Facts in Mcubamba Robbah Biography

7 Profile Facts in Mcubamba Robbah Biography: Age, Tribe, Family, Girlfriend, Wife, Music Career & Net Worth

Gusii urban music is finally crossing borders thanks to a new crop of artists such as Ekio Mcubamba. Ekio Nkiekio hitmaker continues to cause ripples with timeless hits with a global appeal. Mcubamba Robbah biography tells us even more about his talent and aspirations in music.

Mcubamba aged about 35 years is the king of Gusii-flavoured afro beats packed with a unique style of traditional dancing.

5 Profile Facts in Mcubamba Robbah biography

The life story of Mcubamba is decorated with struggles and fortunes as detailed below.

Who is Robbah Mcubamba?

1. Mcubamba originates in Bonchari Constituency

Robbah Mcubamba whose real name is Robert Masiga Orangi is of the Kisii tribe born and raised in Nyabare Village within Bogiakumo Ward, Bonchari Constituency, Kisii County.

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He shares the same ethnic background as the renowned singer Danlee.

2. He enjoys the support of his parents

Mcubamba’s father, Mr Cosmas Orangi Ongera, is a number one fanatic of his music.

On the other hand, his mother famously called Professor Maria is also supportive.

3. He earned the nickname Mcubamba while in high school

The famed Mcubamba attended the nearby Itierio Primary School before proceeding to Suneka Mixed Secondary School (now Suneka Girls) for high school studies.

Schoolmates in love with his artistry often praised him saying “Huyu MC Hubamba!” And that is how he ended up crafting the nickname Mcubamba.

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4. He is a graduate of Egerton University

Mcubamba recalled his talent in music after completing a Bachelor’s degree from the Nakuru-based Egerton University.

He says music does not feel like work because it is a higher calling in his life.

5. He rose to fame with the song Ekio Nkiekio

The world of music accepted Mcubamba’s creativity following the release of Ekio Nkiekio wedding song.

The musician has since returned from the studio with more hits such as Imabu Rende, Egetinginya, Wewe Ni Mungu, Naanchire, Semeria, Abageni, and Tancherere.

Mcubamba says that music has not only earned him fame but also attracted a wild wind of opportunities with a net worth estimated at five hundred thousand Kenyan shillings. Even so, not much info about his love life, girlfriend, and wife is available on social media.

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