Richest People in Kisii and Nyamira

25 Richest People in Kisii and Nyamira: List of Tycoons, Businesses, & High Net Worth Investors

There is a broad range of investment in Kisii apart from green banana fields and sparky soapstone mines. As a result, regional socio-economic progress is lately peaking with a long list of richest people in Kisii.

Most of the wealthiest persons in the larger Gusii are businessmen and politicians. These tycoons run empires in major towns across Kenya and beyond. Who they are and what they own is inspiring, especially among fresh entrepreneurs.

Who are the top richest people in Kisii 2023?

All Kisii tribe millionaires rank well alongside other nationals.

Most importantly, their names and investments are highly sustainable.

1. Simeon Nyachae family – Kisii tycoons

Apart from producing famous Kisii politicians, the Nyachae household belongs to a list of the top 10 richest families in Kenya.

The whole wealth story started with Simeon Nyachae’s powerful grandfather Chief Onyancha Oando.

His father, Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi banked some more during the colonial era.

Lastly, Nyachae maintained the status quo by increasing political power and property listings.

For instance, he was a major shareholder (Ksh 300 million) in CBA Group before and after merging with NIC Group to form NCBA Group.

He was also the owner and lead investor in Sansora Group, Swan, Simbi Roses Ltd, and Kabansora.

In summary, Nyachae was a staunch investor in real estate, farming, banking, and the manufacturing industry.

Reputable sources estimate Simeon Nyachae net worth at Ksh. 100 billion. The amount makes Nyachae the richest man in Kisii County.

Nyachae’s 35 children and 6 wives are major beneficiaries of his prosperity.

2. Ouru brothers of Ouru Superstores Ltd

The famed Ouru brothers are among those with deep pockets in Kisii Town.

They represent a section of Kisii tycoons who started from under the poverty line.

Ouru brothers co-own the prestigious Ouru Superstores hardware, Mabati, and household outlet in Bosongo.

The success story of the Ouru Brothers started upon relocating to the United States.

These determined brothers amassed exceeding wealth within a few years. They have since invested in local and overseas real estate.

Ouru Super Stores Ltd incorporated in 2004 recorded a sales revenue of Ksh. 2 billion within a few years.

The company which first opened doors in 1991, with help from Chinese contractors, is now a multibillion project.

3. Senator Sam Ongeri – richest politicians in Kisii

Doctor Samson Kegengo Ongeri is a prominent Kisii politician with both fame and wealth on his side.

The former Nyaribari Masaba MP and Minister of Foreign Minister of Affairs is richer than ever before.

Sam Ongeri wealth include real estate and agricultural businesses. He is also a major shareholder in the National Bank.

The senator has four wealthy children including a tycoon banker son Nyagaka Ongeri in Wall Street.

The other three daughters comprise a senior engineer, KNH medical doctor, and chemical scientist.

4. Jiwa Shamji owner Amin Shamsudin

Jiwa Shamji Kisii sits along the busy Mashauri-Daraja Mbili drive (Moi highway), opposite the new KPLC offices.

The AJS Company has offices in leading Kenyan towns such as Sotik, Kericho, and Nairobi.

The family-owned business specialises in stone crushing quarries, the production of paving blocks, and motor vehicle dealerships.

A. Jiwa Shamji Ltd brags being the largest civil engineering construction company in the Western parts of Kenya.

For the record, Amin Shamsudin Jiwa Shamji is also an executive officer at the Kisii National Polytechnic (KNP).

AJS credits good business ties with Sansora Bakers & Confectioners Limited, AAA Growers Limited, and Shamji Communications Limited.

5. James Omariba Ongwae – Kisii County Governor

The first Governor of Kisii County is your no ordinary rich fellow.

HE James Ongwae has previously featured in the list of governors who will remain rich forever.

His tokens of wealth stem from posh residential homes, real estate properties, and investments within major cities.

The 70 years old James Elvis Omariba Ongwae owns several profitable businesses.

The fact that James Ongwae is a right-hand man to the former Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga speaks volumes about his stinking wealth.

It is, however, interesting how he has managed to keep all his money away from the cameras.

Notably, his fortune has ballooned the more while in the governor’s office. A monthly salary of at least Ksh. 1 million, says no less about his affluence.

6. Hon Stephen Kengere Manoti – former Bobasi MP

Veteran Manoti is a trained Banker and accountant with years of experience in politics.

The young man from Nyabite Primary School and Sameta Boys School is now a multi-millionaire.

More specifically, he is the owner of several real estate properties and businesses across major Kenyan towns.

7. Hon Christopher Obure – richest people in Kisii

Former MP Christopher Mogere Obure from Boigesa Village is a wealthy Kisii leader of our age.

Mogere has accumulated much of his wealth from positions of power. The current net worth of Obure is at least Ksh. 200 million.

