Mr Ongengo Biography

Mr Ongengo Biography: Age, real name, songs videos, Rikurunyau, Entururu Mp3 download, Egesa FM

Mr Ongengo is a multitalented musical artiste behind all-time favourite Kisii traditional songs lyrics and videos. The Entururu hitmaker is a typical example of top singers with an excellent playlist of timeless hits and albums. Mr Ongengo biography opens up about his age, family, songs, and performances in the United States.

The Kisii singer deserves credit for influencing local entertainment with original vibes. Ongengo songs are not only entertaining but also informative about real-life issues such as love and success. Mwanyagetinge has been missing crucial facts about Mr Ongengo but not anymore.

Mr Ongengo profile summary

  • Real name: Dan Mosima
  • Ongengo age: About 40 years
  • Place of birth:  Mosobeti, Nyamira
  • County: Nyamira County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Facebook: @ongengo.mosima
  • Occupation:  Artiste
  • Relationship status: Married

Dan Mosioma is famous for releasing lyrical tracks such as Entururu and Nore Pipo ft Babu Gee.

Mr Ongengo biography with photos

Musician Dan Mosima comes from Mosobeti in Nyamira County. As such, Mr Ongengo tribe is Kisii.

Not much information is available about Mr Ongengo family background. Similarly, info about his parents and childhood experiences is scarce.

Why the name Mr Ongengo?

The Kisii artist Mosima acquired his name from one of Kisii traditional musical instruments Ongengo which he uses often.

Mr Ongengo biography facts, is he alive?

Yes, the singer is still alive and actively using his talent in music.

In addition, Mr Ongengo biography reveals that he is a media personality at Egesa FM.

Mr Ongengo education profile

The Ongengo Jojoni Entururu Facebook profile indicates that he attended Gianchere Friends secondary school. He later graduated from KLH in 2004.

It turns out that Mr Ongengo is a young man with an education. He, however, prefers imitating the habits of an old unlearned but wise village man for a living.

Mr Ongengo career history

The respected Ombou Chochoni has been working with Egesa FM for years now.

For instance, Entabanania Omoiberania Na Ombou Chochoni from 2013 are still memorable.

Until recently, he was a radio a co-host presenter alongside the renowned Kaka Williams George Atandi.

Musician Mr Ongengo biography at Damo production

Dan Mosima profile on Twitter confirms that he is the director at Damo productions which powers his trendsetting songs.

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Royal Media Services Egesa FM

Dan Mosima is a celebrated Egesa FM Radio presenter with the studio name Ombou Jojoni (Chochoni).

Ombou works with Royal Media services’ Egesa FM Entabanania show alongside Kaka Williams.

However, the rumour mill has it that Egesa FM fired the renowned Kaka and is in the process of replacing him.

Mr Ongengo formerly worked alongside James Gichana Egesa FM deputy Head of Radio, also called, Omoiberania.

Full list of Mr Ongengo songs latest

The electrifying Mr Ongengo Entururu entertainers are the best in their compositions and stage performances.

1. Mr Ongengo Entururu Esomoni Eye

Mr Ong’eng’o Entururu fans public group supporters crown this track as his best so far.

The song came out in 2015 and has since remained relevant in clubs and celebrations.

Mr Ongengo Entururu mp3 downloads are at their record high even as more locals continue to fall back on traditional entertainment. The song has over 1 million views on YouTube.

2. Mr Ongengo Matatizo

Matatizo by Mr Ongengo speaks about the worries of life and how Ongengo can’t bear them all. He associates all the sufferings to a lack of money for a sustainable lifestyle.

Mr Ongengo Matatizo video download on YouTube has attained more than 200k views.

The song falls in the Jirani Na Matatizo album and speaks about the sorrow of handling a problem that strikes more than once.  

3. Mr Ongengo Nyasuguta video

Nyasuguta by Mr Ongengo is a blend of Swahili and Kisii languages. The song highlights his tears and the plight of life’s sufferings.

Ongengo compares himself with a donkey that carries burdens without relief. He must, however, press on for a better tomorrow.

4. Mr Ongengo Nore Pipo

The song is an urban sample in Mr Ongengo’s conservative music charts.

