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Gusii Creative Awards: founder, partners, Facebook, categories, deadline, voting codes, photos

Gussi Creative Awards winners, nominees, Facebook, JB Events 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

The Kisii entertainment industry is exploding with youthful talents –these include singers, actors, comedians, and media creatives. Locals are loving every bit of their productions, ranging from songs to short clips and memes. We take an in-depth look at the founders, partners, and how the Gusii Creative Awards motivate content creators.

The Annual Gusii Creative Awards (GCA) is all about appreciation to those deserving. In exchange, voters take home a token of compliments such as, “you made a difference.” GCA’s mission and vision statements summarise the purpose further.

GCA founder and organizing partners

The inception of GCA has uplifted the standards of Gusii creatives. The founder and partners take fair credit for their commitment.

GCA founder Okeng’o Nyambane

Photo: Okeng’o Nyambane, Aspiring Senator Kisii County . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

The Gusii Creative Awards Facebook page confirms that Okeng’o Nyambane is the founder.

He started the group in 2019 to appreciate all creatives from the entire Gusii region.

Okeng’o is a Kisii County politician and a likely aspirant senator in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

GCA partners and organizers

The main partners and organizers include;

  • Suki Spares
  • Kamel Park
  • Centerpoint
  • Jesca Fashion
  • Third Key Alliance
  • Gusii Creative Association

More GCA sponsors are Bibiki, Lozada, and State DJZ. Open records from the GCA website recognize Suki Spares a lead partner.

Top facts about Gusii Creative Awards

Photo: Churchill Show host, Daniel Ndambuki, with GCA team . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

Now that we know the GCA founder and partners, it is time to explore more about the GCA annual ceremonies, categories, nominees, winners, mission statement, vision, and contacts.

GCA nominees, voting codes, and winners

Event organizers often update useful information on the website. Also, the GCA team issues important dates and voting codes.

Gusii Creative Awards 2021

Every artist seems to give their best ahead of the GCA 2021 nominations and awards.

Let us wait and see who will shine in various categories come December.

Gusii Creative Awards 2020

Ufanisi Resort welcomed the GCA 2020. This annual celebration was second after the first of its kind in 2019.

Those who qualified in the Gusii Creative Awards nominees 2020 list include; Vicky Young Ensanako, DJ Bunney 254, Konshax, Faith Stan, Mcubamba.

More stars of the day were Antivirus Papa Ndizi TV, Miggy Champ, and Duke Mainga Echate, Samora Kibagendi.

A complete list of Gusii Creative Awards winners 2020 and nominees is now available

Gusii Creative Awards 2019

The best hotel in Kisii town, Kamel Park, graced the GCA 2019 with jubilation. The occasion was remarkable, considering that GCA started in 2019.

Big names from the region assembled on December 31, 2019, to embrace their due awards.

Willis Raburu’s #10over10 show stormed the hotel days ahead of this much-awaited event.

December 15, 2019, was also an excellent day for Kisii creatives –DP William Ruto led a fundraiser at Kisii High School to support growth within the Gusii art industry.

Kisii Rap King Smallz Lethal alongside counterparts such as Babu Gee Omosayansi, Okiondo, Embarambamba, actor Nyomenda Ndizi TV, Douglas Otiso, Forever Young, and Pharry K cheered the day.

A complete list of nominees and Gusii Creative Awards winners 2019 is ready for you.

Gusii Creative Awards Categories

GCA qualifies about 34 award winners under various categories. Each of these categories attracts several nominees, but only the one with more votes claims the award.

1. Film productions category

Photo: Gusii Creative Awards, Kisii actresses . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards

GCA rewards those who stand out as actors or film directors

  • Best Actor 
  • Best Actress 
  • The Best Film Director 
  • Best Music Video Director 
  • The Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress

2. Media presenter’s category

Those recognized under the category possess significant influence on radio shows and television.

Lead media houses such as Egesa FM and Minto have been doing well since 2019.

  • Best Radio Show
  • Best Media House 
  • Sports Presenter of the Year 
  • Radio Personality of the Year (male) 
  • Radio Personality of the Year (female) 

3. Influential personalities

Top influencers and trendsetters fall in this broad category

  • Emcee of the Year 
  • Best Male Model of the Year 
  • Best Female Model of the Year 
  • Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (Male) 
  • Online Personality/Influencer of the Year (female) 

4. Best Kisii artists category

The Kisii musicians, artists, and best gospel, traditional, and urban tunes receive appreciation under this category.

  • Female Secular Artist 
  • Male Gospel Artist of the Year 
  • Male Artist of the Year (Urban) 
  • Female Gospel Artist of the Year 
  • Male Artist of the Year (Traditional) 

5. Fast rising stars, producers, and DJs

Best Kisii producers, DJs, and fast-rising creatives are among those who bag GCA awards.

  • DJ of the Year 
  • Music Producer of the Year 
  • Fast Rising Female of the Year 
  • Fast Rising Male Artist of the Year 

6. Collabos, secular, and gospel videos

Kisii singers with the most liked songs, including gospel and secular collabos, compete for the following awards.

  • Best Collabo of the Year 
  • Song of the Year (Secular) 
  • Song of the year (Gospel) 
  • Video of the Year (Secular) 
  • Video of the Year (Gospel) 

7. Comedian and online television

Your best rib crackers and funny bones from Gusii land receive nominations and awards under these categories.

  • Trailblazer of the year
  • Online TV of the Year
  • Comedian of the Year (Male) 
  • Comedian of the Year (female) 

The Gusii Creative Awards 2020 nominees and winners are available in

Photo: Vicky Young and Babu Gee . SRC: @gusiicreativeawards 

Gusii Creative Awards mission

“To appreciate creatives” is the mission statement of founding and running GCA.

The platform seeks to recognize and appreciate those who have gone ahead of others in media.

Gusii Creative Awards vision

“To award each and every individual who creatively makes a difference to the society Gusii society at large.”

GCA is keen to reward deserving entertainers from Kisii and Nyamira counties. Of interest are creatives changing society positively.

Gusii Creative Awards contacts

  • Phone number: 0715 709992
  • Email:

Go ahead and contact GCA for more information. Artists wishing to take part in GCA competitions are welcome.

Gusii Creative Awards continue to overwhelm local content producers with tokens of appreciation. More so, it has also introduced healthy competition into the industry.