Samora Kibagendi biography

Samora Kibagendi biography, age, wife, career, new films, contacts, and 10 untold profile facts

Samwel Kibagendi alias Samora is a charismatic film director, scriptwriter, and founding managing director at Ndizi TV. He is a Gusii icon with great influence in national and international cinemas. Samora Kibagendi biography narrows down his untold life story.

Filmmaker Kibagendi is famous for introducing higher level creativity into the originally traditional Gusii theatres. Apart from reshaping the industry, Samora is actively involved in supporting upcoming artists among them comedians and film stars.

10 untold facts in Sammy Samora Kibagendi biography

Samora is a strong believer in the future of Gusii art; a part of the reason why he is making steady moves.

More so, Samora is an inspiration to several young people wishing to join the world of creative media.

1. Samwel Kibagendi nicknamed himself after Samora Machel

Samora real names are Samwel Kibagendi. The stage name Samora is from his role model Samora Machel.

Wikipedia confirms that Samora Machel was a determined freedom fighter who eventually rose to become the first president of Mozambique.

Kibagendi aged about 35 years has indeed lived up to the nickname Samora, which means a warrior.

2. Ndizi TV founders Sammy Samora Kibagendi and Osoro the actor are relatives

In an interview with Nyamwembe TV, Samora revealed that he is a cousin to Osoro the Actor.

The two notorious Gusii celebrities originate from Mosobeti in Nyamira County.

Besides, Osoro the Actor and Samora Kibagendi are both executive founders of Ndizi TV.

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3. Scriptwriter Samora initially wanted to become a book writer

Samora Kibagendi education journey exposed him to several opportunities and challenges.

To start with, he attended Mosobeti primary school and later Kisii High School for his secondary level.

Samora would then transfer to Cardinal Otunga High school from where he completed KCSE exams in 2008.

New Star TV journalists who visited Cardinal Otunga in his form three changed his career dreams for good.

They gave him a reason to apply his writing skills as a professional scriptwriter.

Sadly, a passion for film forced him to drop out of school for a while before resuming and excelling.

Luckily, he joined Multimedia University for Mass Communication studies but switched to Film Production and Animation within days.

A scholarship to join Africa Digital Media Institute followed.

4. Getembe TV presenter Kevin Ombwori challenged Samora into Kisii comedy

Samora who was working as a photographer and film editor for a Nairobi based Events Company met Kevin Nyakundi Ombwori for a project.

Getembe TV presenter Kevin Ombwori was at the time working with Egesa FM.

Ombwori who had spotted a gap in Kisii comedy asked Samora for a partnership.

Upon moving to Kisii town, they gave the idea a shot but Ombwori gave up after failing to hit the expected reception.

The award-winning short film with Omwanchi Trubena opened doors for Samora who had chosen to remain steadfast.

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5. Samora invited Osoro and Kemunto into the idea of starting Ndizi TV

Sammy Kibagendi reunited with his childhood friend Osoro the Actor upon returning to Nairobi.

He opened up to Osoro on the success of a short Kisii film he had done with Omwanchi Trubena.

He spoke about how it had won Kalasha Awards and received a mention in the Daily Nation.

Samora and Osoro accepted Kemunto after which the three attracted even more actors.

6. Samora struggled to shape Ndizi TV with hired instruments

Until 2018, Ndizi TV founder Samora was struggling financially with little savings from his previous job as an editor.

Hiring production instruments including cameras was difficult at first but it got easier after opening a YouTube channel.

7. Samora has confessed that fame thirsty actors destroyed Ndizi TV

Fame painted the impression of rich celebrities on founding actors at Ndizi TV.

Sadly, the hard-earned fame had arrived through Facebook and without deep pockets.

Samora argues that most Ndizi TV actors left the team at its prime because of excessive pressure and high expectations from fans.

8. Ndizi TV Channel is now available in your decoder

Samora’s dream of owning a satellite television station has finally come true after 3 years of taking the YouTube Channel to its peak.

The team has confirmed that Ndizi TV live studio is ready to air on our decoders. Scan now to enjoy your favourite shows for free.

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9. Kibagendi proposed to his beautiful wife Judith in September 2021

Photos of Samora Kibagendi kneeling with an engagement ring for Judith Moraa are heart-warming.  

The two are admirable together with natural love chemistry, light skin touches, and signature smiles.

10. Samora and wife Moraa Judith run The Kibagendis family vlog

YouTube Channel The Kibagendis is a personal family vlog that Samora and wife Moraa Judith started on June 30, 2020.

Sammy Samora is lately a proud family man having successfully proposed to his long-time girlfriend Moraa Judith.

Most importantly, Samora is now a high net worth Kisii film director without limits in his career.

Sammy Samora Kibagendi contacts

  • Phone number: 0728429617
  • Instagram: @samora_kibagendi
  • Email address:

Call Samora Ndizi TV phone number or email for help and inquiries.

Samora Kibagendi biography pours out his life story with a special emphasis on a daring filmmaking journey. He will forever remain an icon for discovering, producing, and promoting Gusii content.

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