How to Apply Passport in Kenya

How to Apply Passport in Kenya: Cost, Requirements, Procedure, and Immigration Office Contacts

The introduction of the e-Passport system in 2017 has made it easy to apply for, replace or renew your passport online. The process formerly characterized by long queues and wait can now be done in the comfort of your home. We have summarized for you a step-by-step procedure on how to apply passport in Kenya. 

Unique features such as biometric identifiers, electric chips, digital photos, and smart security checks make the e-Passport preferable.

How to apply passport in Kenya 2023

If you are planning to travel on a schedule, you need to apply in advance since the passport application process may take several weeks.

Follow the following steps to apply online.  

  1. Visit the eCitizen website at and log in or create an account if you are a new user. You will need a valid email address after signing up.
  2. After logging in to your eCitizen account, select “Department of Immigration Services.”
  3. Click on “Make Application” and select “Passport Application.”
  4. Choose the type of passport you want to apply for (ordinary, diplomatic or East African)
  5. Fill in the passport application form with your details including full name, ID and date of birth.
  6. Pay the passport application fee using mobile money (Lipa Na MPesa) or a debit/credit card.
  7. Download and print the application form and the payment receipt.
  8. Book an appointment at your nearest immigration office to submit your application and have your biometric data (fingerprints and photo) taken.

After your application has been processed, you will receive a text or email notifying you when your passport is ready for collection.

Requirements for passport applications in Kenya

After filling out the application form online, first-time applicants will be required to submit various documents.

Enlisted are the 8 documents required for final processing.

  1. A pre-filled e-Passport application form and 2 payment invoices
  2. Original birth certificate and a photocopy for citizens of Kenya by birth
  3. Original ID and a photocopy
  4. Certificate of registration for citizens of Kenya by registration
  5. Photocopy of your recommender’s ID card
  6. Duly filled consent form for minors
  7. Photocopies of parents’ national ID cards for minors. Or copies of death certificates where applicable
  8. Original birth certificates of your parents and photocopies.

Can I get a passport at Huduma Centre? Yes, you can apply for a passport at the nearest Huduma centre in the cyber café section with help from a trained professional.

Notice that the above requirements and steps of application holds in all Huduma centres across the country

How much does a passport cost in Kenya?

When applying for a passport, the processing fee is similar for new applicants and those seeking renewal.

You can make the payments through M-Pesa, debit cards, credit cards or even your bank account. Below are passport application fees in Kenya.

Type of PassportAmount
34 pagesKsh. 4,550
50 pagesKsh. 6,050
66 pagesKsh. 7,550
Diplomatic passportsKsh. 7,550
Mutilated passportKsh. 10,050
Lost passportsKsh. 12,050
Temporary permitKsh. 350
Certificate of IdentityKsh. 3,050

How many Immigration offices are in Kenya? There are 7 immigration offices in Kenya with 6 more in the diaspora. Passport application and processing stations are now available in Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii, Nakuru, Embu and Mombasa.

International centres are located in Paris, London, Dubai, Washington DC, Pretoria, and Berlin.

Immigration office contacts

Phone number+254110923422

Visit the immigration head office at Nyayo House in Nairobi City for further inquiries.

The advancement in technology has indeed made an outstanding change in how to apply passport in Kenya. Follow the above guidelines to get one or keep your passport up to date.

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