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Hon Onyiego, Silvanus Osoro biography and Simba Arati fight

Hon Silvanus Osoro biography, age, wife, family, profile, MP South Mugirango wealth, contacts

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Hon Silvanus Osoro is a prominent Kenyan politician with a wealth of experience in business and governance. He remains an influential public figure in mainstream politics. For this reason, the former Nairobi street boy is a personality of interest within and outside Kisii County. Supporters are now keen on Silvanus Osoro biography details such as age, family, and profile.

The life story of Silvanus Osoro is both motivating and inspiring to most people struggling like he was a few years back. No one knew that he would rise to become a professional and a well-respected leader. Top facts about Silvanus Osoro family background and political profile will interest you.

Hon Silvanus Osoro profiles summary

  • Real name: Silvanus Osoro Onyiego
  • Popularly: Silvanus Osoro
  • Date of birth: May, 1987
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • Place of birth: Kisii
  • Sylvanus Osoro age: 37 years
  • Ethnicity: Kisii
  • County: Kisi County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Silvanus Osoro wife: Stellah Osoro
  • Silvanus Osoro children: 3 sons
  • Years active: 2010
  • Silvanus Osoro father: Meshack Onyiego
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Net worth: Ksh. 200 million
  • Occupation:  Accountant, lawyer, politician

Silvanus Osoro is famous for his role as a South Mugirango Member of Parliament. He is also a founding managing director at Pitch Face Group Limited.

Silvanus Osoro biography with photos  

Hon Sylvanus Osoro biography facts age, wife, and children
Photo: Hon Sylvanus Osoro, MP . SRC: @OsoroSylvanus

The Kisii leader is a bright personality in the political class.

How old is Silvanus Osoro? Born in May 1987, Silvanus Osoro age is 37 years as of 2024.

Osoro parents – father and mother

The legislature is son to a couple of hardworking parents, Meshack Onyiego and Sarah Kemunto.

His father worked as a secondary school teacher, and the mother a nurse at Bomet County’s Kaplong Hospital.

Osoro brothers and sisters

Honorable Osoro is a fifth born in a family of six siblings. Among these are three sisters and two other brothers.

Hon Sylvanus Osoro biography reveals that he lost both parents at age 9, within a duration of 4 months. The unfortunate turn of events threw the family into a dark spell.

Silvanus Osoro life story – childhood

Relatives vowed to take good care of the orphaned Osoro and his siblings. On the contrary, most of those who absorbed them never kept their promises.

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A businessperson-uncle took Osoro, but fate had its plan. The uncle eventually faced a jail term of 6 years, making it difficult for his wife to sustain his wellbeing.

Going without food forced Silvanus into the streets. For the next five months, Osoro slept on the pavements and survived at the mercy of well-wishers.

Luckily, another uncle traced him back while the host uncle was in jail. A neighbour sponsored him to join Kihara Primary School.

Osoro attended classes for one month before freeing to stay with another uncle at Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums.

Life in the new slums was no different. The guardian uncle introduced Osoro to his scrap metal business.

Silvanus Osoro biography further indicates that he fled to Kericho alongside a younger brother. The dual hid at the back of a matatu bus and miraculously made it to their destination.

A tea estate senior manager uncle welcomed Osoro warmly, but his wife remained cold at their coming.

It is at Kericho that his life normalized despite family challenges. The uncle enrolled Osoro at school and allowed him to work as a tea picker.

Silvanus Osoro education

  • Kihara Primary School –one month
  • 1995-2002: Chemasingi Primary School -406 marks out of 500
  • Kamungei Secondary School –one term
  • Nyabigena Secondary School -three terms
  • 2003-2006: Hill Secondary School –B+
  • Strathmore University -CPA I and CPA II
  • 2014-2017: Mount Kenya University –Bachelor of Law

Emerging top in KCSE within the district earned Silvanus a place at Kapsabet Boys High School.

His aunt at Kericho influenced Osoro’s uncle not to pay his high school fees.

