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Ndizi TV actors real names, owner, latest episodes, videos, comedy, movies downloads, contacts

Ndizi TV actors 2020

We all love the comic hype that comes with Ndizi TV actors and an endless playlist of their latest episodes. Go ahead and scoop everything about Ndizi TV 2020 celebrities, latest videos, founders, and more.


Forget Churchill Show because Kisii comedy is here to crack up your ribs in both local and national languages. Ndizi TV latest videos prove that the banana republic is going viral in the comedy industry.

Ndizi TV owner and co-founders

Ndizi TV owner Sammy Samora Kibagendi, Osoro, and Kemuto
Photo: Osoro, Sammy Samora Kibagendi, and Kemuto . SRC: @SteavemomanyiOsoro

Sammy Samora Kibagendi and Osoro the Actor are co-founders of this notorious Kisii Comedy show. Kemunto is also part of the earliest birds in the Ndizi TV cast.

Ndizi TV actors real names

There are tens of talented actors in the cast. Ndizi TV actors names, profiles and bio information are now within reach.

1. Okiondo

Ndizi TV Okiondo names Hannington Matoke
Photo: Miggy Champ and Okiondo (Hannington Matoke) . SRC: Instagram.com

He is a Kisii celebrity to watch in 2021. Okiondo the actor has been in the industry for more than a decade now. Apart from acting, Okiondo is a comedian, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur. Among top Okiondo videos include the following.

  • Okiondo Ameharibia Soja Deal
  • Okiondo Anamkataa Moraa Kama Pepo Mbaya

Ndizi TV Okiondo real names are Hannington Matoke. The star comes from Nyangena in Kisii County, where he lives now. Okiondo is an alumnus of Itierio mixed secondary school and Nyanchwa high school.  

2. Osoro the Actor

Ndizi TV Osoro names Steve Momanyi Mokaya
Photo: Osoro (Steve Momanyi Mokaya) . SRC: Facebook.com

Sources indicate that he is one of the Ndizi TV founders and shareholders. He now works as Marketing Director for the team. His videos ad movies include.

  • Osoro Amepatikana Na Mtoto wa Okiondo Ndani Ya Miti – ndizi tv- funniest clips
  • Osoro Amepatikana Na Mtoto wa Okiondo Ndani Ya Miti – ndizi tv- funniest clips

Ndizi TV Osoro real names are Steve Momanyi Mokaya. He is a son to Reuben Mokaya and a Tanzanian mother called Doro Matemu.

Osoro is the fifth born in a family of seven siblings from Rioga, Mosobeti, Nyamira County.

3. Bochaberi

Ndizi TV Bochaberi names Nancy Nyanchoka Nyabuto
Photo: Bochaberi (Nancy Nyanchoka Nyabuto) . SRC: Instagram.com

Antivirus and Bochaberi Ndizi TV are typical actors you will not miss in local scenes. The actress is a favourite in these videos.

  • Bochaberi Ameacha Antivirus Amerudi Kwa Soko
  • Okiondo Amevamiwa na Bochaberi- Ndizi TV -Latest Kisii Comedy

Ndizi TV Bochaberi real names are Nancy Nyanchoka Nyabuto. She is a successful actor and businessperson, now a single mother of one.

4. Antivirus Papa

Ndizi TV Papa Antivirus names Andrew Momanyi Omwenga
Photo: Papa Antivirus (Andrew Momanyi Omwenga) . SRC: Facebook.com

He is one of the most famous Kisii actors, now a household name in Ndizi TV videos and movies. Antivirus Papa videos include the following

  • 19 Antivirus Anaokoa Bosibori
  • 21 Antivirus Amepata Babake Akiomba Bosibori

Ndizi TV Papa Antivirus real names are Andrew Momanyi Omwenga. However, he is more popular with the stage name.

The 25-year-old Kisii actor comes from Ngokoro, Kegogi, in Marani Kisii County. He is an alumnus of the Kisii National Polytechnic, where he majored in Electrical Engineering.