Sadly, MP Mogere was previously mentioned in an Anglo Leasing case worth Ksh. 928 million.

8. Dr Fred Okeng’o Matiangi – famous richest people in Nyamira

The notorious Interior CS Fred Matiangi is a rich man preferring to keep his personal life private.

Fred Matiangi is indeed one of the high net worth persons with a lion’s share in the national treasury.

Estimations project Matiangi’s wealth and investments at about Ksh. 100 million as of 2022.

His brother John Matiangi, now working in the Ministry of Education as Deputy Director of Education, is equally a high-income earner.

9. Hon Ben Momanyi – Borabu Constituency MP

Ben George Orori Momanyi is a Member of Parliament on Borabu Constituency.

He has accumulated immense wealth through business dealings and capital investments.

Firstly, Ben Momanyi is the owner of BOM Hotels and BOM Properties.

Secondly, he is a capitalist in both Windrose Towers and Mercedes Benz Nairobi Motors.

Thirdly, Ben Momanyi is the owner of the executive Nyakoe Hotel.

Finally, the MP is a smart investor in Diani Resorts, BOM Agri Equipment Limited, Runda Main St La Apartments, and Amazons Hotel Mombasa.

Interesting enough, Ben Momanyi is the owner of an unnamed law firm in the capital.

10. Evans Nyagaka Anyona – Ena Coach Owner

Born in 1968, Anyona Evans started schooling at Riabigutu Primary School. He later joined Masimba Secondary School.

The form four leaver started small scale farming in 1992. He later engaged as a middleman between farmers and the Pyrethrum Board of Kenya.

In 2002, Evans Nyagaka ventured into the matatu businesses. He rose speedily to own a fleet of “EXPLORER Matatu”.

In 2005, he started Transline alongside a group of friends. Anyona left Transline in 2010 to form his own company, Transline Classic.

Yet again, the wealthy Anyona left Transline Classic in 2017 to capitalise in ENA Coach.

Evans Anyona has over time increased his earnings to become a respected Gusii multi-millionaire.

11. Jason Mosinga – Jm Lavington holdings owner

Another rich man from Nyamira County is Jason Mosinga who mainly work as a business dealer.

Mr Mosinga owns several firms among them Jm Lavington holdings and Deepack petroleum fuels.

Jason Mosinga also runs the Embakasi based Halogen Group of Companies as well as Slums Africa.

That said, Jason Mosinga is one of the richest people in Kisii land based on the ownership of high-end businesses.

12. Haron Kamau – Kamel Park Hotel owner

The financially blessed Haron Kamau is the owner of Kamel Park Hotel, which stands tall at the Kiogoro area, within the vicinity of Kisii Town.

Kamau is also a majority shareholder within Transline Classic Company, mainly plying the Kisii – Nairobi route.

Ena Coach Owner, Evans Nyagaka Anyona, and Haron Kamau of Kamel Park Hotel are the founding investors and major shareholders within Transline Classic Limited.

13. Mogeni Ongenyo – Mogeni Tea Factory owner

The populous Mogeni Tea Factory owner, Mogeni Ongenyo, is a man to watch on the charts of business shareholdings.

Mogeni Ongenyo from Nyamira County has considerable shares at the American Export Limited Company.

On top of that, Mogeni is the owner of Silicon Company operating in Mombasa, Kenya.

14. Patrick Lumumba family – Ufanisi Resort co-owners

Who is the owner of Ufanisi Hotel? Kisii County Secretary Patrick Lumumba and his wife Isabella Lumumba are co-owners of the prestigious Ufanisi Hotel.

Ufanisi Resort within Kisii Town is a modern hospitality centre for all first-class and presidential events.

15. Dr Ezekiel Orwenyo – Nyangena Hospitals owner

The confident-looking doctor Ezekiel Orwenyo is the owner of Nyangena hospitals.

Adding to his treasures is the Nairobi based mediaeval Mall at Hurlingham.

Back home, Dr Ezekiel owns Pangani Limited Properties and Nyakongo Towers.

16. Joash Maangi – richest people in Kisii County

Kisii County deputy governor Joash Maangi is the owner of a classy mansion worth Ksh. 50 million.

The crib sits in his home village at Tendere, meters away from Ogembo Town.

Maangi owns yet another state of the art home in the United State.

All these are just examples of his huge budget properties, businesses, and out of the public investments.

All top richest people in Kisii ranked

  • Ezekiel Machogu – Education Cabinet Secretary
  • Dr Manduku – former KPA Managing Director
  • Don Bosco Gichana – investor and businessman
  • Pavel Oimeke – MP Bonchari
  • James Omingo Magara – former MP South Mugirango

The number of wealthy Kisii men and women is increasing faster than any other time in history, largely because of devolution.

A full list of the richest people in Kisii is not complete without Nyachae and Ouru brothers on top. A review of their investment strategies and net worth is worth emulating.

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