Jimmy Wanjigi Net Worth

Jimmy Wanjigi Net Worth: How Rich? Family businesses, homes, houses, cars, choppers, and wealth

Inquiries into Jimmy Wanjigi net worth reveal a vast empire with countless properties and business investments. He is one man with a huge influence in all sectors of the Kenyan economy. A quick check on his wealth shows that Wanjigi is going international.

In the list of top Kenyan tycoons are seasoned politicians and businessmen in the calibre of Jimmy Wanjigi. Apart from masterminding local socio-economics, these serial investors are notorious in the struggle for top leadership positions in the country.

Jimmy Wanjigi net worth and wealth status

Apart from properties and shares, a majority of moneyed Kenyans rely on the manufacturing sector which is often vulnerable to price shocks.

Ahead of them all is Jimmy Wanjigi with a unique way of chiselling voluminous cash.

Jimmy Wanjigi source of wealth

Jimmy Wanjigi with a net worth of about Ksh. 1 billion mints money from quick cash deals, contracts, and multi-million government tenders.

Wealth creation in Jimmy Wanjigi family started with his biological father Maina Wanjigi.

Reliable sources indicate that Mr Maina Wanjigi was an industrious Cabinet Minister during Moi’s Regime.

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Jimmy Wanjigi money: Education and career

Mr Maina Wanjigi and maiden spouse Mary Wambui sent all their children to the Institute Le Rosey School in Geneva Switzerland.

Both parents trust the institution for quality education despite a high price tag yearly fee structure of Ksh. 10 million.

Wanjigi who is an alumna of St Mary’s School and the University of New York started working at Westlands Nairobi in a family-owned company.

Jimmy Wanjigi family businesses and net worth

Mr Maina Wanjigi who was both a cabinet Minister and MP of Kamukunji during Moi’s era established Kwacha Group of Companies.

He also incorporated Tyl Limited Company which specialises in transactions and cash transfers worth millions of dollars.

In addition, Jimmy Wanjigi is a lead partner in Mann Island; a tax haven with private banking, and wealth management solutions.

Tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi houses and properties

Inside jimmy Wanjigi house interior pictures
Photo: Inside jimmy Wanjigi house interior pictures . SRC: @jimmywanjigi

Wanjigi owns a grand mansion standing tall on a five-acre property within the leafy Muthaiga Estate.

At the entrance are four lion sculptures with an appetite for more power and fame. Next to a crib with top security features is a heated swimming pool.

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Besides, Wanjigi and wife Irene Nzisa are owners of posh properties in the United Arab Emirates. On top of that are flats and homes in Zurich.

List of Jimmy Wanjigi cars, choppers, and helicopters

A fleet of monster cars in Wanjigi’s parking is enough to start a new petrol station.

These 7 fuel guzzlers befit the status of a commander in chief when flying on Kenyan roads.

  1. Phantom Coupe Rolls Royce
  2. Mercedes Benz S500 2016
  3. BMW 7 Series
  4. Porsche Cayenne 2018
  5. Land Rover Tdv6
  6. Toyota Landcruiser V8
  7. Mercedes Benz E350

The most outstanding car in his yard is a black tinted Rolls Royce worth tens of millions.

Which car did Jimmy Wanjigi give Eric Omondi? Wanjigi gifted comedian Omondi a classy

Chrysler Crossfire car for the oncoming campaigns.

“This is a pleasant surprise since I thought Wanjigi was inviting me over for tea. He told me that I should not give any excuses whenever I am on assignment out of town since this car will serve the purpose. I have also been given fuel for one year and two months.”

Comedian Eric Omondi.

Omondi went on to confirm that the car consumes fuel worth Ksh. 10,000 a day.

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Speaking of air travel, Wanjigi owns both choppers and helicopters. For them, he has built a private bunker and helipad.

Surprisingly, Jimmy Wanjigi net worth value is about Ksh. 1 billion as of 2022.

Wanjigi who has previously worked with President Uhuru Kenyatta, former PM Raila Odinga, and DP Ruto is indeed a powerful man today.

Jimmy Wanjigi net worth is a conversation starter among supporters and critics. Most importantly, he is passionate about wealth creation for a better economy.

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