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Chris Embarambamba biography and top profile facts . SRC: @embarambamba

Chris Embarambamba biography, age, tribe, wife photos, family, education, songs, awards, wealth

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Kisii singer Embarambamba is the most theatrical gospel artist of our time. He is a limitless musician without an ear for critics. More so, Embarambamba remains undisturbed by unhappy activists and moral cops such as Ezekiel Mutua. It turns out that the evangelic comedian is everything from a mud dancer to a banana plantation dramatist. Chris Embarambamba biography speaks more on his life story and daring music journey.

A number of supporters behind Embarambamba, Msanii wa Kisii people love nowadays, is on the upward trend. These, even as more Kenyans, including radio and television celebrities, start to embrace his rhythm. So far, the once rejected Embarambamba has already scooped enough media blessings from excited netizens.

Chris Embarambamba profiles summary

  • Real name: Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma
  • Popularly: Embarambamba
  • Nickname: Embaragwasinga
  • Date of birth: February 1,1988
  • Place of birth:  Keroka, Nyamira County
  • Chris Embarambamba age: 36 years
  • County: Nyamira County
  • Nationality: Kenyan (East Africa)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Genre: secular/gospel music
  • Relationship status: Married

Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma Embarambamba is famous for his baffling dance moves in the mud.

Christopher Mosioma, Chris Embarambamba biography with pictures

Chris Embaramba tribe, dance, family, home, health, songs, and deal with Unilever Omo advert
Photo: Chris Embaramba mud dance and songs . SRC: @chrisembarambamba

An infectious laughter and a spirit of confidence are unmistaken whenever Chris Embarambamba is interviewing or performing live.

Who is Chris Embarambamba? Kisii singer Embarambamba is a comedy gospel artist presently touring the country with a candid drama-woven-gospel message.

The funny childhood in Chris Embarambamba bio

The young Christopher had within himself a dancing spirit. He never missed an opportunity of entertaining those around him.

Former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi was the first to appreciate his talent hype.

The head of state could not resist the dance styles of Embarambamba in one of his Kisii land tours.

Moi who was heading to a presidential event within the region stopped his motorcade to celebrate Embarambamba.

The excited president Moi described the young Embarambamba as the one dancing like a wild animal.

He was indeed vigorous, having skipped school purposely to cheer the head of state by the roadside.

How old is Embarambamba?

Chris Embarambamba age is 36 years as of 2024. The comedy gospel singer was born on February 1, 1988 at Keroka in Nyamira County.

News about Chris Embarambamba celebrating his birthday will certainly flood the internet on February 1st.

Supportive Kenyans exchanged heartfelt messages with Chris Embarambamba on the eve of his born day.

Chris Embarambamba biography on tribe, home, and nationality

Gospel singer Chris Embarambamba tribe is Kisii while his nationality is Kenyan. A strong Kisii accent further confirms his tribal ancestry.

Embarambamba comes from Nyamira County within the vicinity of Keroka Town. We are yet to confirm details about his home village and directions.

Untold bio of Chris Embarambamba education

Embarambamba is a class eight dropout from Kierira Dok Primary School, near St Augustus Academy. He schooled within Rigoma division in Kitutu Masaba Constituency.

Chris Embarambamba education ended with the unfortunate loss of a breadwinner father. Luckily, he managed to sit for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams.

Further info about his college academic enrolments, skill straining qualifications, and graduations dates are underway.

Chris Embarambamba family background biography

Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma aka Embarambamba comes from a humble background. He has openly admitted growing up in a poverty stricken homestead.

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Earning a living is perhaps the greatest motivation behind Embarambamba’s dances in the mud.

In addition, he is arguably ready to risk his life on top of running cows and delicate tree branches for a steady supply of income.

Who are Chris Embarambamba parents?

Chris Embarambamba father Mr. Mosioma died when the artist was only a young boy in primary school.

He then grew under the care of his mother and close relatives to become a self-proclaimed “generator or transformer ya mwenyezi mungu” sensation.

Close cousin speaks on Chris Embarambamba biography

A video on Eve Mungai’s Channel displays a close up interview with a close family member to Embarambamba.

An alleged cousin tells it all about the life story of Embarambamba with interest in his sanity, music, and family reputation.

The young and beautiful wife of Embarambamba smiling with a cute daughter
Photo: The young and beautiful wife of Embarambamba smiling . SRC: @embarambamba

Chris Embarambamba is a family man with a beautiful wife and five lovely children.

It takes a super woman to wash clean, a laundry of Embarambamba’s muddy clothes.

