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Photo: Top profile facts in Vicky Young biography and life story . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

10 Profile Facts in Vicky Young Biography, Age, CV, Family, Tribe, Ensanako Contacts, and Wealth

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MC Vicky Young Ensanako is a sensational Gusii artist now taking the art of local music to another level. He is particularly famous for releasing viral tracks such as Chinkondi and Chiconnection. Vicky Young biography confirms it all with a special focus on his untold life story and latest hit songs.

The superstar Kisii musician is climbing higher on the charts of fame. As a result, a single cough on the mic is enough to invite applauses from excited supporters. Our pleasure of sharing the profile of Vicky Young goes on.

10 Profile facts in Ensanako Vicky Young biography

MC Vicky Young Ensanako CV, family, contacts, and YouTube wealth
Photo: MC Vicky Young Ensanako CV, family, contacts, and YouTube wealth . SRC: @vickyoung_ensanako

The young and talented Vicky young Ensanako came to the limelight a few years ago but has already overtaken your favourite stars.

How he has managed to win a huge following from across the world reveal a talent so fine to the ear. Who is Vicky Young Ensanako?

1. MC Vicky Young age is about 27 years as of 2023

Vicky Young is still young and fresh in the industry with a label so bog for his age.

The star singer born in the mid-90s celebrates his birthday on June 21st. Therefore, his zodiac sign is Gemini.

Even so, he has not shared about his born year and childhood experiences.

2. Vicky Young biography on real names

Chinkondi hitmaker Vicky Young prefers using the stage name Ensanako in his rhythmic tracks.

However, his official names are Victor Orwachi Maina.

3. His tribe is Kisii with originality in Nyamira County

The multi-talented Vicky Young is of the Kisii tribe with an ancestral home in Bundo Village in Ekerenyo Sub County, Nyamira County.

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Furthermore, MC Vicky is a Kenyan national by birth, presently residing within the vicinity of Kisii Town.

4. Biography of Vicky Young family with 7 siblings

Family background records show that Vicky young is a sixth born in a family of 7 siblings and a couple of supportive parents.

Ensanako who spent much of his childhood at Ekerenyo moved to Nairobi City in his middle life in search of an education.  

The singer is yet to share intimate details about his brothers, sisters, parents, and sassy girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Vicky believes that Nyamira County is a spring of new possibilities in the region.

5. Vicky Young is a relative to the famous Charles Nyagwoka

The famous traditional Kisii musician Charles Nyagwoka is an uncle to Vicky Young Ensanako.

He has already confessed that Charles Nyagwoka and his mother are blood siblings.

For this reason, Vicky Young admired and adopted Nyagwoka’s singing style as a child.

He would later rediscover his music talent with a signature rap in Kisii urban music.

6. A dream of becoming a priest ended in high school

Most students who pass through Pope Benedict xvi Minor Seminary at Masongo in Kisii County end up priests but that did not happen for Vicky Young.

A singing talent saw him proceeding to college instead of a priesthood institution.

7. He is an ongoing student at the Kenya Methodist University

Victor Orwachi Vicky Young education history shows that he is knowledgeable.

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He started schooling at St. Mathews Gekendo primary school. Thereafter, he joined Pope Benedict xvi Minor Seminary at Masongo for his high school years.  

Good KCSE grades qualified Vicky Young into the Kenya Methodist University, Nairobi Campus.

The artist who is ongoing with a Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management is on the eve of his graduation.  

Besides, he is an alumna of the University of Nairobi where he pursued a short course.

8. Vicky Young biography on seizing fame with the song Chinkondi

Victor Orwachi Maina is famous for releasing entertaining and relaxing songs such as Chinkondi, Chiconnection, and Titi Nkorundi.

The viral track Chinkondi with millions of views on YouTube is the main reason why Vicky Young is a notable Kisii artist.

He dropped the banger within months of collaborating with Miggy Champ in the song Noraita.

Vicky Young allegedly obtained the name Chinkondi from an uncle, who overused it in ordinary conversations.

In a recent interview on Prophecy Audiovisual TV, Ensanako revealed that Chinkondi means a tricky person who cannot be trusted.

9. Vickyoung Ensanako YouTube and media pages are lit

Ensanako has exceeded 50k subscribers on YouTube with several followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Most of his YouTube videos have at least 100k views with a few above 1 million views in the wake of 2022.

Handles to Ensanako social media pages are as follows;

  • Vicky Young Twitter: @VickyoungM
  • Instagram page: @vickyoung_ensanako
  • Vicky Young Facebook: @Vickyoung-Ensanako
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Ensanako who has been actively involved in music since 2018 is no doubt the most followed Kisii artist today.

10. Ensanako is a career musician and businessman

Musician Vicky young is also a songwriter, composer, and skilful businessman.

How he has been juggling between classes, music, and business is mind-blowing.

MC Vicky Young biography on a successful music career 

Vickyoung Ensanako is part of the reasons why Kisii songs 2023 are making headlines outside the region.

That is especially because he is ahead of the rest in recording timeless and family-friendly music.

Vicky Young biography reveals that he is a notorious artist with several supporters by his side.

Trending Vicky Young Ensanako songs

The list of songs by Vicky Young is long but here are the best.

  1. Chinkondi
  2. Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy Champ
  3. Ebesa Eborete
  4. Chimbekere Bweri
  5. Naanchire (Komokomo)
  6. Chiconnection
  7. Esuguku
  8. Baibe
  9. Twarure Atambe

Support the artist before proceeding to the Vicky Young songs download tab.

Overall, Kisii songs mix are never without Vicky Young albums hit songs.

MC Vicky Young Ensanako contacts

  • Phone number: +254715112888
  • Email:

The musician is available on his contact line and social media for endorsements, booking, signing, and new projects.

Vicky Young biography speaks about his rising from a village boy to a role model singer in Kisii and Nyamira counties. Luckily, Ensanako latest songs are only getting better.

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