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Top 5 Kisii Bloggers to Watch in 2024: List of Trending Social Media Influencers and Youtubers

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The number of successful and upcoming Kisii bloggers is rising steadily amid growing political and economic interests. These are now taking over as social media influencers, brand ambassadors, and Youtubers. Above all is our list of top 5 Kisii bloggers to watchclosely.

Blogging is a sustainable business for some online workers and a side hustle for the rest. There is, therefore, no doubt that the list of Kisii bloggers is long with several talented researchers and writers. Even so, the following continue to outsmart the rest with helpful posts.  

Top 5 Kisii bloggers to watch in 2024

Blogging is not only a hobby but a full time career for most online personalities and brands.

These determined Gusii bloggers enjoys a special place thanks to their unique online presence.

1. Cyprian Nyakundi of – best Kisii bloggers

Born in 1991, Cyprian Nyakundi is an investigative freelance journalist and the most famous blogger from Gusii land.

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Cyprian Nyakundi blog is an informer on matters corruption and corporate fraud.

In addition, Cyprian Nyakundi Twitter account is another one of his online strengths.

2. Timothy Obare Rioba of

The profile of Timothy Obare Rioba shows that he is founder and owner of

The blog is majorly trusted with gossip and propaganda among other categories.

Kisii blogger Timothy Obare Rioba gets more website traffic than the rest.

3. Victor Mochere of

Blogger Victor Mochere born in 1993 is a highly experienced researcher and online writer. Besides, he is an author with a couple of best seller books.

Victor Mochere Twitter account confirms that he is an informative blogger without a craving for controversies.

The fact that Mochere has managed to bite into the international audience of sports, technology, and business wraps up his success.

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4. Victor Matara of

Apart from blogging, Victor Matara of 1996 is a radio presenter and content developer.

Blogger Victor Matara is passionate on user interest stories that range from lists to guides, and directions.

His well-crafted, insightful, and actionable content is not only educating but also influencing the society positively.

5. Dennis Nyamwembe of

Dennis Nyamwembe, popularly called Omwalimu, is both a blogger and vlogger. Many know him better from his populous Tamba Show on YouTube.

Blogger Nyamwembe is talented in providing educational guides, lists, and latest updates as released by KNEC, KUCCPS, and other related bodies.

Nyamwembe TV Tamba Show is a platform for all Kenyan artists and celebrities wishing to interact with their fans at a personal level.

6. Sir Enock of Kisii Finest

Sir Enock is a freelance writer, a lover of technology, and lately a blogger. Even so, his meteoric rise in the blogging space is notable.

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Born in 1991, Sir Enock is critical on human interest stories that include lifestyle, culture, entertainment, and politics.

Kisii bloggers and influencers

Some more influencers and bloggers from Kisii include Merick Mokua, Oliver Nyabwazi Moraira (Kabz Nyar Kisii), James Nyachwaya, and Joshua Araka.

Sure enough, the list of Kisii bloggers is endless with professional and more qualified journalists.  

2024 is a fair year for both upcoming and established online personalities. Our list of top 5 Kisii bloggers to watch says no less about their online bliss.

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