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100 Best Msanii Music Group Songs, Latest Music Videos, Audio, Lyrics, and Mp3 Download Guide

Listening to the latest SDA choir songs is both exciting and relaxing to a sin burdened soul. Ahead of the rest are Msanii Music Group songs with perfect vocals and deep gospel messages. The chorale team which cropped up from Msanii Records Ltd studios on April 2020 is now on another level altogether.

Did you know that at least 7 songs by Msanii Chorale have exceeded 1 million views on YouTube? Well, this is an indication enough that the singing group is breaking the Eastern and Central African boundaries. Heart-warming comments from their Tanzanian, Ugandan, and Kenyan followers say no less.

100 Best Msanii Music Group songs and latest music

The long list of Msanii Music Group SDA songs has attracted millions of listeners on major media play sites.

We start with top 10 songs that have made the greatest impact in their God-given ministry.

1. Peke Yangu Sitaweza by Msanii Music Group

The song Peke Yangu Sitaweza means I cannot do it all by myself without relying on the power of God.

 This lyrical hit song is a number one track with over 3.4 million views on YouTube.

2. Asubuhi Njema

Msanii Studios released Asubuhi Njema, which means a bright morning, in July 2020.

Golden Gates Uganda are among those that have previously performed this sweet old song with at least 3 million views on Msanii Records channel.

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3. What a Friend We Have in Jesus

The soft beat song What a Friend We Have translates to Yesu Kwetu Ni Rafiki in Swahili language.

The song has managed 2.8 million viewers with thousands of comments and it is still rising fast on the charts.

4. Cha Kutumaini Sina

This piano themed song Cha Kutumaini Sina means I have nothing worth depending except Christ the rock of ages.

Cha Kutumaini Sina has recorded 1.4 million viewers and is already a skiza tune anthem for many.

5. Wengi Wameitwa Karamuni

This favourite song means many have been called to the wedding of Christ but only a few will qualify.

Wengi Wameitwa Karamuni with 1.2 million viewers is an appeal for everyone to accept the gift of salvation offered by Jesus Christ.

6. Vumilia Roho Yangu

Vumilia Roho Yangu means hold on my heart because temptations are raging more like red hot fire.

This rhythmic song is a cry for God to help in times of trouble. It has garnered over 1 million views since releasing on August 7, 2020.

7. Upendo among top Msanii Music Group Songs

Upendo is a Swahili word for love, and it speaks of God’s love unceasing in our lives regardless of sinfulness.

It is an expression of love without conditions. The song has already appealed to more than 1 million Youtuber users.

List of Msanii Music Group all songs, videos, and lyrics

Joash Nyamongo and Director Uncle Tim have collaboratively directed the release of several praise friendly songs.

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Top in the list of trending Msanii Music Group songs are as follows;

Top Msanii Records songs with at least 500k views

  1. Yerusalemu
  2. Bwana Nieleze
  3. Mbinguni ni Furaha
  4. Nitamwimbia
  5. Hatua – Alilala Pembeni (Sabato)
  6. Damu Imebubujika – Evah Wamwere ft Kelsy Kerubo
  7. Hukumu Itatolewa
  8. Mungu ni Pendo
  9. Bwana Anasema Pole Mwana Wangu
  10. Mpende Jirani Yako
  11. Meli Hii (Yesu ni nahodha wetu)
  12. Mateso Yatakoma
  13. It’s Ok Msanii Records (Dear Friends)
  14. Mataifa Yote Msanii
  15. Bwana Uteremke – bwana Umekawia

Msanii Music Group songs with at least 300k views

  1. Mwamba Wenye Imara
  2. Msanii Music Group Usinipite
  3. Nifundishe Msanii Choir
  4. Kifo Chake Bwana Yesu
  5. Tutasafiri by Msanii Group
  6. Wanawali by Msanii Chorale
  7. Msanii Records Ole Wenu
  8. Msanii Dunia Itashangaa
  9. Nimeamua Sitarudi Nyuma
  10. Ni Yeye Mwenyezi Mungu
  11. Alishuka Jini Msanii
  12. Piga Tarumbeta by Msanii Chorale

Latest Msanii Choir songs with at least 200k views

  1. Kando ya Mto
  2. Yesu Ninakuhitaji
  3. Mwambie Yesu Pekee
  4. Yu Hai by Rachel Nyarangi
  5. Hukumu Inatungoja
  6. Nimechoka by Msanii Music Group
  7. Mwana Mpotevu
  8. Sikia Wimbo (Hear my song, Lord)
  9. Ewe Mungu Wajua
  10. Shabaha Letu
  11. Njia Nyembamba ya kwenda mbinguni

Msanii Music Group songs with at least 100k views

  1. Songea Mbele Wakristo
  2. Mlima Nebo
  3. Atashuka Jini
  4. Nimeskikia Wito
  5. Wanifahamu ft Ascah Obegi
  6. Ananipenda
  7. Tumwitegure
  8. Magufuli
  9. Machafuko
  10. Siku Yesu Alifufuka

Msanii Records Kisii songs with at least 40k views

  1. Bwana Ndiye Mchungaji
  2. Rafiki by Msanii
  3. Tulia by Msanii
  4. Hukumu Inatungoja
  5. Tangu Nimjue Yesu (Kurasini SDA Choir)
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More of Msanii Music Group songs and latest albums

  1. Atatenda by Kelsey ft Msanii
  2. Ninaye Rafiki by Rachel Nyarangi
  3. Mungu wa Ishara By Kelsy Kerubo ft Lilian
  4. Huru Kwa Pendo by Kelsy Kerubo
  5. Master The Tempest ft Chiff Elvis Oyoo
  6. Nafsi Yangu by Kelsy Kerubo
  7. Unastahili by Vanessa Atieno
  8. Igwa Ekerero By Hosea
  9. Kilio cha Mnyonge by Joe
  10. Life is Short by Joe Msanii
  11. Nimetambua by Bevon

Msanii Music Chorale boss Joash Nyamongo is forever grateful for your support in the ministry.

How to download Msanii Music Group songs 2021

Latest Msanii Music Group mp3 download audio and video are now available on leading online stores.

These include YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Boom Play, Amazon Music, Shazam, and among others.

The full list of Msanii Music Group songs and latest music videos can brighten the dullest day. These tunes are not only motivating but also a reflection of what God has done and can do in our lives.

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