Miggy Champ Biography

Miggy Champ Biography: Age, real names, education, Sesenia Mp3 download, latest songs list

Miggy Champ is a prominent Kisii musician, commercial model, VO artiste, marketing executive, and entertainer of our generation. The singer has gone ahead of other local artists for his sensational style of music. Miggy Champ biography has more for his fans.

The Ebarasa hitmaker prefers and lives up to his stage name Echambioni that translates to “A Champion.” Miggy is a cool Kisii artist with thousands of followers dying to know more about his life story.

Miggy Champ profile summary

  • Real name: Omari Migisi
  • Date of birth: Mid 80s
  • Place of birth:  Magenche, Bomachoge
  • Miggy Champ age: mid-30s
  • Gender: Male
  • Miggy Champ tribe: Kisii
  • County: Kisii County
  • Nationality: Kenyan
  • Occupation: Actor and singer
  • Genre: dancehall & reggae
  • Marital Status: possibly single

Omari Migisi is famous for releasing hit songs such as Chimbeba, Sesenia, Nore Pipo, Noraita, and Ebarasa.

Miggy Champ biography

The famous Miggy recognizes himself as a simple dude making music with a passion.

He believes that the champions are his fans and not himself, as many would assume.

Miggy Champ education

The multi-talented Miggy attended St Andrew Kaggwa boys, primary boarding, in Nyansiongo, Kisii.

He then proceeded to join Cardinal Otunga High School in Mosocho, Kisii for his secondary studies.

Yabeire Bore singer later joined the Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA), Kisumu where he concentrated in Information Technology.

Miggy Champ music career

Omari Migisi also called Miggy is a product of hard work and persistence because he did not receive all the support he needed as a young man.

Nonetheless, the multitalented Miggy has always had a strong passion for music. His mother confirms that he could sing fluently and consistently at age 3.

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Miggy Champ biography on music ancestry

Miggy has singlehandedly shaped his music career, considering that his family does not have ancestry in music. He has openly revealed that no one in his family has tried music before.

Sadly, his father was fiercely opposed to his ambition in art; he was particularly against his involvements in the music industry.

For this reason, he denied him a chance of joining media school because he assumed it had something to do with entertainment.

Starting against the odds

Miggy started his professional career in music in 2008 against all the odds he had suffered from his father. He dropped his debut song “Shake” which prepared his way to success.

MC Miggy teasingly recalls that he recorded the song video with Kshs. 3,000. Luckily, the song received a good street and radio play.

The warm reception of his first song “Shake” earned him a show at Homabay and motivated him a great deal. It is at this point that Miggy first experienced the psyche of a celebrity.

Father ending up a number one fan

At first, Miggy endured a heartbreaking rejection from his own. Miggy Champ father was particularly against his interest in music.

He recalls winning a TV set and taking it home in good cheer only to see it set on fire alongside his lyrics book.

The determined Miggy eventually proved to his dad that No One Can Stop Reggae. Interestingly, his father ended up becoming his number one fan before passing away.

The Homabay shock

With a satisfactory radio play for his song “Shake”, Miggy assumed that he was already a celebrity and that his show at Homabay was a going to rock.

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Reality dawned on him when only four people showed up! Yes, only four people in a hall with a capacity of 1000 people.

The turn-up shocked him and made him realize that he had a long way to go. He has since worked hard to get out of his illusion of popularity into the real garden of fame.

Miggy clearly recalls the shame of performing to an audience of four people. The low turn up was indeed a wakeup call, all he said was;

“Kujeni hapa kwa hii kona niimbe tumalize hii maneno”

Miggy Champ

The experience would prepare him for more setbacks that would cross his career journey in days to come.

Miggy Champ sticking to the guns

The frustrating experience left Miggy counting on new strategies. Later on, he did a viral collabo with Ziggy Shy from Uganda.

Their song Best DJ did well and encouraged him to produce an album called Coffee Nights.

In May 2010, Jaguar and Pilipili raised a curtain for Miggy who proceeded to shoot for the moon in music. Ligi Kubwa is one of the early hits that qualified him into the list of famous Kenyan musicians.

Working with high profile politicians

A contract with the Jubilee Team as roadshow MC for the Kiambu, Kitui, and Nairobi Counties was an honour for Miggy.

The opportunity helped him to mingle and work closely with president Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy Dr William Ruto, and other top dignitaries in the party.

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Miggy Champ songs

YouTube is never short of Mr Miggy songs. For all you know, he is doing better for a star of his calibre.

Some of the mc Miggy latest songs that are trending include Chimbeba, Yabeire Bobe, Nore Pipo, and Ebarasa.

Your favourite Kikisii songs mixtapes are not complete without Miggy Champ songs and those from his closest artists Babu Gee, Ong’eng’o, and Vicky Young.

Fans can now download Yabeire Bobe by Miggy including others in the latest series. Emeino live performance is equally stirring the airwaves.

Overall, Miggy Champ best Kisii songs are both entertaining and informative.

Gusii Creative Awards

Miggy emerged the Gusii Creative Awards 2020 winner. He bagged the Song of the year (Gospel) award for his lyrical hit Sesenia.


Elsewhere, Miggy Echambioni pulled a trigger on the song Mwanza as a stolen concept.

He accuses Wasafi’s Diamond and Rayvanny for stealing his content. This copyrights claim has since gone silent.

Miggy Champ Contacts

  • Social media: @miggychamp
  • Phone number: +254769890319

Echambioni has been doing well in the music scenes for years now since breaking the ceiling of fame.

Many upcoming artists from the land look up to Miggy Champ biography inspiration. Echambioni remains a celebrated Kisii artist for his lyrical hits and electrifying live performances.

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