Robert Nyabwari Biography

Robert Nyabwari Biography: 7 Profile Facts about Robe Ebundi Alias Nyanchama – Moving to the USA

Robert Nyabwari biography speaks about the most successful Kisii comedians of our time. Detailed below are rare profile facts about US-based Robe Ebundi.

Born in the late 80s, Robe Ebundi aged about 35 years is already a conversation starter in the world of fame.

7 Profile facts in Robert Nyabwari biography

Robert developed a deep interest in music and art while he was still a young boy. He would nurture the skill alongside a time-intensive professional career.

Who is Robe Ebundi?

1. Robe Ebundi real name is Robert Nyabwari

Robert Nyabwari coined the nickname Robe Ebundi to befit his engagement as a jokester.

He is also famed with other characters such as Sweet Moyo and Nyachama.Elsewhere, he enjoys a good relationship with Omochweria Agusu Agusu.

2. He is a firstborn son

Born in Masimba within Kisii County, Robert Nyabwari is the firstborn son with younger brothers and sisters.

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On moving to the US, he became the family breadwinner. He has since educated his siblings and elevated the living standards of his mother.

3. He won a USA Green Card in 2009

Going to the United States was a result of luck for Robert Nyabwari. He recalls taking random photos while in high school and later receiving a phone call that he had won the green card lottery.

“Ile watu wanakuja shule wanapiga mapicha and they sell. Later, wanakuja kukupigia eti ohh uko na green card (People would come to school and take photos for selling, then later on, you are called being told you have won the Green Card). That’s how I got my green card.”

Robe Ebundi.

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On clearing his KCSE exams, Robe relocated to the USA in 2009.

4. First Job was a casual laborer at Walmart Supermarket

Speaking to Mkenya Marekani TV, Robe intimated some of the initial struggles he endures besides cultural shock.

His first job as a truck off-loader at Walmart Supermarket is perhaps the most difficult in his 15 years of stay in the USA.

5. Robe Ebundi is a Registered Nurse in the USA

After five years of stay in the US, Robe enrolled in a nursing college with the hope of becoming a medic.

He eventually graduated amid struggles of juggling work with classes to afford monthly bills.

6. He is a gospel artist turned content creator

Robe Ebundi was initially a determined gospel artist before his skill in entertainment took precedence.

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He gradually became a content creator when followers started requesting more of his reels and comic videos.

7. His love for music started with playing keyboard

An SDA by faith, Robe Ebundi learned to play the keyboard in a local SDA church.

He progressed to record his first album before a US opportunity came knocking.

The biography of Robert Nyabwari popularly called Robe Ebundi amplifies the life of a determined Kenyan in the United States. As we speak, he is accepting event invitations having already toured Iowa, Minnesota, and Washington DC.

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