List of Best Estates in Kisii Town

List of 10 Best Estates in Kisii Town: Nyanchwa, Milimani, Menyinkwa, Mwembe, Jogoo, Daraja Mbili

Kisii Town, also called Getembe and Bosongo, is a social-economic haven in South Nyanza. The urban centre was until recently a rusty settlement with scarce population but not anymore. At the peak of progress are green neighbourhood estates in Kisii Town.

It is interesting how fast a previously small precolonial village has changed to a metropolitan. It all started as a retreat home for the British soldiers who had failed to conquer the German soldiers over the disputed Lake Victoria. Slow but steady growth eventually exploded following the bloody post-election violence of 2007.

List of 10 best estates in Kisii Town and suburbs

Many people in Kisii town estates are full-time businessmen and agriculturalists.

Decent housing, excellent social amenities, and profitable business opportunities are part of the uprising.

1. Nyanchwa Estate in Kisii Town

The homely Nyanchwa Estate has the best apartments in Kisii town with fresh air and scenic views.

It is an evergreen estate with high rise flats on the imposing slopes of Nyanchwa Hill.

Many white-collar workers and slay queens prefer residing in Nyanchwa Estate because it is secure, quiet, and accessible.

Furthermore, it is abundant in water, electricity, and reliable internet supply.

In the list of ISPs at Nyanchwa are Safaricom Home Fibre, Giganet Telkoms, Faiba, Telkom 4G, and Gicatech Enterprise Solutions.

Connecting the estate to the CBD is the newly opened Nyanchwa – Elimu Centre link road.

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Affordable residential apartments by the National Housing Corporation sit along the well carpeted Christa Marianne – Daraja Mbili drive.

2. Milimani Estate in Kisii Town

The estate rests on the highest ground and is highly welcoming regardless of economic class.

Most residents of Milimani own mansions with palatial gates. In between these homes are well furnished rental houses.

On the other hand, Milimani is an ancestral home to several residents who seem undisturbed with the ongoing civilisation.

Landmarks within Milimani Estate are Sydney Flats, Powerhive, Bridge International Academy and Kiamabundu Secondary School.

On the lower end are Getembe TV premises, Kisii State Lodge, Christa Marianne Hospital and the Kisii Sports Club.

3. Mwembe Estate in Kisii Town

The highly congested Mwembe overlooks Kereri Girls, Kisii High School, Kisii National Polytechnic, and Kisii University.

Therefore, a fair section of Mwembe Estate residents are students and middle-income earners.

Dotted along the bisecting Kisii – Kilgoris Road are patches of high-income residential flats and businesses.

These include Lexur Hotel, National Oil, Getembe Hospital, and Hotspot Lounge.

Mwembe is by far the only 24-hour estate in Kisii town with bright street lights and a swarm of motorbikes.

However, some still perceive Mwembe as the den of hustlers where immorality, cheap liquor, and insecurities rule the day.

4. Jogoo Estate in Kisii Town

The estate overlooks Kisii Town and houses prominent institutions such as Jogoo Primary School and The Kisii National Polytechnic.

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Also within Jogoo Estate are Kisii County Prisons, Kisii Children’s Home, Kisii Banana Factory, ATC, and KIRDI.

Rental houses in Jogoo are affordable with a good supply of social amenities, including water and fast internet.

5. Menyinkwa Estate Kisii

The estate sits along the busy Kisii Kilgoris highway and is about 4 kilometres from the CBD.

Menyinkwa is mainly a residential area for middle-class earners with a small open-air market along a tarmacked back street.

Even better, the estate is within the vicinity of Kamel Park Hotel and Masongo Level 2 Hospital.

Menyinkwa is an excellent place to start looking for land and house for sale in Kisii town.

6. Nyankongo Estate Kisii

The estate is within Set Green Hill Academy and is close to the notorious Winds Park Resort.

Nyankongo is accessible from Makutano along the road leading to Getare.

Around Nyankongo Market are several rental houses and the executive Ufanisi Resort.

7. Nyamataro Estate Kisii

The estate is welcoming to homeowners and those seeking well-furnished rental houses at reasonable charges.

The estate located beyond Daraja Mbili slaughterhouse leads to the underway Kisii flyover interchange.

8. Daraja Mbili

Within the radius of Daraja Mbili Market is a residential; centre with clean housing. The locality is ideal for both low and income earners.

Famous hotels such as Mash Park and Le Premier are within Daraja Mbili business centre.

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9. Egesa Estate

Along Nyatieko Road is the smallest Kisii town estate called Egesa; without a back street.

The home of St Jude and her towering commercial storeys are noticeable at a distance.

10. Maili Mbili Estate

Maili Mbili is a fast-rising estate nearby governor Ongwae’s residence.

Ready transportation and cheap housing make Maili Mbili a habitable spot along Kisii Keroka road.

All estates in Kisii Town and suburbs

Apart from major estates are notorious urban centres including Omosocho, Stage Miwa, Nyambera, Nyamage, Kisumu Ndogo, Gesonso, and Bosongo CBD.

Political stability and tribal neutrality continue to pump modernity into the bordering Kisii villages.

The number of estates in Kisii Town has doubled within the past few decades. A steadily increasing number of real estate and business investors spells an even brighter future.

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