Best Hotels in Kisii & Nyamira

25 Best Hotels in Kisii & Nyamira: Cost of Swimming Pools, Rooms, Ufanisi, Nyakoe, & Kamel Park

The best hotels in Kisii rank competitively for their excellent accommodation, culinary, and meeting rooms. Fun seekers can now scoop the pleasure of the local hospitality industry thanks to these hotels. Consider your cravings satisfied with 5 star hotels in Kisii.

Kisii Town is a must-visit Kenyan destination if you love a taste of urban life gone sweet around the table. Besides, the best resorts in Kisii offer a scenic view of surrounding ridges with a fresh air experience. Indeed, there are enough places in Kisii town for your calming down after a hectic day.

10 Best Hotels in Kisii town Kenya

Most preferred restaurants sit within the vicinity of Kisii Town. These hotels offer a diversity of experiences rounded with local cuisines and foreign dishes.

The occasional baking sun should not worry you because there are enough hotels in Kisii with swimming pools.

Find out more on hotels in Kisii and their contacts.

1. Kamel Park Hotel

The hotel is one of the latest in town with 5-star services and amenities at the Kiogoro area. The hotel sits on higher ground about 15 minutes’ drive from Kisii Town CBD.

Kamel Park Hotel Kisii is a haven with leisurely experience and a striking view of Kisii Town and its environs.

Kamel Park Hotel services

  • Fitness center
  • Steam and sauna
  • Heated long course pool
  • Spa with a massage parlor
  • Cottages and elegant suites
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2. Ufanisi Resort

The hotel is a must-go destination for fun lovers seeking the recreational highlights of a nice hotel.  Ufanisi is only 1.5 kilometers from the heart of Kisii Town

Ufanisi Resort services

  • Free private parking
  • Shared lounge
  • Garden and a terrace
  • Executive accommodation with all luxuries
  • Children’s playground
  • On-site bar and restaurant with a continental breakfast

3. Hotel Nyakoe

Nyakoe hotel is a longstanding favorite spot hotel along Rongo-Kisii road. It offers visitors a rare taste of executive services.

Also, the hotel amenities are a reflection of the local Kisii culture

Hotel Nyakoe services

  • Junior suites
  • Standard rooms
  • Twin rooms
  • Deluxe suites and ensuites
  • Executive cottages

4. Mocha Hotel

The famous Mocha hotel, Kisii, is a trendsetter in the hospitality business. The hotel has more than 80 spacious accommodation rooms of all categories with crispy tastes restaurant on site.

Mocha Hotel services

  • Dining  services
  • Fitness facilities
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Conferencing facilities
  • Spa services

5. Zonic Hotel

The hotel is within Kisii Town CBD, making it a perfect entertainment spot among residents and visitors.

Zonic Hotel services

  • On-site restaurant
  • Stocked bar
  • Laundry services
  • Executive accommodation

6. Itibo Resort

Along Kisii-Migori road is Itibo Resort, one of the best in the county. The eatery and accommodation home offers its guest excellent local and internal delicacies.

Itibo Resort services

  • Conferencing facilities
  • Bar and hotel services
  • Superior suite accommodation
  • Family-sized rooms
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7. Hotel Le Premier

Le Premier is the leading boutique hotel in the region. It serves both comfort and luxury in the same plate.

Le Premier Services

  • Conference facilities
  • A bar and restaurant
  • Luxurious accommodation

8. Dans Hotel

Along Hospital is a famous and spacious Dans Hotel. The hotel is ideal for a restful stay and executive dishes.

Dans Hotel services

  • An on-site restaurant
  • Classy accommodation
  • Fully fitted standard, deluxe, and executive rooms

9. Magharibi Garden Hotel

The hotel guarantees both quality and luxury to thousands of its guests.

Can I park a car at Magharibi Garden Hotel? Yes, there is sufficient parking and a restaurant on site.

Magharibi Garden Hotel services

  • Kids play corner
  • Swimming pool
  • Gym and fitness
  • Conference rooms
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Beautiful event gardens
  • Executive rooms and cottages

10. Nomad Suites

The suite is a self-catering facility along the Kisii-Kisumu highway. The hotel features the best of continental facilities and dishes.

Nomad Suites services

  • Spacious and perfectly fitted guest rooms
  • Satellite reception television and fridge
  • Ensuite bathroom, and
  • A variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

What’s Kisii like?

Perhaps you have not been to Kisii before and would like to know more about the home of bananas.

The county covers approximately 1300 square kilometers, with a population of about 1.27 million residents.

Governor James Ongwae is boss in this all-year green covered part of the country. Let us get going with the best hotels.

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Where are the best places to stay in Kisii?

There are enough guesthouses for a night’s stay within Kisii, but hotels are the most convenient because they offer better services.

When is the best time to visit Kisii?

Kisii is mostly an all-season destination. Visitors can always get the best experience when the rains are not in the sky.

What is there to see in Kisii?

Apart from getting to know Kisii Town, visitors can travel around for scenic views. Surrounding hills, soapstone quarries, artifacts, agricultural fields, modern stadiums, and green vegetation are some of the best features around.

Even better, visiting Kisii is an opportunity to interact with the Kisii people at the heart of their culture.

Knowing the best hotels in Kisii County can save you the hassle of planning for a perfect weekend or vacation. The list is useful for both visitors and residents hunting for fun in Kisii Town neighborhoods.

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