The wife of Embarambamba was formerly a traditional singer before she gave it up to concentrate on her roles as a mother.

On the other hand, Chris Embarambamba was formerly a peasant famer before he gave it all up for a fulltime career in music.

Chris Embarambamba children, daughter

The couple has a lovely firstborn daughter who looks like her father Chris Embarambamba. She is one of the five Embarambamba children.

Chris talked to Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan of Citizen TV about his children fearing their father would come to harm someday.

Chris Embarambamba career story in music and comedy

Embarambamba started singing in 2004 as a supporting artiste under Mr. Ongengo. The two famous Kisii musicians are still close fit friends.

2004: Biography of Chris Embarambamba and Mr. Ongengo

Mr. Ongengo first approached Embarambamba with a high profile performance gig, in an event where the late Simeon Nyachae was likely to attend.

Embarambamba accepted the request and went on to shine above the rest. The duo met Walter Nyambane at Nyanturago and introduced him to their band.

2007: Debut song Ensanako Tebwati Masikani

Mr Ongengo, Enturururu hit maker, sponsored Embarambamba to release his debut song Ensanako Tebwati Masikani.

The song loosely translates to “a fire ant has no respect.”

2009: Chris Embarambamba and Man Pepe Sagero biography

Embarambamba switched to work with Man Pepe Sagero when Ongengo left the country for United States of America.

Chris worked with Engombe Nengima hitmaker until 2016 and after that released a killer song, Amatindogoro.

Biography facts – origin of the name Embarambamba

The stage name Embarambamba is a special name he earned after the melodious sounds he could achieve while playing musical instruments.

Mr Ongengo invented the name Embarambamba for his handy man Chris Mosioma. It is an honour for his skilfulness with drums and other popular music instruments.

Chris Embarambamba biography explains multi-coloured suits

Mud man Chris Embarambamba relies on a couple of Luo designers for a constant supply of his funny multi-colour suits.

It is one of the two designers who changed Embarambamba’s dressing code from hide skins. And now, his unique outfits are not only conspicuous but also cool and funny.

Chris Embarambamba music career history

The multi-talented Embarambamba has been doing well in music since joining the industry in 2004.

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Biography updates of Chris Embarambamba secular songs

The singer released several hit songs before quitting secular music altogether. Below is a complete list.

  • Amasomo Amaya by Embarambamba
  • Amatindogoro song (Matunda)
  • Boda Boda by Embarambamba
  • Embarambamba Boda Boda song
  • Dr Masese song by Embarambamba
  • Naki Kiare song by Embarambamba
  • Embarambamba songs – Esimi (Phone)
  • Transline Classic – song by Embarambamba
  • Nabo Ereigo (Best Moments) by Embarambamba
  • Embarambamba Tibwechandera Rituko – YouTube
  • Engiti Rirubi Tebwati Mbochero by Embarambamba
  • Mwanyagetinge by Nyangwara Mosioma Embarambamba ft Sabby Okengo

Embarambamba looks up to Apostle Kyande Ministries and Evangelist Douglas Otiso.

He is now welcome into the calibre of starring gospel artistes such as Bahati, Gloria Muliro, and Ringtone Apoko.

Chris Embarambamba gospel songs latest

The Kenyan singer started his career at a tender age. He did secular music for years before joining the gospel family.

  • Ninchwo Mbaorokie by Embarambamba
  • Siara Ebuse – Embarambamba
  • Omwana Onyasae Akong’ita Obote
  • Yeso Moyare by Embarambamba
  • Njili Ni Moto by Embarambamba
  • Embarambamba Inyigwete Natorekire
  • Chris Embarambamba na Mwaniki Nayaeteire
  • Embarambamba na wanadada wa gospel
  • Obongo nabwo omonto by Embarambamba
  • Song Naikire Ime by Embarambamba Msanii 
  • Wimbo Utamu wa Yesu by Embarambamba Msanii 
  • I was Confused official video by Chris Embarambamba 
  • Sanitize-Chris Embarambamba ft Bro Dennis Onyamo

The Kisii musician has been featuring in the gospel scenes with considerable influence on his former secular fans.

Top Embarambamba mp4 songs download

Are you seeking to watch and download Embarambamba videos and audio songs? We have them all for your playlist.

Proceed to,,, or for all the latest Embarambamba audio songs and more.

Chris Embarambamba is confident being a new trendsetter in the ministry. He often uses the phrase support Msanii Support Talent to sell his religious comedy.

