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5 Untold Facts about Ndizi TV Founders, History, YouTube Channel, Kisii Actors, and 254 Films

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Kenya’s Ndizi TV is a popular Kisii comedy group majorly casting and producing in the local language. This comedy house rose to prominence for spicing Kisii culture and traditions with urban lifestyle. Top facts about Ndizi TV videos, movies, cast members, and founders confirms it all.

Comedians Mamioro and Getena did their part before Ndizi TV crashed in with new energy and ideas. The crew would soon rise to start exposing bad practises in Kisii villages. Then came educating programs that often sparked smiles.

Top 5 facts about Ndizi TV online channel

Most successful Kisii actors and actress started their careers at Ndizi TV.

These five facts confirms why Ndizi TV is a number one reason in the growth of Gusii theatres.

1. Filmmakers Samora Kibagendi and Osoro are Ndizi TV co-founders

Ndizi TV founders Sammy Samora Kibagendi and Osoro the Actor take a great pride in the success of the group.

Samora and Osoro are childhood friends from Mosobeti in Nyamira County with a shared interest in the film industry.

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The two joined hands in 2015 and later welcomed Naomi Kemunto Mabeya into their debut series Osoro and Kemunto comedy.

Sammy Samora Kibagendi profile shows that his parents wanted him to become a medic or at least a teacher.

On the contrary, Samora grew up dreaming to become a film maker and he is one today.

2. Ndizi TV was previous called 254 Films and it all started in Nairobi

Long-time friends Samora and Osoro met at the Kikuyu area in Nairobi. It is in the process of sharing ideas that they agreed on starting a Kisii comedy show.

Back in 2015, no one had tried their idea in the local industry. It is exciting how they managed to set the standards against all the odds.

Their group 254 Films eventually renamed to Ndizi TV upon relocating from Kikuyu to Kisii Town.

254 Films started shortly after Samora graduating from Multimedia University with skills in film production.

About the same time, Osoro the Actor was a lead set book actor in the Nairobi based Artspan Production.

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Steve Momanyi Mokaya alias Osoro would later join Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) for training in film.

3. Founding actors hawked DVDs for 3 years before going YouTube

Initial actors and actresses at Ndizi TV earned a living by hawking DVDs in Bosongo streets.

They later switched to social Media as a promotion platform and a way to connect with remote followers.

In the process, Ndizi attracted more talented actors from among loyal fans. These include Papa Antivirus, Bochaberi, Sabiri, Nyomenda, and Sigara.

The film company opened a YouTube Account three years into their video productions.

4. Ndizi TV Channel opened in 2018 has exceeded 110k subscribers

Samora and Osoro opened Ndizi TV channel on January 1, 2018.

The YouTube platform has already attracted several viewers among them subscribers.

The channel with over 110k subscribers and about 25 million views has remained dormant for about a year now.

Notably, Ndizi TV worsened with the economic and social shaking occasioned by coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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5. Abana Smart comedy actors are part of this Kisii comedy group

Abana Smart are another reason why Ndizi TV enjoy a good appeal across all age groups.

Releases from Abana Smart are hooking to both children and adults.

Young actors in the Abana Smart cast are Ontomini and Onchiri.

What next for Ndizi TV Group?

Ndizi TV management is yet to release an official statement on the ongoing silence and why the group is no longer uploading videos.

Meanwhile, founding actors such as Osoro and Makumba maintain that Ndizi TV is unbreakable and may soon reappear on our screens.

Various untold facts about Ndizi TV online channel introduces us to the birth of modern Kisii comedy and film industry. It all admirable from 254 Films to the now celebrated Ndizi TV.

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