Ogembo Municipality in Gucha Launched

Ogembo Municipality in Gucha Launched by Governor Simba Arati: Speech, Photos and Live Coverage

The newly launched Ogembo Municipality is raising economic concerns with many locals still unaware of what to expect. The rise in status came with a promise of more resource allocation from the government of Governor Simba Arati.

Ogembo is located in the former Gucha district which eventually joined with the Kisii district to form Kisii County. Out of Gucha district cropped Bobasi, Bomachoge Chache, Bomachoge Borabu, and South Mugirango Constituencies. It is no surprise why the Kisii County Assembly members voted unanimously for its status upgrade.

Simba Arati Launches Ogembo Municipality

Kisii County residents now have a couple of municipalities including Kisii town and Ogembo town.

Governor Simba Arati confirmed that the launch of Ogembo Municipality on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023, is a deserved honour for a historic town of its calibre.

He said the municipality charter will attract massive investments from potential partners.

“The elevation of Ogembo town to municipality status will attract development projects through funding by the county government and development support from partners such as KURA and World Bank.”

Governor Simba Arati.

The county boss went on to declare that Ogembo will henceforth run under a municipal board presided by a chairman.

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In attendance at the launch were renowned Kisi parliamentarians Obadiah Barongo, Zaheer Jhanda, Innocent Obiri, and Alfah Miruka Ondieki. Kisii town municipal chairman Jiwa Shamji was also present.

Elsewhere, former DG Maangi whose ancestral home is in the nearby Tendere area had this to say while mid-wifing the upgrade of Ogembo Town during the regime of Governor James Ongwae.

“I thank members of the Kisii County Assembly who have unanimously voted for the report on the Ogembo Municipality Charter that recommends the upgrading of Ogembo Town into a Municipality.  It shall now be the second municipality in Kisii County.”

Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi.

 He emphasized that the municipality status will bring about proper urban planning and increased budgetary allocation.

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List of institutions & offices in Ogembo town

Here are some of the notable institutions you will find within the vicinity of Ogembo municipality;

  • Ogembo law courts
  • Maya Holiday Point
  • Constituency offices
  • Tendere Tea Factory
  • Ogembo police station
  • Sameta Lodge and Hotel
  • Rockland Hotel Ogembo
  • St Anns College Ogembo
  • Lenmek Hospital Ogembo
  • Maya Holiday Point Hotel
  • Ogembo Sub County hospital
  • Elsa Academy Primary School
  • Hotel Bonds near Sameta Hills

Even so, there are several other destinations and government offices within Ogembo municipality.

The history of Ogembo municipality

Historical records show that Ogembo town started in the 1950s as a trading centre. It was at the time called Ritongo to mean a resting terrain.

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The small marketplace eventually attracted colonialists and Indians in the wake of the 20th century. These foreigners played a key role in its uprising.

Ritongo was later renamed Ogembo after an elderly man originating in Boochi Tendere Ward.

Large-scale trading and business activities have since mushroomed.

Ogembo municipality is an ideal residential and business hub with plenty of agricultural supplies and scenic surroundings. It is also attractive for its proximity to Bosongo, Mogonga, Magena, Nyangusu, and Kilgoris markets.

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