Papa Antivirus Biography

Papa Antivirus Biography: Latest Videos, Movies, Papa Antivirus Show, Live, Songs, Ndizi TV Actors

Antivirus Papa is a charming Kisii comedian now a household name in the famous Ndizi TV show. Besides, he is a jack of many trades away from the screens. Papa Antivirus biography has more on his life story, age, show, songs, and acting career.

Oyo Yeso singer is an outspoken Kisii artist of our time. He is a young talent you will not miss in the Kisii music and comic scenes. Furthermore, Antivirus Ndizi TV life story will interest you.

Papa Antivirus profile summary

  • Real name: Andrew Momanyi Omwenga
  • Nickname: Antivirus Papa
  • Date of birth: 1995  
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • Place of birth:  Ngokoro, Kegogi, Marani
  • Antivirus age: 29 years
  • County: Kisii County
  • Occupation:  Comedian and singer
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Relationship status: Single

Andrew Momanyi Omwenga is famous for starring in Ndizi TV videos and movies. He is also a familiar face in Kisii songs and videos.

Papa Antivirus biography

The Kisii comedian is among multi-talented Kisii celebrities. Tales around his career journey and life story says no less.

Education and qualifications

The funny comedian attended Tambacha COG Mixed Secondary School.

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Papa later proceeded to join the Kisii National Polytechnic (KNP) formerly the Gusii Institute of Technology (GIT).  

Ndizi TV’s Antivirus majored in Electrical Engineering during his time at KNP.

Papa Antivirus career profile        

Antivirus is a natural comedian given that he started his acting career at a tender age. Besides, he was active in culture and drama throughout his schooling years.

After his studies, Antivirus met Sigara, a schoolmate and classmate from the Kisii National Polytechnic.

Sigara was at this point, an active actor in set books and related art productions.

Breakthrough in acting

Papa Antivirus biography indicates that he accompanied her friend Sigara to an audition in one occasion. It is here that his inner passion for acting found an opportunity.

While waiting for Sigara to finish with her part in the film Blood of Shame, Antivirus scooped a role in place of an actor who failed to show up on time.

The newly founded chance has exposed him to other talented actors such as Osoro, Miggy Champ, and Babu Gee.  

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Antivirus Kisii comedy videos and movies

The Kisii actor has featured in the following comic productions

  • Antivirus Wants a Kiss 
  • Antivirus Amekasirika
  • (New) Antivirus Is In Trouble
  • Antivirus and Okiondo arrested
  • Antivirus na Bochaberi – Twa! Twa
  • Antivirus na Okiondo: Oboiri N’obuya
  • Makumba Teaches Antivirus A Lesson
  • Walking Styles Za Okiondo, Antivirus Na Kobiro
  • Antivirus Amechukua Sheria Mikononi Ft Abana Smart
  • Antivirus Meets Nyanchoka!!- Ndizi TV- Latest Kisii Comedy

There are even more of the latest antivirus comedy videos and movies on Ndizi TV YouTube channel.

Antivirus show is all you need to spark your day with tingling laughter. Even better are the Antivirus Okiondo Show videos because of their comic relief.

Papa Antivirus songs and Awards

The hilarious Ndizi TV actor is the talent behind Oyo Yeso – Babu Gee Omosayansi ft Antivirus Ndizi TV, hit-maker.

Antivirus ft Babu Gee is a collabo that has left followers dancing to the rhythm.

Latest news

Antivirus fell ill health in the middle of 2020 and was hospitalized at Oasis Hospital. He has since recovered and is back in front of the camera.

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Papa Antivirus contacts

  • Phone number: 0701545711
  • Email:

Apart from showbiz, Antivirus has a thing about farming. He is an ambitious young man trying his best to build a name in the art industry.

Papa Antivirus biography reveals what a successful Kisii artist he has become over time. He is undoubtedly the best in the Ndizi TV squad.  

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