5. Kemunto

Ndizi TV Kemunto names Naomi Kemunto Mabeya
Photo: Kemunto (Naomi Kemunto Mabeya) . SRC: Facebook.com

The famous Kemunto from Ndizi TV is among the founding actors in the group. Besides, she founder of Gusii Nation Media Services. Kemunto’s videos include the following.

  • Osoro on a Date with Kemunto – Ndizi TV comedy
  • Osoro na Kemunto Wanapanga Njama ya Kuhamisha Gesare

Ndizi TV Kemunto real names are Naomi Kemunto Mabeya. She is an alumnus of Kenyatta University, where she studied Public Health between 2016 and 2019.

6. Banchiri

Banchiri names Dorothy Nyandieka
Photo: Banchiri (Dorothy Nyandieka) . SRC: Facebook.com

The actor is one of the fastest upcoming Kisii artists under the Ndizi TV label. She has made stunning appearances in Ndizi TV videos and movies, including the following.

  • Amatunda Yobwansu Part 1
  • Osoro N’amatunda Yobwansu – ndizi tv – (full movie)

Ndizi TV Banchiri real names are Dorothy Nyandieka. She is a graduate of Kisii University, where she majored in Education Arts (English-Literature).

Besides acting and acting as a vixen, the 25-year-old Banchiri is a creative content writer on her Kenyan Moves website.

7. Sigara

Sigara names Magdalene Nyanganyi Moseti
Photo: Sigara (Magdalene Nyanganyi Moseti) . SRC: Facebook.com

The renowned Sigara went professional in her acting career in 2018. She has since kept her star shining in both videos and set books.

  • Sigara na Antivirus Ndani ya Miti
  • Visanga za Okiondo na Sigara – Ndizi TV – best kisii comedy

Ndizi TV Sigara real names are Magdalene Nyanganyi Moseti. She comes from Nyansiongo, Esikimu, where she also spent much of her childhood.

She attended St. Peters Elite and later St. Andrew Kaggwa for her secondary education. Sigara is now ongoing with business studies.

8. Makumba

Makumba names Joe Mauti Nchaga
Photo: Makumba (Joe Mauti Nchaga) . SRC: Facebook.com

The multitalented Makumba is one of the best Kisii male actors of our time. He first became a professional actor in 2013 and later went on to specialise in journalism studies.

  • Makumba Meets Nyomenda FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!
  • Makumba Teaches Antivirus A Lesson – Ndizi TV – Latest Comedy

Ndizi TV Makumba real names are Joe Mauti Nchaga. Makumba first scooped an award in 2009 when he was still in high school. The actor gives credit to his drama teacher Caleb Nyangwono for spotting and nurturing the talent in him.

9. Nyomenda

Nyomenda names Prudence Chandi
Photo: Nyomenda (Prudence Chandi) . SRC: Facebook.com

The specially gifted Nyomenda is one of the best Kisii female actors in 2021. She joined Ndizi TV in 2019 and has since been making steady progress.

  • Nyomenda Becomes a Step Mother
  • Nyakerario Amerembesha Nyomenda Waende Disco Matanga

Ndizi TV Nyomenda real names are Prudence Chandi. She is current a Fashion and Design student at the Kisii National Polytechnic (GIT).

More Ndizi TV celebrities

  • Faith
  • Ayubu
  • Sabina
  • Gesare
  • Getamutamu

The group is a favourite Kisii comedy central show for everyone on YouTube.

Abana Smart comedy actors

Young actors actively producing minor-friendly content include the following.

  • Onchiri
  • Ontomini

The dual is barely ten years old but far ahead in the game of theatre productions.

Facts about Ndizi TV owner, actors, cast, and videos

Ndizi TV latest episodes are doing well in the industry if YouTube views are anything to go by. As a result, the group is now drawing attention with more fans wanting to learn about its composition.

Many are particularly hunting for the real names and profiles of their favorite Ndizi TV actors and actresses.

