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Photo: Blogger Onyango Robert Alai biography, age, CV, wiki, education, career, contacts, and net worth . SRC: @robertalai

Robert Alai biography (blogger), age, CV, wife, wiki, education, family, contacts and net worth

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Robert Alai is everything from a blogger to an information technology personality with exceeding online presence. He is not your ordinary social justice activist on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to name a few. Away from his rocky blogging landscape is an interesting life journey. We are talking about Robert Alai biography with a focus on his age, wife, children, CV, family background, and wealth.

Controversial bloggers often suffer in the hands of the ruling class but that is hardly the case for Robert Alai. He seems to have mastered a rare approach of picking disputes and settling them without fear. More so, Alai is tactical on who and when to strike with a scandal. Coming up is a summary of his untold life story.

Onyango Robert Alai profiles summary

  • Real name: Robert Alai Onyango
  • Popularly: Robert Alai
  • Date of birth: November 11, 1979
  • Place of birth: Ahero (Sondu), Kisumu County
  • Robert Alai age: 43 years old
  • Ethnicity: Luo tribe
  • County: Kisumu County
  • Robert Alai wife: Beverly Madowo
  • Blogger Robert Alai children: 1
  • Robert Alai daughter: Yucabeth
  • Years active: 2002 to date
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Career: Tech Mtaa and Kahawa Tungu founder

Robert Alai Onyango is famous for starting Tech Mtaa blog website and later Kahawa Tungu where he frequently posts trendy human interest stories.

Blogger Onyango Robert Alai biography with pictures 

Founder and CEO of Kahawa Tungu Robert Alai wife Beverly Madowo, and daughter Yucabeth
Photo: CEO of Kahawa Tungu Robert Alai wife Beverly Madowo, and daughter Yucabeth . SRC:

Onyango Robert Alai is among the most influential Kenyans with exceeding followership on social media.

He is a bold man with an opinion and the guts to say it without compromise. An upcoming scoop of his profile facts confirms it all.  

Who is Robert Alai?

Alai is an experienced Kahawa Tungu blogger, cyber activist, and a technology minded Kenyan professional.

He maintains a legacy of attacking corrupt leaders and fighting on behalf of the voiceless.

How old is Robert Alai?

Onyango Robert Alai age is 43 years as of 2023. Alai celebrates his birthday on 11th November.

Life begins at forty and Robert Alai has clearly started his own with a stable internet career.

Robert Alai tribe, ethnicity, nationality

Blogger Robert Alai Onyango is of the Luo tribe also Jaluo, born and raised in Ahero. He belongs to the Lake Nilote subgroup of Nyanza in the western parts of Kenya.   

Alai is fluent in Dholuo language as well as Swahili and English. His LinkedIn profile includes French.

He is of the same ethnic background with popular personalities such as Miguna Miguna, Timmy Tdat, and Khaligraph Jones.

Similarly, he shares a background with big wigs such as professor Anyang Nyong’o, and PM Raila Amollo Odinga.

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Most importantly he shares his ancestry with the former US president, Barack Obama.

Robert Alai education, CV, qualifications

Onyango Robert Alai started schooling at Boya primary school and later Onjiko Primary schools.

Excellent marks in KCPE exams qualified Alai into Onjiko Boys high school.

Soon after, he joined Lela secondary school from where he sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 1998.

He brags a straight A-plain in Mathematics with a mean grade of B-plain in his KCSE examinations.

Tertiary education

Alai first enrolled for a diploma in Information Management before proceeding to take up more professional courses.

  • 2000 – 2001: Diploma in ICT, Computer Software and Hardware, at AVU – Kenyatta University (world bank sponsored)
  • 2000 – 2002: Diploma in ICT, System Analysis and Design at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies
  • 2001 – 2002: Higher Diploma, Management of Information Systems at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies
  • 2005 – 2008: Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer technology from the United States International University

While at USIU, Alai was active in cultural exchange programmes and student leadership.

Special skills licences and certification

Alai is an experienced Kenyan blogger with the following merits in his career.

  • Strong marketing and influencing skills
  • Administration and Management expertise
  • Skilled in databases, data center, and HTML
  • Information technology and services professional

Onyango, Robert Alai remains the most trusted Kenyan blogger of our day.

Robert Alai family background and relationships

Blogger Alai has previously shared intimate details about his close relatives.  

Blogger Robert Alai parents, who are they?

Robert Alai father is Mr Samson Onyango Alai while his mother is Julia Onyango. His dad was a disciplinarian school inspector.

Unfortunately, the vocal activist lost Mama Julia in 1990 following a grisly road accident along the busy Sondu – Ahero road.

The young Alai was in class four at the time of losing a mother.

Robert Alai biography on brothers and sisters

Alai comes from a polygamous family of 3 wives and 25 children.

His mother had nine children in which Alai is the fifth born.

