You are currently viewing James Arasa Oyagi biography, age, family, education, politics, aspirant governor Kisii County
Photo: Hon James Arasa Oyagi biography facts, age, family background . SRC: @jamesarasa

James Arasa Oyagi biography, age, family, education, politics, aspirant governor Kisii County

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James Arasa Oyagi is a youthful political figure from the heart of Kisii County. Fresh energy in leadership and a pool of ideas are his strength. On the spot is James Arasa Oyagi biography with details on profile, life story, and political interests.

Who is James Arasa? The young aspirant governor Arasa is a visionary leader from Nyaribari Masaba Constituency now steering change in Kisii politics. Arasa has attracted undivided attention for his young age and influence. Juicy facts about his life are underway.

James Arasa profiles summary

  • Real name: James Arasa Oyagi
  • Popularly: James Arasa
  • Nickname: Hon Arasa Oyagi
  • Date of birth: 1990s
  • Place of birth: Ichuni Ward
  • James Arasa age: about 30 years
  • Tribe: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Occupation:  Teacher
  • Years active: 2017 to date
  • Relationship status: Married

James Arasa Oyagi is famous for being the youngest aspirant governor in Kisii County. His vegetable planting campaign is also notable.

James Arasa Oyagi biography with pictures 

James Arasa profile facts and photos
Photo: James Arasa profile facts . SRC: @jamesarasa

Arasa from around Keroka area is turning political tables. As a result, many locals are interested in his CV and biodata.

Continue for his age, family, home, politics, and phone number contacts.

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How old is James Arasa Oyagi?

James Arasa is about 32 years old as of 2023. We are yet to learn more about his birthday and born year.

Arasa Oyagi education and qualifications

Mr. James Arasa attended Ibacho High school in 2011 and sat for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2015.

He then joined Kisii University for a Bachelor of Science in Education, majoring Biology and Chemistry. Arasa graduated four years later.

Above all, Mr. Arasa is a trained peacemaker, peer counsellor and educator.

Mr. James Arasa home and ethnicity

Arasa comes from Obwari village in Ichuni ward, Nyaribari Masaba constituency, Kisii County.

Therefore, James Arasa is of the Kisii ethnicity and a Kenyan by birth.

James Arasa family background

Mr. Arasa spent early years in his Nyaribari Masaba constituency based home.

He recently posted a photo of his dad on the eve of Father’s Day. Furthermore, Arasa mentions Gado Gada of Facebook as a family member.

Hon James Arasa politics profile

Prof Sam Ongeri and James Arasa politics history and qualifications
Photo: Prof Sam Ongeri and James Arasa Oyagi . SRC: @jamesarasa

James Arasa’ leadership journey started at Ibacho High School and Hema Secondary School. He served as a student council chairman in both institutions.

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Arasa is a vocal leader on matters good governance. He is against corrupt leaders side-lining youths, women, and the poor in society.

He now maintains the dream of becoming governor with the least managerial and corporate skills.

10 point plan manifesto by James Arasa Oyugi

Core issues at heart in Arasa’s manifesto include the following;

  • Agricultural expansion
  • Improving education quality
  • Infrastructural prosperity
  • Promoting trade and economy
  • Job creation for the youths
  • Helping the needy and vulnerable
  • Reduction of street prostitution
  • Aiding public health and sanitation
  • Reduction of street children
  • Protecting the aged population

A section of Kisii County residents are already warming to Arasa’s proposals. Even so, the rest are yet to behold the manifesto.

James Arasa Oyagi biography: initiatives and foundations

The young politician is penetrating Kisii villages and wards with beneficial projects within his capacity

Kisii home of vegetables by James Arasa

Kisii home of vegetables by James Arasa from Nyaribari Masaba Constituency
Photo: Kisii home of vegetables by James Arasa .SRC: @jamesarasa

Arasa is passionate on horticultural investments. More so, he is keen on planting vegetables and supplying seedlings to farmers.

Arasa hopes to improve livelihood, both nutritionally and economically. In 2019, he rolled out a plan of supplying seedlings to at least 50 members monthly.

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He aims to run this vegetable planting project until all the 45 Kisii County wards are involved.

Similarly, Arasa intends to equip interested farmer with seedlings and necessary training.

He also intends to involve young people in the distribution and marketing of these vegetable produce.

James Arasa Oyagi biography on personal opinions

Mr Arasa is a strong believer in fearlessness as the only true way of getting ahead.

Besides, Mr. Arasa is a positive minded leader having been a long time student of hardship.

James Arasa phone contacts

  • Phone number: +254710 245878
  • Email:

Get in touch with James Arasa for details on his manifesto, campaign plan, and dream for the people of Kisii County.

James Arasa Oyagi biography is a brief tale of the youngest Kisii politician shooting straight to the gubernatorial race. A passion of wanting to unseat Governor James Ongwae is clearer in his 10 point manifesto.

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