1. Filmmaker Samora Kibagendi and Osoro are co-founders

Samora Kibagendi Ndizi TV co-founders
Photo: Sammy Samora Kibagendi and Osoro the Actor . SRC: UGC

Did you know that Sammy Samora Kibagendi is a co-founder of the famous Ndizi TV? The filmmaker takes pride in the success that the group is recording.

Samora’s Ndizi TV group houses the best artists from the region. He recalls starting up with help from a high school friend, “Osoro,” now an actor.

SAmora’s dream to work in the art industry was not welcome because his family thought him best as a medic or teacher.

2. Ndizi TV was born in the Kikuyu area, Nairobi

Samora tactfully convinced his parents to join Multimedia University for film production studies. He later started working as a producer upon his graduation.

Osoro and Kibagendi eventually reunited at Kikuyu in Nairobi, where the idea of Ndizi struck their minds. Ndizi TV drama production house and Ekegusii comedy hub is the first of its kind in the larger Kisii.

3.  Ndizi TV DVDs first came out in 2015

Samora and Osoro implemented the film idea and started selling their first CDs in 2015. The duo mainly used social media and street sales strategies to market their content .

The dual has since improved video and movie production quality thanks to their dedicated team of actors and actresses.

4. The group has gained about 100k subscribers

It is barely five years, but Ndizi TV Channel has already scooped over one hundred thousand subscribers.

In addition, their YouTube channel has recorded over 20 million views from viral short videos, movies, and teasing stories.

5. Abana Smart comedy actors are part of Ndizi TV

Ndizi TV Abana smart comedy
Photo: Abana smart comedy actors . SRC: Ndizi TV

It is not hard to figure out why the group enjoys a good appeal across all age groups. The Abana Smart releases are speedily drawing in younger viewers.

Ndizi TV latest comedy 2020

Creativity is the main ingredient that goes into Ndizi TV comedy clips. You got to love the energy and enthusiasm with which various and actresses portray their roles.

Ndizi TV latest movies

Ndizi TV actresses Bochaberi, Sabina, Sigara
Photo: Ndizi TV actresses . SRC: @bochaberi_ndizi_tv
  • Oboremo full movie (2019)
  • Entakana full movie (2019)
  • Osoro N’amatunda Yobwansu (2019)
  • Omwanchi Trubena full movie (2020)
  • Ndizi TV Live: Okiondo, Osoro, Sigara Na Gesare (2020)

We now have several entertaining Ndizi TV movies and videos. If you are lucky, you may catch Ndizi TV live productions occasionally.

Most watched Ndizi TV videos

Ndizi TV actors cast osoro, Okiondo, Antivirus
Ndizi TV actors . SRC: Ndizi TV
  • Okiondo Anaomba Keja
  • Okiondo Ako Kwa Shida
  • Gesare Ako Hali Maututi!
  • Osoro Comforts Nyanchoka
  • Okiondo Amepata Ugonjwa! 
  • Okiondo Amefukuza Gesare 
  • Kemunto Fights with Bochaberi
  • Omouko (The Blind Girl) Part 6
  • Wajinga Nyinyi Okiondo Is Back!!
  • Antivirus Na Bochaberi – Twa! Twa!
  • Okiondo Amepatikana Na Bibi Wa Wenyewe 

Check out the latest Ndizi TV 2020 videos and movies here.

Ndizi TV channel in 2020

Ndizi TV actors channel 2020
Photo: Ndizi TV YouTube actors . SRC: Ndizi TV

Comedy does more than just laughter among people. Besides selling the Kisii culture to the whole world, Ndizi TV is now nurturing talents and inspiring upcoming artists.

Ndizi TV contacts

Use the following contacts to hire or reward the Ndizi TV family with a gig or appreciation for the excellent work

  • Phone: 0728 429617
  • Facebook: @ndizitv
  • Youtube: NDIZI TV
  • Email: ndizitv@gmail.com

The famous Ndizi TV group is now available on social media and other leading media channels such as YouTube.


Ndizi TV actors are the best in the western parts of Kenya. The group comprises a crew of talented young persons who are fearlessly writing history. The best way of supporting these rising stars is by following their creative productions.