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Ndizi TV NYOMENDA BIOGRAPHY and real names

Nyomenda biography, age, real name, videos, movies, songs, Instagram, Ndizi TV actress

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Kisii artists continue to make a name for themselves in the media industry. Among the best is Nyomenda Ndizi TV. Now is the perfect time for Nyomenda biography and her life story.

Ndizi TV is a new platform nurturing young and fresh talents from the region. Nyomenda is indeed a lead cast alongside Okiondo, Osoro, and Antivirus.

Ndizi TV Nyomenda profile summary

  • Real name: Chandi Prudence
  • Nickname: Nyomenda
  • Date of birth: late 90s
  • Ndizi TV Nyomenda age: 20s
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Occupation: Actor and singer
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Years active: 2018 to present
  • Relationship status: Single

Chandi Prudence is famous for her amusing role as Nyomenda at Ndizi TV. In addition, she is one of the cutest cast from our favourite Kisii comedy show.

Ndizi TV Nyomenda biography

Ndizi TV NYOMENDA real names
Photo: Ndizi TV Nyomenda . SRC: @prudencechandi

Prudence looks up to Okiondo because he a mentor in her acting career. Besides, she counts on her close cousin Nyakerario for moral and professional support

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Ndizi TV Nyomenda real names Prudence Chandi are not yet common in the public scenes.

Nyomenda education

Prudence Chandi attended Kisii Campus primary school from where she graduated in 2013. Chandi then proceeded to Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi for her secondary studies. She sat for KCSE exams in 2017.

Nyomenda biography indicates she is a Fashion and Design student at the Kisii National Polytechnic (GIT).

Ndizi TV Nyomenda career profile

NYOMENDA Ndizi TV actors
Photo: Nyomenda and Ndizi TV actors . SRC: @prudencechandi

Nyomenda joined the art production industry immediately after her high school studies. Her notable talent continues to spark attention from loyal fans.

Nyomenda is a top cream actor in Ndizi TV 2020 production series. Furthermore, she is one of the youngest talents and fresh graduates pursuing their passion in art.

Nyomenda Ndizi TV videos

  • Nyomenda Becomes a Step Mother
  • Ndizi TV Nyomenda Doesnt Want a Boyfriend
  • Okiondo Amepata Mchawi Aliyemroga Nyomenda
  • Nyomenda Anapea Antivirus Vitu!! – Ndizi Tv Comedy
  • Nyakerario Amerembesha Nyomenda Waende Disco Matanga
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The famous Nyomenda has produced several videos and featured in different inspiring films.

Nyomenda songs

Besides acting, Nyomenda has also proven herself fit in the music industry. The gorgeous Kisii actor has already dropped a few gems.  

  • Nyakerario na Nyomenda Wameweza (Song by Scar Musiq)
  • Nyomenda and Nyakerario Sing to their Ex- BoyFriend: Featuring Scar Musiq

 The two tracks have so far garnered several views on YouTube since launching on the platform.

Ndizi TV cast members

Ndizi TV actors at Manga Hills
Photo: Nyomenda Ndizi TV at Manga Hills . SRC: @prudencechandi

Fans often wish to connect with their favourite stars way from the screens. The website seeks to make this a reality for all Ndizi TV fans.  

Ndizi TV 2021 cast comprises top cream characters from both Kisii and Nyamira counties. Among these are young talents and fresh graduates pursuing their passion.

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Nyomenda accomplishments

When Nyomenda is not on set, she is actively volunteering in community service. She is apparently an active member in the Brothers Keeper team.

The group mainly offers welfare services to the less fortunate in the society including street children and the elderly.

The beautful Nyomenda was also in the list of Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 and 2019.

Nyomenda contacts

Those interested to promote Nyomenda can finally reach her directly through social media

Nyomenda Ndizi TV is a star to watch in 2021. She is a typical Kisii celebrity you will not miss in latest Ndizi TV videos and movies. Most important, Nyomenda biography brings out an actor with deep founded passion in the showbiz industry.  

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