Hon James Kenani Biography

Hon James Kenani Biography: Age, Wives, CV, Nyaribari Chache MP Manifesto, Scandals, & Wealth

Nyaribari Chache aspiring Member of Parliament James Kenani is a seasoned corporate executive lately immersed in competitive politics. He is equally a determined business tycoon and Tennis Kenya President. Inside Hon James Kenani biography is an exciting life story.

Hon James Kenani came to the limelight for working alongside the late Simeon Nyachae. He would shoot even higher as chairman of the Kenya Pipeline Company Limited.

James Kenani profile summary

Ageabout 75 years
HomeNyaribari Chache
PartyODM – Azimio la Umoja

Below are details on his personal life and ODM Party candidature.

Hon James Kenani biography

Who is James Kenani? Born in the 1940s, James Kenani age is about 75 years.

He is of the Kisii tribe with ancestry in Nyaribari Chache Constituency, Kisii County.

James Kenani education background

After clearing from Kamagambo High school, hon Kenani attended the University of Nairobi graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Education.

He later joined the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom for an Advanced Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Kenani’s LinkedIn profile further shows that he enrolled at the University of Birmingham for a Certificate in Educational Management and administration.

Finally, he completed a post-graduate degree in Public Administration from the Royal Institute of Public Administration London.

Hon James Kenani career history

At first, Kenani worked as a TSC-employed economics teacher at Kisii High School, he gradually rose through the ranks to become a senior principal at Nduru Boys High School.

Some of his successful students include retired Chief Justice David Maraga, Simba Arati’s deputy governor Hon Robert Onsare Monda, and aspiring senator Omingo Magara.

During an interview on Ndizi TV, Kenani intimated that he eventually left the teaching career to become an Assistant Director of Education at the national level.

After working for a few years, he landed yet another lucrative job at the Kenya Commercial Bank thanks to his qualifications in economics.

On retiring as a banker, Kenani proceeded to become Chairman of the Kenya Pipeline Company Limited between 2004 and 2007.

Enlisted are other roles and positions held by the incoming legislature.

  • 1994 – to date: Board Director, Choice Tea Brokers
  • 2002 – to date: Managing Director, Stratcom Solutions Limited
  • 2004 – to present: Board Director, Black Dew Limited
  • 2004 – 2007: Chairman, Kenya Pipeline Company Limited
  • 2015 – to date: Tennis Kenya President

He joined politics while working as chairman of the Kenya Pipeline Company – class A parastatal.

James Kenani wives and children

Hon Kenani is a polygamous family man with two wives and four children among them 2 sons. His beloved wife is a former employee at the Kenya National Bank.

As we speak, Kenani and his spouses are managing a broad spectrum of family investments.

James Kenani parents

James Kenani father is Pastor Hezron Kenani, a former SDA pastor and president in the Kisii & Maasai region.

And now, James Kenani is president of Pastors’ kids in Kenya. He says his brothers and sisters are all doing well because of proper teachings from his staunch Adventist father and mother.

List of aspiring MPs in Nyaribari Chache constituency

  1. Richard Tongi
  2. James Kenani (ODM)
  3. Chris Bichage (independent)
  4. Kenyan-Asian Zaheer Jhanda (UDA)
  5. Veteran journalist Erick Obino (UPA)
  6. Kiogoro MCA Samuel Apoko (UPIA)

Elsewhere, James Kenani net worth is at least Ksh. 10 million as of 2022. Much of this wealth has streamed from salaries and profitable businesses.

Cool cars and stately mansions are evidence of his stinking rich empire.

Nyachae’s Autobiography: Walking in the Corridors of Service

James Kenani and the late Simeon Nyachae worked closely for years. Upon his death, Kenani authored a confidential autobiography.

In one of the chapters, he revealed why Nyachae found it difficult to forgive Raila after their 2002 dramatic fallout.

He records that Azimio la Umoja flagbearer Raila Odinga betrayed Simeon Nyachae by dropping his presidential interests in favour of Mwai Kibaki.

“It was a great betrayal and I think Mzee found it difficult to forgive Raila. Remarks by Raila to the effect that Nyachae was material for the dustbin and that the Kisii vote was a drop in the ocean upset Nyachae.”

James Kenani interview.

It makes perfect sense why Nyachae and Raila Odinga developed a political rift.

Frustrated with the ODM Party leader, Nyachae immersed himself in the quest to succeed President Moi.

Hon James Kenani biography on manifesto and legacy

Asked about his legacy, Kenani says he has not only educated professors now working in first-world countries but has also employed several tribesmen in all the offices.

More recently, he sponsored at least 30 university students from needy families to join higher learning institutions across the country.

Kenani says he will focus on infrastructure, unemployment, sports, and the unity of the Abagusii people. Above all, empowering the needy in society.

Hon James Kenani biography clarifies the well-furnished reputation of a corporate executive turned politician at the peak of his professional career. Meanwhile, supporters and critics disagree concerning his credibility.

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