Embarambamba latest comedy videos, drama, and controversies

Rising popularity is yet to convince Kenyans about Embarambamba’s conversion into the gospel industry.

It is still unclear what might have motivated Embarambamba Msanii wa Kisii to divorce his secular music career.

1. Rolling in muddy water, a mud man not mad man

Shooting a video in muddy water left the nation talking about his out of the ordinary talent. Interestingly, some are yet to belief that he is a sober entertainer.

These weird techniques, shouts, jumps, and dashes have left some netizens taking Embarambamba for a mad man as opposed to a mud man.

He has, however, countered these allegations citing his drama as an innovative way of praising God.

2. Chris Embarambamba on mother’s day dance

A funny video of Embarambamba wearing a green dress excited a section of Kenyans.

The door step dance while holding a jerican on the left hand and a cabbage head on the right hand has since gone viral.

3. Embarambamba’s mother in church 

An unnamed woman in a white-dressed congregation of believers has been trending for demonstrating Embarambamba-like skills.

Her energetic moves and expressions are mind tingling and equally arousing.

4. Jumping on a female performer while on stage

As if shooting a viral video in a pool of mad was not enough, the song I am confused left Embarambamba in trouble.  

Kenyans brought him to questioning for disrespectfully jumping on the back of a female performer.

The public voice termed the incident, a foul play below the celebrity of his calibre.

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Many were quick to identify and judge Fenny Kerubo as the alleged woman in the viral video.

Fenny Kerubo distancing herself from Embarambamba

The Kisii female gospel singer, Fenny Kerubo, openly bashed claims linking her with a victim woman on whose back Embarambamba jumped.

On the other hand, the dramatic singer is least bothered with what people have to say about his controversial music style.

5. Embarambamba in action with camera man

Have you ever wondered who records Embarambamba’s videos? Well, behind the scenes footage on how it all goes down have finally leaked.

The camera men are clearly suffering a chase me series of jumping over obstacles with a fixed eye on the lens.

Chris Embarambamba biography on fame

Embarambamba on NTV, The Trend, Citizen TV, and Churchill Show are among his latest heights.

The star singer continues to attract even more attention with a steady stream of comic content.

Ezekiel Mutua worried about Embarambamba’s safety

The KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua has joined a team of activists calling for the banning of Embarambamba from public display.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) thinks that Embarambamba is an Embarrassment to society.

The Trend: Embarambamba ‘storms’ NTV Newsroom

Mkisii Ni Mkisii actor Cyprian Osoro and Amina Abdi of NTV welcomed Embarambamba for a lively interview.

Chris Embarambamba NTV live stream gave the artist a chance to speak on his career and music dreams.

Embarambamba collabo with Bahati or Ringtone?

The now famous Chris Mosioma is likely to drop a collabo song with best Kenyan gospel artistes, Ringtone Apoko and Bahati.

Both musicians have stretched open arms suggesting they may consider Embarambamba in their upcoming studio productions

Embarambamba Omo advert deal with Unilever

Kenyans have been wishing Embarambamba to land a multi-million deal with major detergent companies in Kenya.  

There are clear indications that he may soon land on a well-paying deal with Aerial or Unilever’s Omo detergent brand.

GCA Awards 2020: Male Gospel Artist of the Year nominee

Gospel singer Chris Embarambamba was a nominee in the 2020 Gusii Creative Awards contest.

The Award attracted 12 male gospel contestant with all of them losing to, Enyangi Narora hitmaker, Mcubamba Robbah.

Chris Embarambamba net worth

Chris Embarambamba, PPMC director Dr. Donald Otoyo, and colleagues
Photo: Chris Embarambamba, PPMC director Dr. Donald Otoyo, and colleagues . SRC: @JaazyD

There are ongoing projects that will likely end with Embarambamba a millionaire.

He has confirmed negotiations with Dr. Donald Otoyo, a director at the Permanent Presidential Music Commission.

Also, Embarambamba is likely to stroke an advert deal with Unilever’s Omo brand.

Biography of Chris Embarambamba on contacts

Use the contact to support and book Embarambamba for a show or interview.    

  • Phone number: +254726204282

The comic relief that comes with Embarambamba music continues to spark mixed reactions from Kenyans.

Even so, supporters love Embarambamba songs for their humorous content and unimaginable dance approaches.

Intense public scrutiny into Chris Embarambamba biography can only build his profile as a renowned Kisii artist. It is unlikely that he will drop his reputation amid ongoing controversies. Meanwhile, the wonders of Embarambamba may not end any time soon.

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