You are currently viewing 7 Profile Facts in Junior Kariithi Mwangi Biography [Photos] Age, Family, Education & Net Worth
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7 Profile Facts in Junior Kariithi Mwangi Biography [Photos] Age, Family, Education & Net Worth

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Junior Kariithi Mwangi biography is full of an interesting life story as unveiled in the Becky Telenovela series. His game-changer role as Jeff, the son of Junior and Becky wraps it all.

It is about time we know his family background, education record, and future aspirations.

Actor Jeff Kariithi Mwangi biography

Despite his young age, Jeff commands Kenyan theatre with boldness, eloquence, and an excellent personality.

But, who is Jeff in Becky?

1. Prince Mwangi’s age is 12 years

Born in 2012, the age of actor Jeff is 12 years as of 2024. His real name is Prince Kariithi Mwangi.

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He is of the Kikuyu tribe, born and raised in Parklands within Nairobi City County.

2. Jeff has 3 siblings and loving parents

Kariithi Mwangi has three look-alike siblings, all of them boys, meaning he does not have a sister.

He has previously posted pictures standing alongside his mother and hunky brothers.

3. He schools at Spring Dales Junior Academy

Jeff is a bright son now ongoing with studies at Spring Dales Junior School located in Parklands, Nairobi.

It is here that Jeff discovered his talent while rehearsing in the ‘gifted kids’ group.

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4. Jeff has a passion for acting and playing football

In a recent interview, Jeff intimated about his love for acting and football.

On top of that, he spends his leisure time drawing comics.

5. Actor Jeff is a star on Netflix

Jeff appeared in multiple shows before joining Jiffy Pictures for a role in Becky Soapie.

These include Usikimie Show (2022) and Anyango and the Ogre (2023) on Netflix.

6. Prince Mwangi Jeff owns a cake business

In his teenage years, Jeff is the owner of a delivery business called “Cake by Jeff.”

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He often advertises the outlet on his social media accounts including Netflix.

7. He aspires to become a journalist

Jeff dreams of becoming a star actor, but most importantly, a professional journalist.

He says the two gigs have already opened several opportunities along his career path.

Prince Kariithi Mwangi biography introduces a success-driven teenager at the peak of his career. His role model is Hollywood actress Lupita Nyongo.

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