Robert Alai wife Beverly Madowo

Mrs Beverly Madowo is the wife of Robert Alai of Kahawa Tungu blog.

She is the queen behind his ground breaking energy and enthusiasm; the couple is truly admirable.

Blogger Robert Alai daughter Yucabeth

 Robert Alai and wife Beverly Madowo have a lovely five year old daughter, Yucabeth, whom they sired in mid-2015.

Alai welcomed his firstborn child with a Twitter hashtag, #WelcomeAlaijunior.

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Robert Alai blogging career history

Robert Alai Wikipedia page indicate that he joined the career mainstream in 2002; while ongoing with studies at KU and USIU.

Professional career and CV

Alai has travelled wide and worked in the following institutions.

  • 2001 – 2002: IT trainee (internship) at Telkom Kenya
  • 2001-2002: System administrator at Software Application Limited
  • 2002 – 2003: Hardware and software assistant at Telkom Kenya
  • 2003 Mar/Oct: Computer technician at Belcom CT Kenya Ltd
  • 2003 – 2004: ICT administrator at Kamnett Ltd
  • 2004 Mar/Sep: System administrator at ML ComputerNet
  • 2004 – 2007: Logistics assistant at MONUSCO, Tanzania

These rare opportunities exposed Alai to the art of business and human relations among other primary skills.

How Alai became an influential blogger

Post-election violence 2007 Kenya presented Alai with an opportunity to shine in the media space.

Robert Alai’s informative Tweets attracted a huge following turning him into a celebrated figure.

Blogger Alai stood out as a reliable source with up to date information on what was happening across Kenya.

He used a similar strategy to succeed on other social media platforms.

Witnessing post election violence in Kenya 2007

The bloody violence of Kibera were clearly visible from Alai’s roof at Ngumo.

He has previously revealed witnessing the beheadings within close range.

Since most media houses were offline, Robert Alai seized the opportunity and helped in spreading useful info.

Furthermore, he started a campaign that ended up raising at least Ksh. 4 million for the aiding of post-election victims.

He used the amount to hire 34 buses with an intention of rescuing stuck Kenyans, especially in places such as Kondele, Mumias, and Kitale.

The whole experience not only inspired but also prepared him for the hard task ahead in his career life.

Robert Alai biography on businesses and brands

Alai is a born entrepreneur having initiated a long string of business brands under his name.

2006: Kazi Africa (sold)

Robert Alai started this mailing list company, registered it, earned thousands of subscribers, and eventually sold it at a good pay.

The platform helped thousands of job seekers to connect with potential employers.

2008: Bidii Africa

After Kazi Africa came Bidii Africa, another mailing list company that attracted more than 39,000 subscribers before long.

The company pulled in a wave of events and lucrative job offers for its founder.

Robert recalls sending mails that attracted thousands of replies. Unavoidable circumstances ended up closing Bidii Africa.

2009: My African Career

Robert Alai’s company helped job seekers in writing their CVs.

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In addition, it helped employers with posting their opportunities ahead of recruitments.

Alai sold off the company to an investor, who allegedly failed to maintain its operations. founder and CEO Alai

Robert Alai started in November 2009. He initially reviewed new technologies but has since added more services.

He started the site to complement a business in which he was offering computer solutions among them troubleshooting hardware problems.

The website is lately defunct with not much updates on its design and content. blog owner Robert Alai

Alai started the famous Kahawa Tungu blog website in 2013 and has steadily ballooned its monthly readership to at least a million.

The site is a hub of all Kenyan news with a hard blow on cartels and corrupt executives.

From rags to the top in just 10 years

Robert Alai initially stayed in a two bedroom house at Majengo in Calif, Nairobi.

He later relocated to Ngumo, before relocating to a more leafy estate within the city.

Alai’s later success has transformed him from a skin boy to a masculine man on our twitter feed.

Blogger Robert Alai tweets are now far much more compelling that he could have imagined a few years ago.

Robert Alai arrested, controversies and mentions

Alai is by far the most famous Kenyan blogger with no limits on his attacks and controversies.

Blogger Alai has successfully dragged popular names such as Caroline Mutoko, and Akothee.

Finally, Robert Alai Karen Nyamu is another heated exchange that ended in social media injuries.

Robert Alai net worth and salary info

Blogger Robert Alai earns at least Ksh. 400,000 from his blogging sites including and

He pockets some more income from direct contact deals and related business involvements.

For this reason, Robert Alai net worth is about Ksh. 100 million as of today

Onyango Robert Alai biography on contacts

  • Phone number: +254708 677607
  • Email address:

Alai remains the most dynamic social justice fighter with a soft spot on the ruling Jubilee party. Reach him for a conversation and further inquiries.

Onyango Robert Alai biography simplifies the idea of success in blogging. It tells of a man who can do anything to make sure that justice is served to all. Above all, Robert Alai is a happy family man with a beautiful and supportive wife by his side.

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