquiries on bookings and business deals.

Various facts in Onsongo Comedy biography reveals a fast-rising star. He can only trend higher in the world of entertainment.

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