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Photo: Governor Simba Arati Net Worth & Monthly Salary . SRC: @SimbaArati

Simba Arati Net Worth: Monthly Salary, Palatial Homes, Expensive Cars & Multimillion Properties

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Governor Simba Arati is a stinking rich man with several investments and a seven-figure salary on his payroll. Apart from politics, he is a toughened executive with a landslide following. We take a closer look at Simba Arati net worth.

Born and raised in Gusiiland, Simba Arati is a force to reckon with at the national level. He continues to excite netizens with his firm political standing and unending cash flow.

Governor Simba Arati net worth

Hon Paul Simba Arati Cars, Businesses, & Properties
Photo: Hon Paul Simba Arati Cars, Businesses, & Properties . SRC: @SimbaArati

The net worth of Simba Arati is about Ksh. 300 million. He has amassed wealth from senior positions of power and a vast empire of business.

Initial reports show that he is a luxurious homeowner in the leafy Kileleshwa Estate, Nairobi. Besides, Arati prides a palatial mansion in his ancestral home, Motonto Village, within Kisii County.

Governor Arati who previously sold Sukuma Wiki along the dusty streets of Nairobi City is now a serial property owner in major cities across the country. A fleet of fuel-guzzler cars says no less about his high net-worth empire.

SRC reports show that Simba Arati salary is Ksh. 924,000 per month; he earns some more from five-figure allowances.

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The father of two children is the husband to an Asian wife with roots in China where Arati completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business management.

Some sources say that Arati’s Chinese father-in-law is a prominent man in the Republic of China.

Arati’s political star started shining following a historic nomination as councillor by Raila Odinga. He became even more popular with heroic fist-fight tactics against South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro.

He later became Dagoretti North Member of Parliament before succeeding Governor James Omariba Ongwae as Governor.

On the other hand, first lady Kwamboka is determined to eradicate jiggers and poverty among residents.

Hon Simba Arati in Kisii County Politics

Arati’s unceasing wealth flooded every Kisii village in the past elections. He later appeared in the headlines for diverting Ksh. 57 million that was meant for his inauguration ceremony.

“We did the calculations together and brought the budget from Ksh.57 million down to Ksh.3.5 million.  They wanted to acquire a new vehicle for the governor and deputy governor at a cost of Ksh.33 million, Ksh.7 million to renovate offices, Ksh.6 million to construct the governor’s residence and Ksh.10 million for tomorrow’s event.”

His Excellency, Simba Arati.

On slashing the budget to Ksh.3.5 million, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) affiliated governor channelled the excess to meaningful projects on his manifesto.

“The budget that had been set aside for assumption of office after my election was Ksh.57 million. I have slashed it to Ksh.3.5 million. It will only be higher by Ksh. 600,000 because of the TV advertisements they had already placed and for live coverage.”

Governor Simba Arati.

The inauguration budget included the following requirements;

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2 Cars33 million
Office renovations6 million
Residence renovations7 million
Ceremony10 million
Totals57 million

Reducing the budget by at least 1500% made history for sure.

Speaking to the press, Governor Simba Arati revealed the main reason why he flagged down the budget from Ksh. 57 million to Ksh. 3.5 million.

“I cannot spend Ksh.57 million when hospitals and dispensaries in the county have no medicine and residents of Kisii do not have water.”

Kisii County boss, Arati.

Locals were particularly impressed by Arati’s gesture with people’s interests at heart.

“I said no. I have a vehicle. I cannot put it aside and ask for a new one. Let me use mine. I can even fuel it as long as the residents of Kisii benefit. My deputy can use the vehicle that the former governor was using incase he has no vehicle. We have cars, so let that Ksh.33 million be redirected to proper use.”

Governor Simba Arati.

The governor who has been running his duties from the iconic Gusii Stadium had this to answer on the official residence question.

“The outgoing governor was living in a rented house. For that case, I will not move into that premises I will wait until the Governor’s residence is constructed.”

Governor Simba Arati.

For the record, Arati cares for the people as much as he cares for his speedily ballooning wealth.

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Governor Simba Arati net worth spells fame and power at their best. As we speak, he is the man poised for a Kingpin in Nyanza region politics.

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