Instead, relatives who had pocketed a fair share of his father’s wealth enrolled him at Kamungei Secondary School.

Osoro dropped out of Kamungei Secondary within the first term for lack of school fees. He fell back at the hands of his grandfather.

Circumstances forced Osoro to settle into the Mandazi business enabling him to take another step in life.

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Osoro going back to school

The courageous Osoro made a move to Nyabigena Secondary School, where he received an admission.

A relative bursar at the school helped Osoro to receive meal cards and other personal needs.

Unfortunately, the godsend bursar died in his third term at Nyabigena. Osoro dropped out of school once again and moved back to Kisii Town.

An aunt welcomed him for a stay during which he borrowed books for private studies as he trained to weld.

The Good Samaritan

Osoro’s life changed when he met a family friend who had no clue about his parents’ passing.

The friend admitted Osoro into his Kisii Town-based Hill Secondary School at no fee.

The scholarship opportunity from Moenga Onchweri forever changed Osoro’s life. He sat for KCSE exams in 2005 and excelled.

The popular University of Nairobi accepted him for a Bachelor of Education degree, but he had another dream in Commerce studies.

Osoro choosing to hustle instead of college

Osoro moved to Nairobi, where he worked as a newspaper vendor alongside Bunyala Road.

He recalls selling at a standard rate of Ksh. 100 a day with a commission of Ksh. 5 per paper. On average he could sell up to 1000 papers a day.

At the time, Osoro lived in Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums where he paid Ksh. 600 for house rent despite the fact that he was making Ksh. 5,000 a day.

Besides, he saved some more for selling clothes at the Gikomba market.

The business empowered Osoro to complete CPA I and CPA II. He later enrolled at MKU for law studies.

Silvanus Osoro businesses

The Kisii politician launched Pitch Face Group Limited in 2010. The business has since grown to become a trusted regional brand for fast-moving consumer goods.

The latest stats indicate that Osoro’s company houses thousands of sales representatives.

Silvanus Osoro MP South Mugirango

Silvanus Osoro MP South Mugirango
Photo: MP South Mugirango, Silvanus Osoro . SRC: @OsoroSylvanus

South Mugirango election results 2017 crowned Osoro with the legislature position.

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He is now eyeing the Kisii County governor seat come 2027. Also, he has hinted at his ambition to run for the top seat in 2037.

Silvanus Osoro party is the Kenya National congress of 1991. The youthful Kisii leader became an MP under the KNC ticket.

Silvanus Osoro wife and children

The legislature is a husband to the gorgeous Stellah Osoro from Meru County. Even so, not much info is available about Silvanus Osoro wife.

Osoro Junior and Prince Meshack are among Osoro’s children.

Silvanus Osoro wealth, salary, influence

DP William Ruto and Silvanus Osoro contacts
Photo: DP William Ruto and Silvanus Osoro . SRC: @OsoroSylvanus

Osoro takes home more than 1m every month with a fair share of this lump sum streaming from his MP position.

He has previously hinted a turnover of about 50 million a month in Pitch Face Group Limited.

However, Silvanus Osoro salary and net worth facts are not yet public.

Silvanus Osoro Simba Arati fight

The two members of parliaments engaged in a heated confrontation at a funeral function in Kisii.

The fight broke at the home of Kisii deputy governor Joash Mangi. Arati and Silvanus were among others who had flocked in to say the last prayers for Maangi’s father Mzee Abel Gongera.

Arati’s uncensored comments against the deputy president William Ruto of the UDA Party Kenya angered Silvanus Osoro beyond control.

The fierce exchange attracted national attention, with many blaming a widening rift between BBI report supporters and those against constitutional changes.

Raila Amollo Odinga is among those who were present when the Dagoretti North Member of Parliament exchanged blows with Osoro Silvanus of South Mugirango.

Silvanus Osoro contacts

Connect with the MP today for more information and inquiries.

There is so much to admire about Silvanus Osoro biography and his uprising. The worst in his childhood is now a history of long ago. Osoro remains steadfast with the unbroken spirit of a fearless leader.

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