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List of Wimasol Technologies internet packages, WiFi installation prices in Kisii, and contacts

List of best Wimasol Technologies internet packages, WiFi installation prices in Kisii, and contacts

Wimasol Technologies, previously called AirFiber Solutions, is one of the best internet service provider in Kisii town. The ISP Company enjoys considerable coverage of fast speed WiFi connectivity backed with reliable networking and security systems. Cost friendly rates and good reviews explain why Wimasol Technologies internet packages are attracting even more subscribers.

Think of eLearning, digital marketing, and work from home jobs as a dream come true in our competitive world. These new possibilities are no better without dependable internet and secure cloud connectivity. While Kisii town residents have several options, Wimasol Technologies WiFi internet is the best, and here is why.

Full list of Wimasol Technologies internet packages

Ongoing digital revolution continues to make fast internet a necessity in our daily lives and businesses.

Wimasol has the following 3 plans for your home and business internet installation.

i. Platinum package at Ksh. 8,000

Wimasol Platinum plan offers 10 MBPS internet speed which is convenient for use in cyber cafes, schools, small and medium offices.

Platinum package is a good choice for those panning to connect at least 10 devices to the internet.

ii. Gold package at Ksh. 4,000

Wimasol Gold plan provides a bandwidth of 5 MBPS with cutting edge surfing experience.

The Gold package is ideal for users with about 5 devices or even more depending on the rate of internet consumption.

iii. Silver package at Ksh. 2,500

Wimasol Silver plan with 3 MBPS is convenient for home internet users with a need for high online presence.

 The Silver package is friendly for streaming on YouTube other related internet applications.

Wimasol Technologies internet and WiFi installation cost

Accessibility to Wimasol servers is the first requirement of initiating your home or business WiFi connectivity.

Another requirement is Wimasol technologies installation fee of Ksh. 12,000.

Wimasol Technologies internet coverage areas

AirFiber Internet Solutions now called Wimasol Technologies is accessible in most Kisii Town estates and suburbs.

Wimasol has excellent coverage in the following 9 estates of Bosongo Town.

  • Egesa estate
  • Getare estate
  • Jogoo estate
  • Maili Mbili estate
  • Menyinkwa estate
  • Milimani estate
  • Mwembe estate
  • Nyankongo estate
  • Nyaura near Menyikwa

The ISP Company is currently in the process of extending its services to every part of Kisii town and eventually its neighbourhoods.

About Wimasol Technologies in Kisii County

Wimasol is a Kisii Town based ICT Company offering clients with WiFi internet services and networking solutions.

The ISP Company is also a trusted when it comes to closed circuit television, CCTV services.

Elsewhere, Wimasol runs with a team of experienced executives among them Winfred N Mutuku, the Chief Executive Officer.

George K Maithya is the Chief Strategy Officer while Jayden Muuo is the Chief Information Security Officer.

Kisii Town Wimasol Technologies is above all a new generation internet service provider with more advanced technology systems.

Wimasol Technologies contacts

  • Phone: 0731412708
  • Telephone: 0114297966
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Office address: Mwembe Estate, Kisii Town

Kisii Town Wimasol Technologies customer care contacts are handy for general inquiries and payments.

How do you like your current ISP? Wimasol Technologies internet packages and WiFi installation prices beats them all, when it comes to value for your money. Start by choosing a preferred internet package, then let Wimasol do the rest in ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.