Nore Pipo? Babu Gee ft Mr Ong’eng’o & Dominico is an official video that encourages young men and women to start families instead of engaging in immorality.

5. Mamissment by Mr Ong’eng’o

MC Miggy Champ & Mr Ong’eng’o dropped this video to celebrate the blossoms of marriage.

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The song came through in 2017 and has so far accumulated hundreds of views on YouTube.

Mamissment borrows from a Hebrew Bible section where a man leaves his parents to join with a lover.

The two notorious singers are already missing their forthcoming life partners.

6. Mr Ongengo Jemima Mpenzi (My dear)

Jemima is a beautiful woman from Bomachoge for whom Ongengo is madly in love.

The singer recounts walking from Birongo to her home by foot amid heavy rains.

Sadly, Ongengo went through the worst in the hands of bullying young men within Jemima’s village. In the end, the pain does not wipe off his love or Jemima.

7. Amani by Mr Ongengo

Ongengo’s creativity is evident in his Amani video play. The song calls for peace and good relations among brethren.

The 2007 post-election violence in Kenya must have inspired his idea in this pleasant tune. Amani by Ongengo is a prayer song emphasizing the need for peace and prosperity.

8. Egetare Igoro Ontimbu by Mr Ongengo

The song addresses Ongengo’s disappoints in life. He makes a shout to his lovely wife Jane and pleads with her to accept dialogue as a solution in their troubled marriage.

Furthermore, Ongengo accuses rumour-mongers of wounding his relationship with Jane.

He finally uses common Kisii sayings such as “Enguko teri korisia ase ekorara” and “Sese mbe nyangori ntabe” to drive his point home.

9. Rikurunyau by Mr Ongengo

Ongengo shares his story about a friend whom he can no longer trust after a bad experience.

He advises others to beware of who they call close friends. The song came out back when the plight of HIV and AIDs was at its worst.

Ongengo makes a shallow mention of how a friend started a fake rumour about his HIV victim status.

10. Corona by Mr Ongengo

Dan Mosima qualified into the long list of songs about coronavirus pandemic. The music offers information about protections and pleads for God’s help.

Corona is a trending song from Mr Ongengo songs 2020. The track will forever remain a source of encouragement for those who lost their loved ones.

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Best traditional Kisii songs by Mr Ongengo  

  • Transline Classic 
  • Omosacha Nomokungu
  • Kamongo by Mr Ongengo
  • Mkokoteni (Sukuma Maisha)
  • Safari Mjini by Mr Ongengo
  • Nyang’au Yegetonto by Mr Ongengo

These long time gems still play on radio and major streets in Kisii town.

Latest Kisii songs by Mr Ongengo

  • Ajali Kitandani
  • Ekiya Aye Nomonto Omuya
  • Ebinto Intorie by Mr Ongengo
  • Emechando Abasacha Bagoetera
  • Amasomo Tari Kogota Buna Yanga 
  • Omwaka Oerire/ Esuguku by Mr Ongengo
  • Amakweli O Nyakiangana by Mr Ongengo

Mr Ongengo biography confirms that the singer is still active in music amid his full-time job at Egesa FM as a presenter.

Mr Ongengo songs download mp3

It is now possible to download Ongengo videos and audio songs from your favourite streaming sites.

Mr Ongengo songs free mp3 download is particularly preferable is you are thirsty for endless entertainment.

Tubidy and Mdundo are the best when seeking to download Dan Mosima songs.

Mr Ongengo mp4 download

YouTube and Viusasa rule when it comes to Mr Ongengo video streaming and downloads.

Even better, you can find most of his tracks on Facebook and Deezer.

Gossip sites allege that Dan Mosima Ongengo is an equal of Luo’s accomplished Musa Jakadala in Kisii land.

Mr Ongengo phone number contacts

  • Phone: +254710918944

Contact Mr Ongengo today for a live band, Obokano, comedy show booking, and further inquiries.

Mr Ongengo biography connects Dan Mosima with many of his Kisii fans and those from other parts of the world. Go ahead and listen to Ombou Chochoni and Kaka Williams Atandi clips on YouTube for a funfair experience of his charming personality.

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