William Ruto Family History

William Ruto Family History: Family Tree, Dad, Mom, StepMother, Siblings, & High School Letter

William Ruto’s meteoric rise from the status of a chicken seller to Kenya’s 5th president is a source of optimism to several Kenyans. Meanwhile, the Azimio brigade is counting bitter losses in denial. The highly disputed victory came following a heated power struggle at the ballot and in the Supreme Court. And now, William Ruto family photos can no longer escape the limelight.

The Chief Hustler succeeded President Uhuru Kenyatta with as many votes as those cumulatively cast in favour of his three opponents. These are ODM leader Raila Odinga, George Wajackoyah of Roots Party, and David Waihiga Mwaure of Agano Party. Who is Ruto and where are his close relatives?

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Walking barefoot to Kerotet Primary School in the early 70s initiated Ruto’s destiny in the world of academics and politics.

He would soon defy the odds to join Wareng Secondary School for his O-level. Later on, Ruto from a poverty-stricken background enrolled at Kapsabet Boys for his A-level studies.

Dr William Ruto family tree – childhood, Parents, & siblings

Citizen Television recently covered a 38-year-old letter from Ruto’s high school years at Wareng. In the letter dated 1984, are rare details about his biological family members.

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Jeff Koinange featured the letter in which the young Ruto had documented at least 20 family members including his father Mzee Daniel Cheruiyot, mother Sarah Cheruiyot, and a rarely photographed stepmom.

Brenda Wanga went on to confirm that Ruto’s father was a polygamous man with two wives, 9 sons, and 7 sisters. Also enlisted was his now deceased grandmother.

“In my family, there is a father, two wives, nine brothers and seven sisters and a grandmother, hence a family of 20 bodies,”

William Ruto, Letter from 1984.

The quoted letter was released by Wareng High School Principal Julius Kamatei. He has since confirmed that Ruto was an adept dreamer.

“I have even come across a letter which he wrote at the end of his O-Levels. I don’t know whether it was…it has no address.”

Julius Kamatei – Wareng High School Principal.

In the same letter, Ruto spoke about his strengths and weaknesses while studying at Wareng High School.

“In school, I enjoyed literature as my favourite subject, others are English, CRE, Mathematics and Geography. Despite of other subjects like Mathematics and Chemistry being hard, I have liked them so much… Literature has been my best subject and with the help of God, I hope to write at least a book in the future.”

William Ruto, Letter from 1984.

Apart from writing a wishful autobiography, Ruto has submitted several papers in his pinnacle of academia.

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Was Ruto destined to become president?

President Ruto who joined Wareng High school in 1981, authored the letter in his final years. One of his former teachers has this to say.

“I was transferred immediately after taking William Ruto as Form One, when I came to see whether they had reported, I saw a small boy with very bright eyes, that picture has never left my eyes.”

Peter Waweru, former Principal Wareng High School.

Mr Waweru went on to praise Ruto for his outstanding record and clean reputation and the institution.

“His leadership skills were nurtured here, he was chairman of the Christian Union (CU), he was chairman of CU, he was a captain of the hostel, the dorm captain, he was a good player of volleyball. He was a student of very strong ill, he was a dreamer, dreaming big,”

Mr Waweru, former Principal Wareng High School.

The ambitious village boy eventually graduated from the University of Nairobi in 1990. He attained a Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology from UoN.

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A year later, Ruto married his long-term sweetheart Rachel Ruto. His childhood dream of becoming an accomplished author has since changed to politics.

Looking back, Ruto is grateful to God for lifting him speedily from a roadside chicken seller to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

William Ruto family history contrasts sharply with that of his predecessors including Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Arap Moi, Mwai Kibaki, and the recently retired Uhuru Kenyatta. He is indeed king of the Hustlers Movement.

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