Trending » Comedy » Geoffrey Magembe bio, age, tribe, wife, comedy, latest mud antics, YouTube songs, and contacts

Geoffrey Magembe bio, age, tribe, wife, comedy, latest mud antics, YouTube songs, and contacts

Geoffrey Magembe Unclebill bio, age, tribe, wife, family, and contacts

Geoffrey Magembe is a dramatic Kisii artist now trending for his out of the ordinary mud antics. He is a charming gospel singer preferring a comic style of dancing in music videos. A closer look at Geoffrey Magembe bio reveals his life story and motivation behind latest stints.

The youthful Magembe is another Embarambamba when it comes to fiddling in pools of mud. What sets him apart is a passion to explore new possibilities with a bottom up approach on the ladder of success.

Geoffrey Magembe profiles summary

  • Real names: Geoffrey Magembe
  • Popularly: Magembe
  • Nickname: Embarambamba junior
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1994
  • Birth sign: Libra
  • Place of birth: Kisii
  • Geoffrey Magembe age: 27 years old
  • Ethnicity: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Geoffrey Magembe Instagram: #geoffreymagembe
  • Hon Geoffrey Magembe Facebook: #geoffreymagembe
  • Geoffrey Magembe Twitter: #geoffreymagembe
  • Occupation: Musician and comedian
  • Genre: Comedy gospel
  • Geoffrey Magembe wife: under review
  • Magembe Geoffrey children: under review
  • Years active: 2011 to date
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual orientation: Straight
  • Relationship status: Single

Geoffrey Magembe is famous for dancing in Embarambamba videos and imitating him with electric moves.

Geoffrey Magembe biography with pictures

Photo: Geoffrey Magembe mud antics and latest videos on YouTube . SRC:

Apart from mud, Geoffrey Magembe is notorious for jumping from scary heights.

Magembe came to the limelight after a jaw breaking video of him dragging on the road with a moving motorbike went viral.    

How old is Geoffrey Magembe?

Geoffrey Magembe age is 27 years as of 2021. He celebrates his birthdays on 10th of October.

The multi-talented Magembe is clearly unstoppable given his young age.

On matters family, wife, and children; Magembe is not yet married.

Music career and success story

Geoffrey Magembe allegedly draws inspiration from the controversial gospel singer Embarambamba.

Many are concerned about the health and mental wellbeing, but Magembe has this to say;

“This is more of acting and everything is planned out so chances of getting injured are pretty low.”

Geoffrey Magembe.

Contact Geoffrey Magembe today on his phone number 0791524183, to uplift his newly founded path in the creative industry.

Latest comedy and YouTube videos

Geoffrey Magembe YouTube channels has exceeded 4,000 subscribers signalling a bright future, after the mud stage.

Geoffrey Magembe bio confirms that he is a young man trying to make a living. As a result, supporters and critics such as Dr Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film Classification Board are likely to crash soon. Until then, Magembe will continue starring.