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10 Profile Facts in Janzo Thomas Biography, Age, CV, Parents, Songs, Interviews, and Contacts

Janzo Thomas is a fast-rising Kisii musician in the Kenyan gospel industry. His influence stems from exceeding confidence, awakening music, and intelligence in conversations. What a life story in Janzo Thomas biography.

Most of us struggle with personality issues but that is not the case for the multi-talented Kisii boy Janzo. Apart from his clarity of speech is a successful music career with a huge command of social media following. Watching and listening to “Reverend” Janzo Thomas is not only relaxing but also eye-opening on the fact that age is just a number.

10 Profile facts in Janzo Thomas biography

Janzo Thomas has already started attracting fame as much as his age mate comedian Onsongo.

 It is only a matter of time before the young evangelist explodes into a powerful ministry. Who is Janzo Thomas?

1. His real names are Janzo Thomas Onduso

Janzo’s official names are Janzo Thomas Onduso. However, the media has tagged him the youngest gospel singer.

Furthermore, Janzo is of the Kisii tribe considering that his ancestral home is in Matuta, Bobasi Constituency, Kisii County.

2. Janzo turned 13 years old in a colorful birthday ceremony

Born on July 30th, 2011, Janzo Thomas age is 13 years as of 2024.

Therefore, he is of the Leo zodiac sign and a natural leader for that case.

Janzo who recently turned a year older is way ahead in life for a village boy within his age bracket.

3. His parents are both supportive

Janzo Thomas father is Pastor Jared Nyairo Onduso while his mother is Winfred Mutindi Katumo of the Kamba ethnic group.

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Both parents are proud of the progress that their son Janzo is making at a tender age.

Apostle Jared Nyairo Onduso of Nyansakia PAG Church in Nyamache and his wife Winfred Mutindi are both gifted singers.

4. Janzo is the firstborn son with 2 siblings

Musician Janzo Thomas biography indicates that he is the firstborn in the family of Onduso with 3 children.

He has a couple of equally talented brothers William Musumbi of 8 years and Sood David of 5 years.

The three have all recorded studio music and are actively participating in their local Matuta PAG Church.

 5. Janzo Thomas is in grade 5 at Nyabisia Primary

The school going Janzo Thomas education history shows that he is in grade 5 at Nyabisia Primary School.

The institution is nearby Matuta Coffee Factory and within the vicinity of Mogonga Market.

Notably, the distance from Kisii to Mogonga along the busy Kisii – Kilgoris Road is 28 kilometres.

Class teacher Madam Peris Nyaboke and headteacher Mr Onyango are among those mentoring Janzo.

6. He discovered a talent in music after dreaming of a song

Speaking to Nyamwembe TV, Janzo confessed that he became a musician in 2016 after dreaming a song and asking his mother to document the lyrics for him.

Meanwhile, his father (Pastor Onduso) remained reluctant fearing that the talent of Janzo will interfere with his education.

Perhaps he had a point bearing in mind that Janzo of 6 years was at the time in grade 2.

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On a fateful day, Janzo impressed many with heartbeat music in a crusade held at Ontanchi Market near Riambase.

Church officials who spoke afterwards asked their fellow pastor, Onduso, to choose between supporting his son and dying to pave way for well-wishers.

The cornered Pastor Onduso eventually agreed to support Janzo in the praise ministry.

7. He released his debut song in January 2021

Evangelist Janzo Thomas recorded his first song Ninaomba Baba Yangu Uniongoze in January 2021.

He recorded the hit song at Don Productions near Lenmek Hospital and has since been releasing more.

8. Janzo Thomas biography on upcoming collabo hits

Ev. Janzo is looking forward to working with Dennis Onyamo, Douglas Otiso, Rebecca Thomas, and Fenny Kerubo in future releases.

Coincidentally, he looks up to these four starring gospel leaders for inspiration.

9. Apart from singing, Janzo is a promising pastor and comedian

Janzo Thomas is gifted with three talents among them singing, ministering, and comedy.

As a pastor, he prefers the story of Moses from the Hebrew Bible with Jeremiah 33:3 being a favourite verse.

‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’

Jeremiah 33:3, KJV.

Launching the first album on November 28, 2021, only opened ways for more praise friendly tracks.

10. Janzo Thomas YouTube Channel has about 10k subscribers

Mzigo Mzito hitmaker, Janzo Thomas, has about 10k subscribers on YouTube with at least 15 songs and several live performance clips under the video section.

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In addition, he is active on Janzo Thomas Facebook page.

List of Janzo Thomas songs on YouTube

Janzo is notorious for performing the following songs in funerals, weddings, and marketplaces.

  1. Ninaomba Uniongoze
  2. Baba Wa Mbinguni
  3. Heri Wenye Mioyo Safi
  4. Vyote Tumepewa Na Mungu
  5. Ondoka Mji Wa Sodoma
  6. Tata Ondae
  7. Heri Wenye Mioyo Safi
  8. Vyote Ni Vya Mungu
  9. Lutu Ondoka Mji Wa Sodoma
  10. Baba Wetu Wa Mbinguni
  11. Baba Twakuhitaji
  12. Mzigo Mzito Mimi Siwezi
  13. Miujiza and Musa

Most importantly, he has shared the gospel stage with Eric Mwaniki, Rebecca Thomas, and Embarambamba Msanii wa Kisii.

Even better, there are ongoing talks between Janzo and Evangelist Douglas Otiso on a possible collabo.

Winning a full education scholarship from Kisii County Women Rep Hon Janet Ong’era is an indication enough that Janzo is a sensational singer.

Evangelist Janzo Thomas contacts

Phone number0710886048
Email addressjonduso@yahoo.com

Call his apostle dad for booking and further inquiries.

Evangelist Janzo Thomas Onduso biography shows that he is among CBC first fruits. Listen, watch, enjoy, and support his touching music on all leading stream sites.  

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